Studs & Scrubs Week 7 – PayTheMan!

Posted: October 28, 2011 by LBC in Just Turrible, NFL
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Week 7 was a running back frenzy! Despite all these mind boggling passing performances, it was great to see running backs take control of the game. Time for your weekly dose of Studs and Scrubs.


1. It gives me great pleasure to recognize Demarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys! breaking two records last week. Murray stepped up as the number one option last week with Felix Jones out with an injury. I was excited to finally see what this kid can do, and he didn’t let me down. He broke Emmitt Smith’s record of total rushing yards in a game, and he also broke Tony Dorsett’s rooking rushing record. He finished with 25 carries for 253 yards and 1 TD. It all began with this…. 

Quickness and speed. He showed defenses around the league that the Cowboys have the talent to have a dominant running game. Jones, Murray, and Tanner can cause problems for many teams. The rookie proved to be well worth the draft pick, showing Dallas they don’t need to run Felix 25 times a game. Spread those touches out between the two. It may have been the Rams, but the emotional confidence of completely dominating a team on offense and defense is very contagious in the NFL. Demarco Murray sparked the Dallas Cowboys with his spectacular performance. The Eagles are up next, lets see what the kid has in store for them. Enjoy your accomplishments because this week you are an NFL STUD!

2. Not to be out done is the underpaid Matt Forte. Despite some of the hiccups the Bears have had this season one constant is Forte. Unlike Desean Jackson who is playing not to get hurt, Forte is showing the Bears he has earned his big payday.  It is hard to respect the idea of a recession when athletes are signing $100 million contracts. Some players deserve their money, and others should probably give the majority of it back. No holdout or any public gripes consistently to the media Forte just shows up everyday and proves every down he should be paid. The Bears have over 2,000 offensive yards this season and nearly HALF are because of Forte. He is an all around threat. Whether it is running in between the tackles, running outside, or catching passes from the slot or out the backfield. This guy just produces. Forte had 145 yards on the ground and added 38 receiving yards. After watching this game it was easy to say Matt Forte won that football game for the Bears. Another good performance for Forte this week congrats you are an NFL STUD!


Show Me The Money


3. Will he play or won’t he play was the question for many weeks about this individual. This week Arian Foster was phenomenal. He finished the game with 115 yards on the ground adding another 119 receiving and a total of 3 TD. All I can say is wow! The Texans embarrassed the pitiful Titans led in every offensive category by Foster. It is fair to say he has recovered from his injury. I actually wondered to myself what would the Texans do without the phenom A. Johnson. Foster, unlike outspoken Keyshanwn Johnson his performance spoke for itself saying “Just give me the DAMN ball”.  Houston did exactly that. Although the league is now built to let quarterbacks shine by throwing for unbelievable numbers every single week. Rest assured great running games are not gone just yet. Congrats Foster, I hope your Texans can keep this up in December and January, but for now you are an NFL STUD!


1. The Colts are just pathetic! Please read How Good Could The Colts Be With Manning. You may argue that the Colts wouldn’t be in this situation if Peyton was playing. However, I believe the Colts put themselves into this situation. Peyton Manning is 35 years old and this organization ran it as if Peyton had access to the fountain of youth. Every QB is not Favre and will play until death. At a point as a  franchise you need to being thinking long term; start developing a transition to your new franchise QB. Never be afraid to cut a man loose for the greater good. Peyton has had a great career, but maybe his time will be cut short. I blame the Colts front office for not allowing anyone to even learn the system so they could make a transition when needed. Congrats you NFL SCRUBS you are reaping the benefits of piss poor planning.

2. The “Suck for Luck” race is real folks. The Dolphins are the front runners in this race. After purposely blowing a lead in the fourth to Tebow. All evidence causes us to believe the Dolphins do not want to play football this year. They have given up on developing a somewhat respectable football program this season. Regardless, of the circumstances always step on the field, and at least play for pride. The Dolphins are the worse! Congrats you NFL SCRUBS!

3. OOOOVVERRR PAID!!! This should be screamed every single time Chris Johnson touches the football. After another abysmal performance Chris Johnson and the Titans lose again. Chris Johnson totaled 18 yards rushing and 27 yards receiving, against a below average Texan defense. Foster eclipsed Johnson total yards on one single play. The same way players can receive bonuses for reaching milestones, I believe some should be deducted pay for playing as bad as Chris Johnson is. Its shameful CJ is getting too much money and Forte can’t get his team to pay him anything! CJ this season is pathetic and a disgrace to the running back position. NFL SCRUB!


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