Studs & Scrubs Week 12 – QB Edition

Posted: November 29, 2011 by LBC in NFL, Studs & Scrubs

Well the season is winding down, and now either you are in the playoff hunt or you are in the sweepstakes. If you are in the playoff hunt you need your best players to show up every game. As a fan, mental relapses as seen by the Giants defense on Monday Night Football is not what you want to see from your team. Anyway week 12 Studs & Scrubs leggggoooo!


"The Dive"

Its it the cleats!?

1. Speaking of the Giants, the number one performance of this past week is undoubtedly Drew “Look at my Sanaa Lathan Scar” Brees. Drew Brees demonstrated why he was a former Superbowl MVP. The Giants defense was obsolete against his perfectly executed offense. Going 24/38 for 363 yards and 4TD is near perfection. Although, he has been overshadowed by “Discount Double Check” Rodgers, Brees answered questions that he may be the only one who can score just as many points as Aaron Rodgers. He even displayed some nice moves on the run, which I have never seen before from this traditional pocket QB. It’s like Brees took a mobility class during the bye week. Congratulations to Drew Brees on leading the Saints to where they are now, he is a NFL STUD!

2. No matter what defense you throw at them, the best quarterbacks will always make adjustments, and soon embarass you. Mr. Discount Double Check added to his resume of NFL MVP this season after dismantling the Lions in the 3rd quarter on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, the Lions defense shut Rodgers out in the first half minus a penalty that gave him the ball inside the 5 allowing the Packers to score before the half. However, halftime was all he needed to expose the Lions D further. He ran off 17 straight points in the 3rd quarter sending a wake up call to the Lions.

 I struggle to find a flaw in this guy’s game, he always finds a way to make opposing defense look elementary. I said this last year and was slandered for it, but I will say it again NFL stud Aaron Rodgers after a few more years could become unargualbly the best QB to ever play the game.

3. I know my fellow mancave dontbeskerritt, was esctatic watching the Pats torch the Eagles on Sunday. Eagles fans realized what they don’t have, which is a QB. Tom Brady stat line was 24/34 for 361 and 3 TD. What distinguishes Brady from the other two QB’s on this list is that he puts up numbers regardless of who is on the receving end of his passes. He doesn’t has the best receivers or the best running game, yet he still cannot be stopped. Brady was deathly accurate on Sunday shredding the Eagles D, as if he were on the field by himself. Despite having an irrelevant OchoCinco and the worse defense in the NFL, Tom Brady has his Patriots ready to make a run in the AFC playoffs. To no surprise Tom Brady you are an NFL Stud!


Am I suppose to play?

1. In back to back weeks, Tyler Palko of the Kansas City Chiefs has offended me with is play. I am thoroughly pissed he says “Tyler Palko… Pitt” on Sunday night. With other Pitt NFL alums such as Larry Fitz, Shady McKoy, Stephens-Howling, Revis, Baldwin, and Dion Lewis it makes you wonder how did the University of Pittsburgh decide to make this guy quarterback. Or better yet how does the guy who signed him keep his job? Fellas if you ever try teach  your lady the game of football, please I beg of you do not start with a Kansas City Chiefs game. It will only make her regret the CBA with you. Palko has a career QBR of 50.1 do I need to even go any further? Every aspect of his game his absymal. I am actually shocked he even completed a pass. Watching Tyler Palko is more comical than Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain. If you didn’t know before YOU GOING LEARN TODAY! *Kevin Hart Voice* that Palko is an NFL Scrub.

2. The Chicago Bears really needed Kyle Orton. Even with their stout defense, if Caleb Hanie is their QB their wildcard spot is in jeopardy. On Sunday Hanie could not complete a pass even if his target was the size of the Pacific ocean. His three interceptions is indicitive of the obstacles the Bears have ahead of them. The Bears D played well only allowing 1 TD, but Caleb Hanie discredited a good performance by his defense with his awful production. Thanks to NFL Scrub Caleb Hanie, the best chance the Bears have to score is none other than special teams phenom Devin Hester.

3. On the verge of a 4 game losing streak the Giants defense better wake up quick or they will be out of the playoffs. They are now one game behind the Cowboys in the NFC East, and facing the undefeated Packers next. The Giants look defeated as they have been facing the most difficult part of their schedule. Eli has been playing well of late, but when your defense is going to give up 49 points what can you as an offense really do? Usually the Giants are able to mount a late charge by way of thier defense, but right now their pass rush is about as effective as a blackberry. I am calling you out NY Giants as scrubs to let you know, wake up quickly or prepare your TV snacks because you could will watching the playoffs this year.


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