The Scientific Video Game

Posted: November 6, 2011 by LBC in Games, Geek Boy

Welcome back folks. A slight break from football and kitchens etc… I have always been somewhat of a scientific nerd. I always like doing different experiments in my house as a kid just to see what would happen. I am not good at it though. I am usually the guy who ends up breaking something because I tried to wire my phone to my TV, and then attach a high definition soundbar to it or something crazy like that. However, if you read the following article, the idea of using video games (something fun) to figure out complex scientific processes should intrigue you. Remember that Rubix’s cube you had as a child, but could never solve, but for some reason you kept trying? Imagine that if you solved something similar you actually helped someone cure a previously incurable disease. Carnegie Mellon is using a computer based video game in which gamers help scientist further understand protein synthesis. Enough of my blabbering just read for yourself.

Why Video Games Are The Key To Modern Science


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