Studs & Scrubs Week 6 – The Recession

Posted: October 19, 2011 by LBC in NFL, Studs & Scrubs

Week 6 was another eventful week for the sport that can resolve lockouts. There  is no greater feeling than watching and talking football in your ManCave. I’ll save my thoughts of ManCave heaven for later you want the Studs and Scrubs.


All smiles in Tampa

1. First we have the up and coming  superstar, Josh Freeman. Freeman has been playing very well since last season, and with every week looks as if he is locking down the franchise QB spot in Tampa Bay. He seems to go under the radar since he doesn’t produce eye popping number like a Aaron Rodgers. When you watch this guy you can see he has those leadership intangibles, and wants the football in his hands in the clutch. Last week he defeated Drew Brees in a game the Bucs needed to win. He went 23/41 for 303 yds and 2 TD. The young curly bush wearing Freeman outplayed SuperBowl champion Drew Brees. Freeman is well on his way to becoming one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. You don’t get a lot of credit in my opinion Josh, but TheManCave06 recognizes you this week as an NFL STUD!

2. Take a trip down to ATL with me and recognize Michael Turner RB of the Falcons. In a season where the so called leader Matty “Ice” Ryan is still trying to find his rhythm, just rely on Turner should be the theme in ATL. It was time for Turner to step up and give the Falcons the consistent running game Matty needs to be successful. Turner ran through opposing tackles on his way to 139 yards and 2 TD. Turner is an excellent every down back who will do nothing but produce positive yardage with his combination of speed and power. If ATL wants back in the playoffs just keep relying on NFL STUD Michael Turner.

3. As much as it pains me to say this, but I want to personally thank Mendenhall for showing the Steelers what has earned them those Superbowl rings. You did not win those on the arm of Big Ben, but on the legs of your work horse backfield. Mendenhall rushed for 146 yards and 1 TD. The key to Pittsburgh success is to keep the football out of Ben’s hands and give it to Mendenhall. When he was hurt Redman of the Steelers made the presence of Mendenhall irrelevant the way he played. Not to be shown up Mendenhall ran the way his coach loves him to run, hard causing pain to the opposing defense. Congrats Mendenhall just keep playing like that, and the Steelers may have a chance to surprise people in the playoffs. NFL STUD!


1. Donovan McFlabb welcome to the recession. Well maybe not a monetary recession for you, but you have been benched….. AGAIN! Your career is on a slippery slope even your mother has given up hope. My last memories of McNabb are him not knowing the overtime rules, getting benched in Washington, and whatever you call that 36 yard performance he had earlier this season. McNabb you didn’t play terrible, but you are the suppose veteran on the team you need to do better. Please read dontbeskerritt spill on McFlabb Overreaction Monday. Enough of that McFlabb you are an NFL BENCHED 2ND STRING SCRUB!!!! McRib > McLobster > McFlurry > McNabb

2.                                     Before you read this I need you to watch this.

Ok that should let you know that my next scrub is “Gross Rexman”. His pathetic play has been overshadowed by a stout defense, but when you look closer at the statistics. Grossman has 9 INT this season and 6 TD. He has only surpassed an 80.0 passer rating one time this season. In Sundays game he threw 4 picks, and the only reason he didn’t throw 8, 9, or 10 is because he was benched! I am not hating here just simply stating the facts. I am not sure what is going on with Grossman, and its a shame he will never find out either. You and McFlabb can become best friends because both of you will now doing forearm exercises to hold on to that clip board. Welcome to the recession you are an NFL SCRUB!

3. Is the Tampa Bay defense that good? According to Drew Brees it is. As he threw 3 picks and finished with a 70.9 QB rating. This was simply an off week for you, but after this game I realize how much you need Payton on the sideline with you. Sean Payton is the mastermind that makes you the Superbowl champion you are. However, this week you played disgraceful. It’s only disgraceful because I know how well you can play. No matter the situation you have no excuse to just plain “ol” suck. This week Drew Brees you are an NFL SCRUB!

  1. Richan says:

    The development and rise of Josh Freeman is going largely unnoticed, mainly because he plays in a division with 3 pretty good quarterbacks. That team goes as far as he does. Once LeGarrette (why would you name a kid this?) Blount regains his 2010 form, this will be a dangerous team in the NFC South.

  2. LBC says:

    I agree that division is tough at the QB position. HAHAHA what name is worse though LeGarrette or BenJarvus!? (Where are the parents?)

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