Football Friday: National Championship Edition (in November)

Posted: November 4, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL

If you haven’t heard by now, Saturday night is gonna be kind of a big deal.  That is because #1 in all of the land LSU, will be taking on the next best team in all of the land Alabama, in the so-called Game of the Century.  Last time #1 played #2 in a regular season game was 2006, when Ohio State faced off against Michigan.  The winner of this contest will more than likely play (and win) the National Championship Game.  The loser – well I heard New Orleans is real nice for the Sugar Bowl.

However, I have a problem with this game pretty much deciding the championship.  That’s because this game is in early November, not early January.  I want to see the two best teams in college football in the last game of the year for all of the marbles.  This titanic game, the game everyone is hyped for highlights the problems of the BCS system.

BCS fans will say that the system they love has created the hype for this game.  The BCS is made in a way that teams can’t have any letdowns.  You can’t slip up or you are gone.  From the very first weekend with Oregon/LSU and Boise State/Georgia to the end of the year and everything in between, every game is win or DIE.  You can’t slip up against a Texas Tech at home (Oklahoma).  You can’t have a hail mary pass caught on you to end the game (Wisconsin).  You can’t have retarded looking uniforms cause that costs you BCS points (I made that up; but after what we have seen this year, doesn’t that sound like a great idea).  The BCS system has made it so that the top teams are at their best every week until they separate the oil and the water to see who comes up on top.

But I think the best things about the BCS also makes it terrible.  Because Oregon and Oklahoma slipped up, you don’t care about what they do anymore.  Because of a fluke hail mary pass Wisconsin was out of it; then they were buried by Ohio State.  Boise State is undefeated, but does anyone care about who they play.  Stanford needs to beat Oregon and get some help to get into the big dance; they have the best player in the country on their team!!!  The BCS really separates the haves from the have-nots, but has essentially turned the college football into the NBA.  You only care about the 3-4 teams that actually have a shot and the rest of the games don’t matter.  Do you know that all Top 10 teams are in action this weekend?  There are 2 matchups of the Top 1-15 teams besides LSU/Alabama.  I bet you can’t name them; hell I had to look and I’m doing the mancave setup this weekend!  Viewership for college football is down, including the BCS games.  You telling me that the system is working. Child please.

My final beef is the result of the real National Championship tomorrow.  Imagine with me that LSU loses by 7 or less, or even worse, by a late score.  Are you telling me, if Oklahoma State wins out, that Oklahoma State/Alabama is the matchup between the best two teams in the country?  Better yet, Stanford or heaven forbid, Boise State.  Everyone would want to see a rematch on a neutral field to see who is truly better because without a doubt LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the land.  But because the BCS knows best, the fans would be robbed of their rematch.  So why would we not get our rematch?  Ask the Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing promoters why we aren’t getting that titanic fight; it’s all about the Benjamins.  I’m not saying that a playoff system would get us a rematch; Boise State could catch Alabama on a bad day and who knows what could happen.  But at least the decision happened on the field and not on some Excel spreadsheet.  I bet Steve Jobs didn’t come up with the BCS formula, therefore I wouldn’t trust it.

So as you sit down to watch the “Game of the Century” realize this maybe the only time you get to watch the true #1 and #2 teams play this year.  And it’s a shame because college football continues to lose out and making a true and worthy system and fans lose out on watching true and worthy games.  A great weekend slate of football after the song of the weekend.

Now, I have joked about getting as much cool points with your significant other.  While I’m not in the place to give advice as the ManCave single guy, I believe in always treating your boo with the utmost respect and admiration at all times.  But there are times when you just need that time to yourself, without the threat of going to a wine tasting event or watching Brown Sugar for the 407th time just cause your boo is in one of those moods.  If you can’t get away to watch at least Saturday night’s epic games, I’ll grieve for you and pray for your soul.  But it’s the boy scout motto; always be prepared for when the big game is coming up at the end of the week.

Saturday, November 5

12-3:30pm: Texas Tech vs Texas (FX), Louisville vs West Virginia (MASN), Michigan vs Iowa (ESPN) (for the love of God if you must use this time for your chick to free yourself up for Saturday night DO IT)

3:30-7PM: Texas A&M vs Oklahoma (ABC or ESPN2), Stanford vs Oregon State (ABC or ESPN2), Army vs Air Force (support the troops on CBS)

8pm: LSU vs Alabama (CBS), Kansas State vs Oklahoma State (ABC or ESPN2), South Carolina vs Arkansas (ESPN)

Sunday, November 6

1-4pm: New York Jets vs Buffalo, Tampa Bay vs New Orleans, San Francisco vs Washington

4-7pm: New York Giants vs New England, Green Bay vs San Diego, Cincinnati vs Tennessee

  1. LBC says:

    SON THANK YOU!!!! The BCS is the worse. Honestly, after this game I will probably watch the SEC championship and national championship just because. Other than that no matter the result one team will be robbed of a shot at the National System thanks to this spreadsheet. Every game should mean something, but not this much. If LSU wins and goes to Sugar Bowl I honestly don’t think they would even care about that game. Because of this game I am in favor of playoffs in college football. I would much rather watch a rematch of this game than either of these teams murder Boise, Stanford, Ok St. etc… How can they say the BCS system works putting the best two teams in the biggest game, when these are both the best, but one will be absent from the national championship.

    Would you say LSU vs Bama > Ravens vs Steelers?

  2. LBC says:

    LSU graduate said to me last a packet of 4 tickets for this game. Bids are now up to $10,000. This is clearly the national championship.

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