Studs & Scrubs Week 9 – The Clutch Gene

Posted: November 7, 2011 by LBC in NFL, Studs & Scrubs

Ball So Hard University

The genetic code is a set of rules by which a gene is translated into a functional protein. We all have an equal amount of genes from our parents, but they are not always expressed. Although some are not expressed does not mean the gene is not in your genetic make-up. Remember second grade science class predicting gene expression? In sports it will look like this Cc x Cc = CC, Cc, Cc, cc. In sports there is always a debate of which athletes have the coveted “Clutch Gene”.  This week we saw quarterbacks who may have been under question if they have it, but with the game on the line they proved that gene can be expressed. So Studs & Scrubs week 9 let’s go!


1. How about Eli Manning and the New York Giants. So much focus has always been on his big brother Peyton, but this season Eli and the Giants are looking very good. This week it was a rematch of the SuperBowl, and the results were exactly the same. It looked like Brady (CC) had done it again leading the Pats to a TD late to take the lead. Not to be outdone Eli who was playing well all game led his team without Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks to a game winning TD leaving Brady with virtually no time to make anything happen. Although certain genes may not always be expressed it was the perfect time for Eli to prove to the world he has that “Clutch Gene”. He finished the day with 250 yards passing and 2 TD. Congrats Lil Eli you are an NFL STUD of week 9.

2. I have been hard on Joe Flacco on here, but after what he did to the Steelers defense last night the kid deserves some recognition. Not only last night, but also opening day that thrashing the Ravens gave them. Joe Flacco may not have the CC, but completing a 92 yd game winning TD drive to beat the NFL’s top defense definitely gives him a Cc. His clutch gene was expressed last night. The Ravens are looking well on their to way to giving over their playoff woes. In the AFC right now it is hard to say the Ravens are not the favorites. Congrats to Joe Flacco for his exceptional numbers against his rivals. In two games versus the Steelers he has 523 yards 4 TD and 0 interceptions. Congrats Flacco you have the clutch gene and are a week 9 NFL Stud!

3. I am not giving this guy the clutch gene just yet. I have been watching him all season an he has impressed me. Andy Dalton has the Bengals of at 6-2 right and on a 5 game winning streak. Dalton does not put up eye popping number like Cam Newton, but he plays consistent manages the game and most of all wins. As a rookie this a good season he is putting together. Let’s recognize this young fellow. Although he does not have a lot of what you would call quality wins this season. The end of his season is definitely rough facing the Ravens and Steelers twice, and also a game against the Texans. Dalton went 22/39 for for 217 yards nad 3 TD. If you watch him he has the making of a very good NFL QB. Let’s see how he finishes the season. Congratulations Andy this week you are recognized as an NFL STUD!


1. Does Philip Rivers have the clutch gene? I probably need to be out in San Diego to get an answer to this question, but are fans in San Diego screaming it is time to let Rivers go? In back to back weeks Rivers has made the play that cost the Chargers an opportunity to win. Last week really being tragic when he just dropped the snap while in FG range. This week with a chance to tie GB late he throws an unforced desperation pass that gets picked, killing any hope for the Chargers. Not spectacular to me that he threw for 300+ yards in this game. He lost and he threw 3 picks. Rivers has always been known to get hot late just to make the playoffs so he can LOSE! Rivers plays good enough that he doesn’t lose his job; nothing more nothing less. However, with another 4th quarter blunder you are an NFL SCRUB!

2. Review this post by RenzReport The Bit**a@@ness of Carson Palmer. Before the season began I disagreed, now after seeing what Palmer is doing compared to what Dalton is doing. Carson Palmer you are a “Female Dog!” *Renz Voice* lol. While you were not playing you should have been doing some form of football activity instead telling the Bengals why you NOT going to do. You have thrown about 79375239104237 interceptions in 25 attempts. That is just pathetic. The Raiders were on track with Campbell they thought you could fill in after his injury, and keep them afloat, but on the contrary you are like that Iceberg that slowly sunk the Titanic. You have been playing disgraceful since you stepped into Oakland. You are an NFL SCRUB! Should have stayed a Bengal.

3. I could just forever put the Colts here on this scrub list, but for this week I chose the Kansas City Chiefs. I mean you lost to a team who is in the #SuckforLuck race. After last season when we thought you might begin to develop into a respectable football. You swindled your fans, you are still the same old chiefs. Nothing much needs to be said. You are NFL Scrubs simply because you lost to the Miami Dolphins 31-3.


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