Overreaction Monday: Week 11 Edition

Posted: November 21, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL

Well, my Skins did exactly what they were suppose to do for the sanity of their fans on Sunday.  They played a highly competitive and entertaining football game, taking the Cowboys to OT before finally succumbing to the inevitable, 27-24.  They didn’t embarrass themselves, they found a scapegoat to take frustration out on (Gano, D. Hall), and best of all, THEY LOST.  This enhanced our chances of getting a coveted Top 5 draft pick in a draft that has all the makings of a QB goldmine.

This post is dedicated to a college football weekend unlike any we have seen in a while.  5 Top-10 BCS teams went down in defeat.  A couple of the QBs featured in those games are set to be the guys picked after Andrew Luck, so it’s a great time to look at what these other QBs bring to the table and which could fit for a team like my Skins.  So this is the Suck for [insert name after Luck] Sweepstakes.  The remixed names of the Sweepstakes were acquired from the @czabe Twitter page so shout out to Steve Czaben of ESPN980.

How Would You Like to Stay in Red and Gold, Mr Barkley?

Matt Barkley – Blow for Barkley: Easily the most polished guy out of the 5 that I will highlight here.  This guy is a gamer.  He decided to stay at USC despite not having the opportunity to play in a bowl game, hell not even the PAC-12 Championship game.  But he, and the Trojans, have played great in big games.  The Stanford game and especially the Oregon game Saturday, highlighted what this future 1st rounder could bring to a team.  He plays in a pro-style offense, not this spread, here is your one read attack. I hope the Redskins are in his sweepstakes but you can see Seattle making a strong push for him.  Only problem is that he can pull a Luck and decide to stay for his senior year at USC, like another Trojan QB should have done.  CBS Sports, which ranks him 2nd after Luck says this about him “Barkley is shorter than preferred and doesn’t possess an elite arm. He does, however, have enough of an arm to make every NFL throw, good accuracy on the move and in the pocket and the intangibles that every NFL team is hoping for in a franchise quarterback.”

Robert Griffin III – Drop a Turd for Griffin the Third – Another junior QB, he probably is the best weapon out of all of these guys.  RG3 is probably the guy that can do the most without having a complete team around him.  However, the question with a guy like this is whether his production is due to the system, or is this guy truly is as good as those numbers says he is.  He is mobile and accurate downfield (see that pass against Oklahoma to win the game), but most of all he is consistent.  There was a point deep in the year that he had more touchdowns than incompletions.  His career TD-INT ratio is 41-11. But do you think NFL GM’s will make this guy the second QB picked after Luck?  CBS Sports ranks him the 5th best QB.

Landry Jones – Lose for Landry You can smell overrated emanating from Mr. Jones when he plays, can’t you.  Yes, he puts up big numbers, but it helps when you are throwing to one of the nation’s best receiver in Ryan Broyles.  But I see 2 throw-up games, the Texas Tech game (at home!) and this past Oregon game where you have to wonder what this guy would bring to your team.  He came into the year the number 3 QB on some draft boards.  Will he even be picked in the 1st round?  CBS Sports ranks him 3rd and here is what they said; “Though Jones has done an excellent job taking over the reins of the Oklahoma offense from Bradford, comparisons between the two are folly. Jones has good size and a strong enough arm to make all of the throws, but does not have the superior accuracy of the Rams’ current starting quarterback and must improve making throws when pressured.”

Kellen Moore – Mail it in for Moore I admit I don’t watch much Boise State games.  But I was sold on this guy after watching last year and the Georgia game this year.  I am not like other guys that look at size and physical gifts; if you can ball, you can ball, and he was leading Boise to some great wins.  But then I watched the TCU game two Saturdays ago.  I saw when they were driving to win.  He was overthrowing cats out there man.  And I can’t blame the blue field.  It didn’t look like a Sunday performance So if Moore won’t pass the eyeball test and he didn’t pass on the field in the biggest game of the year, it looks like his stock is dropping faster than Netflix.  He is ranked 15th QB on CBS Sports.

Case Keenum – Crap the bed for Keenum In Philadelphia they call him the Kevin Kolb of the draft.  I prefer Colt Brennan.  But this is truly a system QB.  Don’t get me wrong he can chuck it all around the field.  You can’t be terrible putting up numbers like he does.  But don’t expect him to help rebuild your dynasty.  He may need the 1993 Cowboys built around him in order to just be average in the NFL.  You can see a team like the Saints, Eagles, maybe Steelers picking a kid like this and then stashing him away in the back pocket.  He is ranked 11th.

We’ve reached that time of year in college and pros where it’s time to start scouting for your future franchise player.  As the Skins deftly position themselves in the draft for the rebuilding of their franchise…again…I hope you keep a close eye on these guys and more as the [franchise player your team needs] Sweepstakes begin for 20 teams in a little over a month.

  1. LBC says:

    Since we have Romo and a new contract extension my squad is not in this sweepstakes. However, let me put in my two cents. First and foremost Barkley WILL FLOP!!! USC is the Duke of college football. Reggie Bush did not live up to his hype. Lendale White weight more than Shaq. Linehart, Sanchez, and Palmer are all scrubs!

    Second point I think Kellen Moore is being highly overlooked. He lost two of his main threats from last season and is still producing. We can’t use one game to show the all the bad about college quarterbacks. Even Tom Brady has an off day occasionally. I think Kellen Moore will be the next sleeper to come into the NFL. His draft pick may not be high because he coming out of Boise, but watching that guy he just knows how to play that position. He does it very well. Kellen Moore would be my number 2 on my list behind Luck.

  2. dduren06 says:

    what skins fan doesnt know the colors? Who wrote this lol? Red and Gold? Might as well said Maroon and black, Zorn. That’s a fan foul.

    The only pick is Griffin. He’s playing with ppl (save for a wr or two) that will be selling cars on Sundays. Barkley is playing with NFL caliber talent — who knows how he’ll play on a struggling team. I’d agree with boogie and say he’s overrated a bit but still pretty good. You mentioned keenum & Moore both I think are 3rd day picks. You forgot tannenhill – A&M runs a shanahan/kubiak style offense and dude has a high ceiling — he’s just raw right now. Would’ve like to hear him mentioned…

  3. LBC says:

    AGGGHH level of competition does play a factor I think, but I just think he can be one of those QB’s who will eventually figure out and begin to pick you apart. It’s not like Kellen Moore is surrounded by All-Americans though.

    • dduren06 says:

      I hear his arm strength is iffy. And like the great Mike Tyson said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the month”. I think Moore is a back up in the league. Maybe an AJ Feely / Matt cassell type that gets coaches and GMs canned.

      I like QBs who are great with nothing. Roethlisberger, Cutler, shoot even Drew brees were all prolific college QBs without heralded WR corps playing against big conference talent…

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