ESPN Shares Blame for Fine Allegations

Posted: November 30, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

By now we all know what happened at Penn State University involving allegations of former football coach, Jerry Sandusky’s sexual acts with minors.  Since people had actual knowledge of the situation of this unlawful act, high officials at Penn State were fired including that of Head Football Coach Joe Paterno and the school President.  Now, we’re learning about similiar situation starting to unfold at Syracuse University where allegations are coming forth that long-time Assistant Coach Bernie Fine has had a history of sexual acts with minors as well.  As soon as this news broke, a long-time friend of Fine and Head Coach, Jim Boeheim came to his friends defense and said that the accusations were false and believed that the motive was for money and national attention similiar to what was warranted at Penn State.

Boeheim did what any of us would have done and that was come to the aid of a friend whom he thought he knew.  The university did it’s part by sending communication to students and alumni immediately to inform them of the allegations hours prior to the press release. Nearly a week later, a turn for the worse happens when ESPN released a recorded conversation that took place between one of the accusers and Fine’s wife dating back to 2002.  In their taped conversation, the accuser and wife discussed Fine’s actions as both were aware of what he has been doing for years prior. After an unsuccessful stint in trying get the attention from local police, the accuser provided the tape to ESPN in 2003!!!!!!!!!!!   So for 8 years, ESPN has had this tape and have never made mention of it to anyone!  Not the police, not to Syracuse officials, not to Jim Boeheim…NO ONE!  Does this sound familiar with the Penn State situation? Well, here is what ESPN had to say to defend their reasoning for not releasing the tape:

Just as media outlets have pointed fingers at Penn State for how they handled the Jerry Sandusky allegations, the same fingers should be pointed at ESPN and possibly the police department who received the tape as well. Boeheim and other Unversity staff should not be at risk for their jobs as this situation differs from that at Penn State, where no one was aware of Fine’s actions.  Fine lived a secret life that no one on outside of his wife and those victims were aware of. Boeheim on the other hand was insensitive of his choice of words when this news was made public, but he has since been apologetic but one can only image how hard Boeheim is taking this considering how Fine has betrayed him as a friend and as an university staff member.  One can only hope that in time, Syracuse and Penn State can put this behind them and continue building on their rich prestige and tradition.

  1. LBC says:

    Syracuse will move on quick than Penn St. Cuse get a new birth for everything when they join the ACC. Everything just shows how corrupt the world is. Having that tape and not releasing it is in my opinion inexcusable no matter the circumstances. However, when things are going well for certain people it is amazing what they will turn their heads away from.

  2. arayegee says:

    What makes me uneasy is that any child molestation case and the subsequent evidence is taken so lightly by so many. Syracuse police need to be held accountable for not looking into this earlier.

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