Comparison Analysis: Mike Shanahan vs President Obama

Posted: November 17, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

This Sunday marked the Redskins 5th consecutive loss this season making them 3-6 after starting the season 3-1.  Following this week’s loss to a 1-7 Miami Dolphins team, fans voiced their opinions and demanded Head Coach Mike Shanahan’s firing.  From FedEx Field to the White House, these pleas from fans sound quite familiar.

3 years ago, President Barack Obama walked into office with a financial situation that has impacted every American in the United States.  In 2010, Mike Shanahan was hired as the Redskins Head Coach following 2 disappointing seasons with Jim Zorn as coach.  Shanahan walked into a Redskins culture that had been known to be offseason champions by signing huge and often times bad contracts, by drafting horrible prospects and trading draft picks for underachieving players.  Like President Obama, Mike Shanahan along with a new General Manager Bruce Allen was expected to bring change to our beloved Nation’s Capital.

Once President Obama wasted no time as Commander in Chief and promised free health care to all Americans.  Shanahan on the other hand, had a defense that had been a top 10 defense the previous 3 years and hired Jim Haslett as Defensive Coordinator who converted to a 3-4 base front from a 4-3. That first season, the Redskins ranked 31 out of 32 teams in defense while President Obama is still dreaming of health care as legislators try to approve the dollars that will be used to finance the bill.

President Barack Obama has also spent the past 3 years trying to fix our economy, but it’s hard to erase the previous 8 years brought forth from the Bush administration and it’s even harder when you don’t have other lawmakers and politicians supporting you.  Shanahan has spent 1.5 years in an organization that has a decade worth of bad business practices, so fans cannot expect change to happen within 2 seasons.  The least we can do as fans is support our team.  Unless you agreed with Rex Grossman that this team would win the NFC East, I feel like we are what we thought we were or at least should have been to start the season.

Whatever your business logic preference is; top-down or bottom-up organization structure, the Redskins organization has already started.  They began by firing the entire coaching staff and GM Vinny Cerrato following the 2009 season.  A whole new regime of experienced coaches arrived and by the start of the 2010 and 2011 season, the Redskins make up looked entirely different.  We saw in the preseason and the 1st 4 games of the season the identity the coaches wants this Redskins team to have, but with key players going down with injuries, younger players not living up to their potential (Trent Williams) and poor QB play you get the product on the field that we have seen for much of the past 5 weeks.

So in conclusion, many think that President Obama deserves another term as President of the US. He has had just as many failures as he has had successes during his presidency, but still many want him back.  I am here to say as a Redskins fan, I want Coach Shanahan back!  One more year! One more year! One more year!

If former President George W. Bush can get a 2nd term following his 1st, then Shanny deserves on more season!

  1. dontbeskerritt says:

    Here is my problem with Shanahan – I won’t get into anything about Pres Obama on here lol

    My problem is that the QB issues we are having should have happened LAST YEAR. Who’s bright idea was it to trade…especially for as much as we gave up, for Donovan F. McNabb? That set us back one, maybe two years in the race back to respectability. Imagine if we didn’t trade for McNabb…we would have our 2010 2nd round pick which could have been a lineman or receiver. Then this year, with the extra 4th rounder, maybe we would have picked Dalton in the 2nd round. But no we had to rush things and it blew up in our face…again.

    I trust Mike Shanahan the coach…sort of. He’s not my favorite but the resume speaks for itself. But after the debacle of the McNabb era, forgive me if I just can’t trust Mike Shanahan the GM to help rebuild this franchise.

  2. arayegee says:

    Well we have to understand that both leaders came into their positions with a different pedigree and background experience. But in Shanahan’s case, he was lauded as a Super Bowl winning coach with years of playoff teams on his resume, and that he can change the culture of Redskins’ football. All of this is true but we have to take it with a grain of salt. What we saw in his stead at Denver was a coach who managed the talents of a HOF quarterback, an absolutely loaded offense, and a solid defense with two intimidating, feared hitters (Romanowski, Atwater). Thats it.

    He managed great talent. Other than his knack for developing a rushing game with nearly anybody in the backfield, his vaunted ‘system’ isnt much more than a simplified west Coast offense aided by a pretty good zone running attack. THIS WILL NOT WIN FOOTBALL GAMES. Not when you dont have the right pieces, and for the second year in a row he failed to find a right fit for that piece for two years in a row, which is the Quarterback. To be honest, defense is 30% personnel, 30% system, and 20% attitude. A no-name defense can and will thrive. Offense doesnt work the same way, you need playmakers. Systems will get you to a respectable record at best. Just look at San Fran this year. Their offensive strategy is pretty straight forward. The difference is, they have playmakers on the outside (Davis, Edwards, Crabtree, Ginn), a quarterback playing mistake free, and a really good RB in Gore. They can ride that and a good defense deep into the playoffs. And this so-called offensive guru has done nothing in two years. Its a shame. Does he deserve another year? Maybe, but that should be contingent on his performance this season and whatever his direction is leading into next season, which I hope Chainsaw Dan buys into. He’s put up a record that’s worse than Spurrier and Zorn when they were at this mark, and if he gets another year and the Skins start off slumping again, thats just another year we wasted. We aren’t screwing with the development of a young qb (Campbell), at this juncture, its best to just part ways now. Id hate to see us fire a coach midseason, be in a coaching hoopla for yet another year, all while us desperate Skins fans have to sit in agony again while we wait for a coach with a new direction.

    Get rid of the guy. he cleaned house last year, but kept a mess at quarterback because he believed in his system. Then had the nerve to sell us a quarterback battle as if either are good (ill admit, I bought into it). Shanny is a great coach, but not for this team, maybe not even for this era.

    • RenzReport says:

      We can all agree that he messed up on the McNabb deal, but quite frankly anyone outside of Phila. would have been happy to get McNabb…only Andy Reid knew about the swindle that we landed. Redskins nation was happy to see McNabb on the roster, but once he got on the field he stunk it up! So yeah, 1 mistake and maybe another for not picking up a QB in this past years draft and then another in really and truly believe in Grossman & Beck lol. This off-season, all bets are off because we have to go after a QB in the draft, but to rebuttle against ArAyeGee getting rid of Shanahan at this stage of the game does absoletely nothing.

      If Shanahan were to be fired this offseason which I’m sure he won’t, that would our next coach would be our 3rd within 5 seasons. We can’t continue to build a team and chemistry this way. Next, we expect a new QB to be drafted next year as well, but if it’s Shanahan that’s drafting him, well guess what, that potentially gives him 2 more seasons after this next year. It’s all about progress and the Redskins were not a good team before he got here and they still not a good team after 1.5 season with Shanny as coach.

      If anything, we potentially are in the position to do things right. See the Lions, Bucs, Packers, etc. We are building through the draft and adding depth at key positions. These players are young and need time to develop. Only problem is, we have a high profile coach in Shanny and probably this approach would have been better for a new age coach, but we’re stuck w/ what we have.

      From the business persepective, Shanny is still owed $20 million dollars over the next 3 seasons from the Redskins…even more proof, that if anything he is at least here for another 2!

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