Overreaction Monday: Week 12 Edition

Posted: November 29, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Well its safe to say that NFL football is now just a cheap imitation of what it used to be.

An entire position on the field has now been rendered useless.  The safety, once the quarterback of the defense, is now its biggest liability because they cannot do the job they used to get paid money to do; dislodge the ball from the offense.  Whether by intimidation, or by vicious hits that result in intimidation, the safeties are now just neutered dogs, that are looking to not get a personal foul penalty and a fine.

I watched the Giants-Saints smack down and saw at least three unnecessary roughness calls that had as much roughness as the co-ed two hand touch league I played in last year.  Receivers are running free down the seam, safeties are coming and trying to making a play to stop a completion, and they are literally holding up to let the receiver make the catch.  Roman Harper last night put his arms up when he saw that he was going to crash into a Giants wide receiver, to show the ref that I am definitely not trying to hit this guy purposefully; Harper grazes the receiver, 15 yard penalty.  NFL regresses for 15 years.

Could Ronnie Lott Play in this Era?

I don’t blame the referees for their flags; they are reacting to bang-bang plays that must be called if it looks close.  These old men can’t distinguish between a helmet-to-helmet hit and a shoulder-to-body hit.  These penalties are preventing defenses from doing what they have done since 1920.  And in a league which promotes aerial attacks already, this straw breaks the camel’s back.  Here are three other effects of this terrible defenseless receiver/unnecessary roughness rules:

1. The Rise of the Tight Ends: There really hasn’t been many great tight ends before Kellen Winslow Sr, the guy that revolutionized the receiving tight end.  Maybe that’s because safeties were murderers back then, ripping off heads of anyone who dared come over the middle.  Now that safeties have been neutralized, the tight end has risen to prominence.  The New England duo, Jermichael Finley, Jermaine Gersham and the rest of these guys have made QBs look amazing (more on this later) and defenses look like they wear cement shoes.

2. The Death of the Steel Curtain: I usually don’t have a kind word to say for the Steelers, but I feel this must be said.  Defenses like the Steelers are run on intimidation, much less their scheme.  Do you want to run over middle with Ryan Clark, Brandon Meriweather, and LaRon Landry lurking in the grass?  Hell yes if you are a receiver in 2011, because you have an invisible bubble placed on you by the NFL.  It seems like defenses now need to let you catch the ball, then try to dislodge it from you.  Heaven forbid that they actually play defenses.  Remember when you would heap praise on a receiver who would go over the middle and sacrifice his body (Terrell Owens).  Now I see DeSean Jackson running free on in routes, something is wrong with the world.

3. So Long Dan Marino’s Record: So now that defenses have turned into mush, Dan Marino’s 5,084 pass yards in a season is going with it.  Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are right in the hunt to break it this year.  What a coincidence that these guys have great tight ends to through to in the seam.  Actually they can throw it to anybody on the without fear of killing their receiver.  Marino should be pissed; how many more yards would he have thrown if he could pass in this type of era.

The NFL Competition Committee needs to look at what is happening to the game.  The secondary on each defense is being rendered impotent because they cannot do their job.  The health of players is important but these guys did not sign up for a pillow fight, they signed up to play professional football.  They knew what effect it would have on them and their bodies.  The NFL is losing its legacy because they may have overreached on their health initiatives.

I wrote this earlier that most of the legacy and lore of the NFL is based on defense; Steel Curtain, Doomsday D, Purple People Eaters, etc.  Defense literally won a championship in 2008 for the Giants.  Now the NFL has entered in a cheat code for QB’s and offenses that really don’t need any help right now.  All that results in plays on the field that make your eyes go like this o_O.

  1. LBC says:

    Son I wish we could show this to Roger Goddell. It is funny how it seems that now the defense has a better chance of being on the wrong end of a big hit than the offense does. Since defenses are not allowed to tackle anyone unless they are looking at you, have taken 6 steps, and acknowledged that it is ok for you to hit them now. Remember Jacked up? That used to be my favorite part of monday night countdown, we have now regressed to Cmon Man. The biggest thing I hate about that rule is that it is inconsistent.

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