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Weekly NFL Picks: Week 17

Posted: December 30, 2011 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

The regular season concludes this week so we are that much closer to PLAYOFFS! *fist pumps* Anyway let’s look at how things shaped up for last week:

Dara 4/ Renard 4/ Marissa 3/ Yannick 3/ Richan 3/ Carmen 2/ Lebron 2

Here are the overall standings going into the last week of the season:

Dara- 61

Carmen- 60

Renard- 59

Lebron- 56

Marissa- 56

Yannick- 55

Richan- 54

Here are Marissa’s picks for this week:


Happy picking all….

Football Friday: The Mancave’s New Year’s Resolutions

Posted: December 30, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

It’s been a sizzling season for the NFL this year.  From the hype created by the lockout, the Packers near-undefeated season, the emergence of Touchdown Jesus – Tim Tebow, and the playoffs that promises to be intense, the NFL is better than ever.  Hopefully, the league can sustain it and I think they can if they follow these measures to preserve the game we love:

1. No 18-game season…EVER!!!

The battle of the NFL triage has been every bit as enticing as the battle on the field.  After Adrian Peterson’s devastating injury last Saturday, I begun to realize that whoever had the silly idea to make a 18-game regular season, just wanted to find a way to have their cousin get on a NFL roster because team’s will have to scrap the bottom of intramural leagues across the country just to get guys to finish a season.  In reality, the NFL may need to have fewer games and more bye weeks.  The game of football has gotten that violent.  Of course, not one lock of Tom Brady’s hair has even moved or seen a bead of sweat this year, but that’s another story.

2. Let defense play…Defense

In the Atlanta-New Orleans Monday Night game, Jon Gruden lamented the fact that you can’t play defense anymore, especially the safety position, because you can’t hit a defenseless receiver.  Nobody knows what counts as a defenseless receiver.  A receiver goes up for a catch and safeties have to let them make the catch.  The new defense is to let receivers catch the ball over the middle and hope you make the tackle.  That’s not defense in my opinion.  The NFL says that they are just trying to protect their players.  But as Maurice Jones-Drew said, injuries, along with concussions, are “occupational hazards” that players sign up for when they sign that contract to play football.  I am all for the safety of players, but let’s not turn the game into a shell of its former self.  I just hope the NFL doesn’t turn into the 2011 Alamo Bowl in the near future.  But we are heading there.

3. Let’s Reward True Quarterbacks

Cam Newton has had one of the greatest rookie seasons for any quarterback, scratch that, any player in the history of the game.  He passed for the most yards as a rookie and is up at the top of the list for rushing touchdowns.  He will definitely be a top-5 if not the first round pick in fantasy next year.  He rejuvenated a career (Steve Smith), a whole fanbase (Charlotte), and has created the greatest celebration since the Dirty Bird (the Superman pose).  When Dwyane Wade imitates your move, and you’re a rookie, you are doing something my friend.  Andy Dalton is right there with Newton and could lead the Bengals to the playoffs, a team many people said would be the worst in the AFC.  Did you know that Brees was going to break Dan Marino’s 27-year record until the Falcons game?  Probably not, and you know why…Tebowmania.

There is no reason dislike Tebow personally, IMO.  There may be no reason to hate him on the field because he does win.  He tries to take all the credit and place it on the teammates who truly do deserve it.  But because America has been obsessed with Tebow since college (when he had guys like Percy Harvin, Riley Cooper, etc), and it hasn’t stopped in the media.  Tebow may be the worst passer of a winning team of all-time.  I tip my hat off to him because he manages to keep his team in games (except for the last two weeks).  But can we start paying more attention to the real quarterback play in the league.  The young guns like Newton, Dalton, and Ryan.  The elite like Aaron Rodgers, Brees, and Brady.  Even Eli has been elite at times this season.  What angers me most about Tebow is that there are guys that have been doing what he does for so long (Roethlisberger anyone) but yet you would think Tebow is the first QB to lead a game winning drive.  And for God’s sake (literally) it’s called PRAYING, not TEBOWING!!!  But I’m not worried about it; cream always rises to the top, and its the time of year where the real quarterbacks will put the team on his back and carry them to the promised land.

