Football Friday: Get Your Tryptophan On

Posted: November 22, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, Must See TV, NFL

Thanksgiving, the Independence Day of the Mancave world.  There is no other holiday which celebrates the greatness of Mancaves like Thanksgiving.  You are allowed to eat as much as you want, sleep on the couch by 6pm, and watch football without interruption.  And this goes on ALL WEEKEND.  Then on Friday (now Monday if you are really savvy), you get permission to enhance the quality of your mancave at frugal prices.  Praise Mancave Jesus and Tim Tebow for this weekend.  Oh yeah, you also get to spend time with your loved ones and all that good stuff.

So for a special edition of Football Friday, here is your Mancave setup for Friday until Sunday.  As always, bold is the big TV that stays on throughout the dinner so you avoid conversations with your mom about why you aren’t married yet, italics is for the TV you wheel around to your side of table so you avoid eye contact with your crazy aunt, and regular is for the TV you have one because you really have to evaluate your priorities this weekend.  I think you already know what your gonna be doing on Thursday; helping your boo cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  Or watching probably the best slate of games on Thanksgiving in a decade.  Have a good weekend and be safe.

Friday, November 25

12-3pm:  Houston vs Tulsa (CSN), Iowa vs Nebraska (ABC), Detroit vs Boston (NHL on NBC – 1pm)

3:30-7pm: Arkansas vs LSU (2:30pm CBS), Boston College vs Miami (ABC), Colorado vs Utah (Comcast Network)

8pm: Pittsburgh vs West Virginia (7:00pm ESPN), California vs Arizona State (10:15 ESPN), UTEP vs Central Florida (CBS College Sports)

Saturday, November 26

12-3pm: Georgia vs Georgia Tech (ESPN), Ohio State vs Michigan (ABC), Iowa State vs Oklahoma (FX)

3:30-7pm: Alabama vs Auburn (CBS), Virginia Tech vs Virginia (ABC or ESPN2), Penn State vs Wisconsin (ESPN)

8pm: Notre Dame vs Stanford (ABC), Clemson vs South Carolina (7:45pm ESPN), Florida State vs Florida (7pm ESPN2)

Sunday, November 27

1-4pm: Buffalo vs New York Jets, Tampa Bay vs Tennessee, Minnesota vs Atlanta

4-7pm: New England vs Philadelphia, Denver vs San Diego, Chicago vs Oakland

  1. LBC says:

    So many great games on this weekend. I can’t wait NOT to go anywhere!!! *ArAyeGee voice* I can’t wait to increase the girth of my #Belly #SeeWhatIDidThere lol. Ok let me stop lol.

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