Overreaction Monday: Tebo…Week 7 Edition

Posted: October 24, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, NFL

I’m just going to get this out-of-the-way right now.  Congrats, to Tim Tebow and the Broncos for their improbable comeback. Improbable because the Broncos were so woeful for 55 minutes, that it was impossible to believe they would be so…effecient for 5.  Tebow was clutch, the special teams came up with two big plays (onside kick and 52-yd FG), and a the defense whcih held the Dolphins to 12 yards rushing in the 4th.  But as Bomani Jones tweeted yesterday, nothing happened in that game to change the minds of Tebow supporters and haters.  So onto the rest of the overreactions

1. Suck for Luck Systems Are Go

It is truly impossible to throw games in the NFL.  It’s not like there are only 5 guys you need to get on the same page, or 9 that you have to say “don’t swing here or there.” Football needs supreme coordination to get 22 guys to sabotage their own team’s games and even their own careers for a draft pick that they may never seen play.  However, I’m here to say that the Dolphins are trying to do the impossible.  That’s the only explanation for their sucktitude.

You ever heard of a girl hanging out with uglier girls to make themselves look good; that was the Tebow plan yesterday.  I don’t wanna take away from Tebow, but that Broncos-Dolphins farce was more about the Dolphins than the fighting Tebows.  From top to bottom, that franchise sabotaged October 23 to get the pole position for Andrew Luck.  First, the front office decides to honor the 2008 National Champion Florida Gators during halftime of the game to sell tickets.  Tim Tebow, their opponent yesterday, played on that team.  Are you kidding me?  How do you honor your opponent, just to get some ticket sales?  How do you skip over the Miami Hurricanes to honor the Gators?  Terrible FAIL by the Dolphins management, but of course, sh*t rolls downhill.

The Best Thing from the Broncos-Dolphins Game

Tony Sparano, I used to like you.  I thought you and the Dolphins were the model the Redskins should go by; hiring an unknown looking to bring a fresh, innovative approach to playing, rather than old, recycled ideas (Shanahan, I’m looking at you).  You looked good with the Wildcat.  But now you look like you are about to be fed to wildcats.  You go for 2 when you’re up by 12?  Do people even do that in Madden?  You left points on the board.  I don’t care who you are playing, YOU DON’T LEAVE POINTS ON THE BOARD!!!  Instead of being up 16, and the Broncos having to go for 2 twice, they only had to go for it once, and succeeded because sh*t rolls downhill.

The players on the field was terrible in the last 5 minutes.  As stated before, only 12 yards rushing in the 4th quarter.  They went to prevent defense…even Tebow could drive down the field with the prevent.  The Dolphins couldn’t recover an onside kick.  On an obvious QB sneak for the tie, the Dolphins coaches were the only one that didn’t know that the Broncos would go for the QB sneak.  Matt Moore got strip-sacked in OT which set up the win.  The Dolphins dysfunction was sealed by Matt Prater’s 52-yd FG.  I just hope that the sh*t is cleaned up before it gets down to their first-round pick.

2. “Get the Cart” for Atlanta’s feelings

I don’t know if you heard about the “Get the Cart” line that was allegedly said by Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril to Matt Ryan when his rubber ankle was injured on Sunday.  Roddy White and the Falcons claimed that Suh and Avril said that as Ryan writhed on the field in pain.  Since when do athletes go and tattle to the media about what happens on the field?  I never played football and my competition days are limited to cross-country and church league basketball.  But I know I heard some crazy things in my day on the church court, so I can imagine there are worse things that are said and done on NFL fields.  So stop the whining Roddy; your team got a much-needed win on the road and are back in the NFC South hunt.  No one cares that your feelings were hurt by the intimidation tactics of a fraudulent team.  I’m beginning to think Drake runs the Falcons.

3. AFC Mess



The AFC West is going to come down to which QB can come out of a game with 2 or less interceptions.  There were 8 interceptions in the Chiefs-Raiders game and 0 passing touchdowns (unless you count the 2 pick-6’s).  Philip Rivers got picked off twice, both in the 2nd half when the Chargers were up.  But of course, Tebow the Great had 0 interceptions.  While I think the Broncos are way out of the race, the QB ineptitude is so bad in the division that the Broncos will be around at the end.  Rivers is good for 2 interceptions a game, trust me he is killing my fantasy team.  Kyle Boller, who probably took his last snap as a NFL game manager, and Carson Palmer set football back to the days of the Wing T.  Matt Cassel was almost as bad as the Boller/Palmer duo of death.  I had great hopes that the Raiders could steal that 6th playoff spot from the Jets.  I even had the Chiefs sneaking and getting the spot.  Now I wish that the Jets and Bills could get in the AFC Playoffs and leave the entire AFC West in their own AFC Mess.

  1. arayegee says:

    “No one cares that your feelings were hurt by the intimidation tactics of a fraudulent team. I’m beginning to think Drake runs the Falcons.”

    For a.) telling th Falcons to stfu and stop being such babies, and b.) for calling the Lions what they are: fradulent. Have been this entire time and now the smoke and mirrors are gone.A mid-level team that caught fire early…D-line full of studs that cant stop a run and an offense that lives and dies on the big play. FOH.

  2. LBC says:

    A W is a W so congrats to Tebow. However the Dolphins are definitely playing for “Luck”. You forgot to mention that Denver recovered an onside kick. This play is extremely hard to convert especially when everyone on the planet knows its coming, but Denver seemed to recover that kick with ease.

    I think we will start to see the slump of two teams Raiders and the Lions. Raiders not going to trash because they lost their QB Campbell, but these Lions!!??? Ummmm starting to lose fire somewhat. After watching that game I realized the Lions only have one good play and it’s HAIL MARY TO MEGATRON!. Besides that their offense looks poop.

    Great post, but Tebow embodies the theme of Overreaction monday.

    • RenzReport says:

      Nah, Miami isn’t tanking, they just have a horrible team along with a coaching staff that is just as bad. But here is what we all forget…the Dolphins started getting good w/ Parcells. Once Parcells jumped ship, so did the wildcat and any order within that organization. So in order to fix the problem there, Luck wouldn’t be the answer, but a start…but nothing will change until management and coaching staff changes

  3. RenzReport says:

    How about this piece of factual information. Gainsville, Florida is roughly 320 miles and 5 1/2 hours away from Miami…why in the world would they honor the 2008 National Championship team from Florida in Miami. Jacksonville and Tampa Bay are closer to Gainsville than Miami is…that was the craziest stunt I have ever scene a franchise pull…wonder how former Hurricane’s feel about that?

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