Studs & Scrubs Week 10 – Overrated

Posted: November 16, 2011 by LBC in NFL

It is not about how you start, but how about you finish. In the NFL the good teams will always separate themselves from the frauds during November and December. Some teams started off extremely hot, but now have more than cooled off. It is crunch time everyone, it is time for the real to separate themselves from the frauds. This week I observed some frauds. who are in my opinion overrated.


1. I wish I could give you some very good stats to back up this first NFL Stud, but I can’t because statistically they did not play great. However, the only stat that really matters is wins and losses. The San Francisco 49ers are 8-1 this season coming off an impressive win against the New York Giants. Alex Smith had 242 yards passing and 1 TD, which is expected of him. He just doesn’t make the big mistake giving his team an opportunity to win every game. Along with two interceptions by Carlos “I can catch” Rodgers, and a fourth quarter surge the 49ers over came a deficit beating the Giants. The final drive was a testament of how this team just makes a play when it is needed. The defensive line bats down a fourth down pass of Eli Manning to secure the victory. Congratulations to the 49ers you are NFL Studs!

This is definitely a #NoSandusky moment for #55

2. You truly have something special when your RB can be your leading rusher and leading receiver. That is just the case with Arian Foster. If he is on the field he is a threat on any down, and lined up anywhere. Arian Foster totaled 84 rushing yards with 1 TD, and 102 receiving yards adding another TD. The Texans have the playoff swagger in their quest to overcome their previous woes, thus becoming a legitimate contender in the AFC playoffs. Although they are now being led my Matt Linehart, Foster and the Texans proved to be too much for the Buccaneers making them NFL Studs of week 10.

3. 23/26 270 yards 88.5% and 3 TD. Impressive? I would say so. This is the Tony Romo that Cowboys fans love. He nearly played a perfect game connecting on his first 11 passes of the game. During this game there were flashes of how great Romo can be when he is focused. The offense under his command operated flawlessly. Romo as of right now has the Cowboys looking to make a late push for the lead in the NFC East. Only time will tell if Tony Romo will continue his spectacular performance to end the season. For week 10 Tony Romo you are an NFL STUD!


Forget Winning! I got more Snow Bunnies than you.

1. Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions. I will start here. Did you see how the Bears dismantled them? Not only was that game a testament to the Bears, but it also showed the Lions are just average. As my fellow mancaver dontbeskerritt would say don’t “Overrreact” to their early success, the Lions are still…. the Lions.  Stafford has digressed back to playing inconsistent and painful to watch football. The last pass I saw him complete was a prayer to Megatron. Other than those passes which defenses are now eliminating what else can the Lions do? They cannot play defense, no true special team threat, and cannot run the ball. Doesn’t sound like a good team now does it? Stafford finished the game with 63 pass attempts and 4 interceptions. Two of which were returned for touchdowns, this is not a winning formula. Matthew Stafford you and your Detroit Lions (minus Megatron) are frauds and NFL Scrubs!

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick your hot streak has ended. Your defense is no longer forcing roughly 3 or 4 turnovers per game help you out. Defenses are keying in on the phenom, Fred Jackson, thus the ball is in your hands. Unfortunately, when the ball is in your hands your team increases its numbers in the loss column. This past week you faced the Dallas Cowboys who embarrassed you 44-7. Fitzpatrick made a lot of errors throwing 3 interceptions one which resulted in 6 points. Your team is not built to overcome those turnovers this late in the season. This week we saw some causes for concern with your ability to be a QB. Mainly the ability to read what a defense is doing, and make adjustments. Ironically, you are an Ivy league graduate probably with a ridiculously high IQ, but your football IQ is on a gradual decline.  This week Ryan Fitzpatrick of those Buffalo Bills you are an NFL Scrub!

3. Baltimore Ravens. Let me begin by saying they are a good football team every other week. Last week was pathetic not only on the field, but also for the coaching staff. You only give your best player 5! carries? What fool game up with that gameplan? Ray Rice should be livid. After beating the Steelers the previous week you did a complete 180 and lost to the Seahawks. How is that even possible? Just because Flacco led a 92 yd TD drive against the NFL’s best defense does not mean he will do it every week. Your team is led by Ray Rice just accept it. Without him, Flacco is just poop. Harbaugh understanding this will be the key to your teams success has been and will always be that way. As a result of this awful gameplan, Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens are NFL Scrubs this week.

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    Why is the one white joint passed out with cup still in hand though?

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