Studs & Scrubs – Mid Season MVP’s

Posted: November 2, 2011 by LBC in NFL

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We are halfway through the NFL season and it is time to evaluate overall performances this season. Instead of giving you NFL Studs from the past week, this will be my opinion on the mid-season MVP’s. Feel free to agree or disagree.

Offensive MVP

The undisputed champion of the world!

There is no other better place to begin recognizing an NFL MVP than with the quarterback of the Packers, Aaron Rodgers. First of all, he is the reigning SuperBowl champion and is undefeated thus far in 2011. He is leading the league in QBR this season at 125.7. The closest person to him is Tom Brady who has a 104.4 QBR. With a 71.5% completion percentage 2,372 passing yards, and 20 PTD. He is playing flawless football thus far. The Packers are 7-0 coming off their bye, and facing the Chargers on Sunday. There is only one question that remains. Will this Packer team ever lose? Every quarterback has had at least one questionable game this season except Rodgers. You want consistency just watch this guy on Sunday. Congratulations Aaron Rodgers  you undoubtedly are the NFL mid-season MVP!

Defensive MVP

I think he needs a new celebration

I will take this time to recognize a defensive player. Having seen 98% of all NFL games this season, there are some standouts on defense this year although they are overlooked since we love offense so much. My heart wants to pick my boy Demarcus Ware or honor Sean Lee, but I won’t. Even though as a collective the team is poop. Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings is still terrorizing every offense that he plays. He leads the league in sacks with 12.5 this season at the end of week 8. I can easily see him finishing with 23 or 24 sacks this season. Not only does rush the passer extremely well, but he also plays the run just as well. I recommend that if you are playing the Vikings find wherever he is on the field and go the opposite direction. I do think the Vikings have the chance to be good once they fix some holes in their team. Don’t forget they still have All Day AP. For now, just enjoy Allen abusing linemen and putting fear in quarterbacks every single snap.


Just a few other notables that I like on both sides of the ball.

Offense: Andy Dalton, Lesean McCoy (HAIL TO PITT!!), Megatron, Cam “Young Simba” Newton, Matt “I still ain’t been paid” Forte.

Defense: Demarcus Ware, Charles Woodson, George Wilson.

  1. arayegee says:

    No ‘Revis Island’ the defensive list?

  2. LBC says:

    Revis can go in there but… This next statement is not hating. He isn’t the league leader in interceptions Weddle from SD has more than Revis Island. Revis def best DB but some of his picks I think he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. (Which I know shouldn’t discredit his INT’s)

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