Overreaction Monday: The Bears have Woken

Posted: November 14, 2011 by arayegee in NFL

This could be the cover to a Horror Movie: I know who you Kicked to Last Summer

We at the Mancave gave our playoff and Super Bowl predictions earlier this year, and in a somewhat ambitious reach, I chose the Bears to win the Super Bowl. I also had the New York Jets as the AFC representative, but Senor Sanchez is doing his absolute best to keep that from happening. Kudos to your ineptitude, El Marco.

The Bears, on the other hand, have not let me down thus far. After starting the season off 2-3, the Bears are on a 4-0 roll, capped by a dominating performance over division rival Detroit.  This turnaround has come in large part to the defense settling into that vaunted Cover 2 and not giving up the big plays that plagued in the first quarter of the season.  Much maligned Mike Martz deserves a pat on the back as well. He’s finally decided to max protect Jay Cutler in passing situations and utilize possibly the best all-purpose back in football right now in Matt Forte. When your quarterback is standing upright, you have a better chance to, you know, complete passes. Especially when your quarterback is a bit of a douchebag who sends strongly worded suggestions to you during a game via a middleman.

This victory not only puts the Bears in 2nd place in NFC North, but gives credibility to the argument that they’re the second best team in the NFC.  The 49ers, the unanimous runner-up in the “other than Green Bay” NFC discussion, dont match up with the Bears. Offensively neither are particularly dangerous. Alex Smith has been playing well, but Id still take Jay the Jerkoff over him, and Chi-town gets the nod of who has the better RB betweenGore and Forte. The defenses are both stout, so they essentially cancel each other other out. Which leaves one last side of the game, the deciding factor that favors the Bears, and a perfect segue into my next topic…

Special teams. There have been three occasions that Ive thought ‘holy crap, this guy’s gonna score’ anytime and EVERY time a player has had the ball in his hands: Deion Sanders when he gets a pick, Randy Moss when he catches a bomb, and Devin Hester when he field a kick or punt. Thats it. Sunday afternooon Hester took an 82 yard punt to paydirt, marking the 18th return touchdown in this hands down first ballot Hall of Fame career. Is that overreaction? I think not. The Hall of Fame was created to recognize the best of the best, and Devin Hester is without a doubt the best returner in the history of the NFL. Unfortunately, The Hall of Fame fails to recognize special-team specialist the same way fans and players alike fail to see the importance in having a strong special teams unit. Ask the Giants last year how good it would have been to have a good punter. Ask the Patriots if they enjoyed having Vinatieri around. Ask the Raiders why they drafted Janikowski in the first round. Ask any team how much a coffin corner punter helps in a field position battle.  I truly do believe more punters and kickers should be in the Hall, but in the age where everything is measured on statistics, there’s no way to quantify a punter or kicker’s worth. Outside of FGM/FGA and average yards per punt, what else is there? Sadly not much. But that shouldn’t discount the significance of special team players in NFL history.

Devin Hester is 29, in good health, and on pace to put this return TD record completely out of reach. The Hall didn’t make any other player widely considered to be the best at their position to wait( Im looking at you Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, and Joe Montana) . Dont make Hester wait either.

  1. LBC says:

    As an avid Jay Cutler hater. I was pleased to see the Bears flop early in the season, but now this team is definitely second in the NFC behind you know who. The defense has always been good, and they made Stafford and the Lions (When was the last Megatron highlight?) look like the same old Lions. The football fan in me gives respect to the Chicago Bears because they can score three different ways. Special Teams, Defense, and Offense. I listed it in that order on purpose. I still am anxious to see which Jay Cutler will show up in January will it be the poised accurate or the erratic and turnover happy Cutler?

    As far as Devin Hester punting to him should result in automatic termination.

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