The Perils of Respecting “Da Star”

Posted: October 20, 2011 by LBC in NFL
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Welcome folks to TheManCave06! Today decided to give you some entertainment via video. Dropping my first vlog today. I am just a fan of my beloved Dallas Cowboys, and I had a few things I needed to get off my chest. My rant went a tad too long but hey, what I can I say? lol Anyway enjoy and don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments section on the blog or on our YouTube page. Follow us on Twitter.

  1. Richan says:

    Hey, Leigh Bodden is a Duquesne alum! lol he nice!

  2. Richan says:

    Question for you Boog: What is the Cowboys’ identity? Because I dont think they really have one thats defined.

  3. LBC says:

    Lol first yes bodden is a respectable corner, but in that situation Dez Bryant that’s is favorite route run straight 5 yards then jump really high on 1.

    That is our problem!!! son we DO NOT have an identity. We don’t know what we want to be, we lost our team identity with Jimmy Johnson. I was hoping that Rob Ryan’s say what I want whenever I want, hard nosed, you will adjust to my defense, I will not adjust to your offense mentality would affect the entire team. Unfortunately, so far it’s only rubbed off on the defense. We don’t know what our identity is as a team unlike the Ravens, Pats, Steelers, Jets, etc… We need one bad.

  4. RenzReport says:

    Great video…first question I have is…you must have put this joint together at like 2am cause you whispering son…I know how hype you can get but you contained yourself! lol

    Anyway, as much as coaches say they don’t pay attention to the media, they do! Look at John Fox facing the pressures of starting Tebow and now Garrett is faced w/ the pressures of maintaining a lead in the 4th and not allowing Romo to blow it.

    I give it to him because in that game he put it on his defense and not Romo for them to win the game. The Cowboys D did a great job containing Brady the entire game. Garrett said that we have seen this before and we don’t know if we will get Romo vs. the 49ers & Redskins or the Romo vs. Jets and Detroit.

    I feel that w/ Romo you know what you have, but at the same time, the coaching staff has learned that you never know what Romo you’re going to get. You say throw the jump ball to Dez, but if that joint was picked, then it would have been off w/ Romo’s head. Finally, the pressure is on Garrett and not on Romo…it’s just the nature of the business.

  5. LBC says:

    Hahaha lol it was def super late though. Yes, I agree Garrett and coaches are under immense pressure, and media has power to influence. Only time will tell if Garrett can make something happen.

  6. dontbeskerritt says:

    Renz…you telling me you can’t throw a slant to Bryant instead of running the worst play in the world to Choice?

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