COD – MW 3

Posted: November 6, 2011 by LBC in Games, Geek Boy, PS3, XBOX

The time has finally arrived! Are you about THAT life?

The most anticipated game ever is back. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It is a continuation of MW2 released in 2009. Remember your boy “Soap” in MW2 he is back so prepare your lives. It is time! This game is a must buy for you true video gamers out there. Not only for the visual display this year will have, but also the overall gameplay will be the best yet. Campaign mode will be just as spectacular as it always is featuring battles in America, France, and Germany. The online experience have been enhanced so make sure you have your headset because the trash talk will begin 11/8/11. Check out the trailer.

For my fanatic online players as myself. Call of Duty Elite this year opens many new possibilities to show exactly how good you are in this game. It has a free service and a paid version. The free version will have features of keeping your lifetime statistics, and also a social network integration. Amazing how the social network craze has moved into video games. This allows you to compare stats amongst all COD players, and stats are comparable cross platform. #TeamPS3 versus #TeamXbox. We are not able to play online cross platform yet, this feature just simply allows us to network and compare stats. The paid version which is $50 a year gives you access to monthly downloadable packages to add on your online experience as well daily competitions with virtual and real life prizes.

If you enjoy games involving strategy, teamwork, with immense violence. This is the game for you. I advise you to go get this game, learn those maps and develop your strategies this year. Personally, I will be working on unlocking “overkill” which will allow me to carry to primary weapons! Can you imagine me running around with the M16 in one hand and the AK47 in other? LOL.

Ladies I hate to break it you, but this means we will be in our ManCaves even more, please do not disrupt us as we attempt to “mirk” our enemies. Disturb us and you might get “Mirked” after being sent #BTTK! (I’m just joking about the mirk portion lol)>


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