Here are the bowl games and NFL games this weekend.  Bold for best, and the rest fall into place.  From the Mancave to all of you, thanks for sticking with us through our beginnings in 2001 and we hope to see you on the otherside of 2012.

Saturday, December 31

12-3pm: Meineke Car Care Bowl – Texas A&M vs Northwestern (ESPN)

3-7pm: Sun Bowl – GA Tech vs Utah (2pm CBS), Liberty Bowl – Cincinnati vs Vanderbilt (3:30pm ABC), Fight Hunger Bowl – Illinois vs UCLA (3:30pm UCLA)

8pm: Chick Fil-A Bowl – Virginia vs Auburn (7:30pm ESPN)

4-7pm: Baltimore vs Cincinnati, Kansas City vs Denver, San Diego vs Oakland

Sunday, January 1

1-4pm: Carolina vs New Orleans, Buffalo vs New England, Indianapolis vs Jacksonville

4-7pm: Baltimore vs Cincinnati, Kansas City vs Denver, San Diego vs Oakland

Monday, January 2

12-3pm: Outback Bowl – Michigan State vs Georgia (ABC), Gator Bowl – Ohio State vs Florida (1pm ESPN2), Ticket City Bowl – Houston vs Penn State (ESPNU)

3-7pm: Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs Oregon (5pm ESPN)

8pm: Fiesta Bowl – Stanford vs Oklahoma State (8:30pm ESPN)

Studs & Scrubs Week 16

Posted: December 30, 2011 by LBC in NFL, Studs & Scrubs

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday. You have a very football filled weekend ahead of you. Make sure you enjoy every single moment watching the final football games of 2011.


1. Everyone give a round of applause to the Detroit Lions making the 2012 playoffs. The last time the Lions were in the playoffs Atari was the number one video game system. That all stops this year has they clinched a playoff berth with a 38-10 victory over the San Diego Chargers. I will be honest and say for the regular season Matthew Stafford has proved me wrong. He remained healthy throughout the season leading the Lions to key victories late in the season. I won’t give him the clutch gene yet, but he definitely did not choke. On Sunday against the Chargers with his running game absent as always, all pressure was on Stafford. He responded with a 3 touchdown performance. Now he just needs to prove he can win in the playoffs. Despite popular belief winning in the playoffs is a lot harder task than most people are willing to admit. Equipped with a good arm, respectable accuracy, and the best WR weapon in Megatron seeing Stafford in the playoffs is must see TV. I will say Stafford has been an NFL stud thus far.

2. Last week we were able to witness the battle for the crown in NY. Both teams with their backs against the wall needed a win continue their quest for playoff glory. The New York Giants defeated the Jets to decide their fate on Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants seem to always just barely make it to the playoffs, but that is exactly how they won their last SuperBowl. The Giants are a good team that can run the football, and bring pressure on the quarterback. Two elements that are always handy in the NFL. The Giants WR talked trash against the Jets secondary all week. Victor Cruz backed it up. Good teams know how to win when all odds are against you and the Giants proved they can do it against the Giants. Let’s see what they do this week on Sunday Night Football.

3. Finally the Oakland Raiders realized that winning is what they need to do in the playoffs. An overall excellent team effort propelled them into a tie with the Denver Broncos. Oakland blocked a FG late and then responded with a big catch from Heyward-Bey to get Oakland in FG range. For once this Oakland team showed some poise preventing another late collapse to keep hope alive. The Raiders need everyone to show up this Sunday against the Chargers who would love nothing more than to spoil the Raiders opportunity for a playoff berth. So Oakland this is it; the Broncos have a tough game against the Chiefs so the playoffs are within your grasp. “Just win baby!”.


1. The Denver Broncos got blown out by the Buffalo Bills who were on a 7 game losing streak. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that thrashing lol. It warmed my heart. Call me a hater if you like, I will accept that. The fact of the matter is that Denver is not a great team. The same way the Bills caught fire early in the season, the Broncos caught fire late. However, the scrub of this team is Tim Tebow. Tebow had four turnovers which led to most of Buffalo points.  Tebow was inaccurate with his lob alley oops he was throwing to the Denver receivers. Some may say don’t call Tebow a scrub! Denver defense gave up 44 points. They actually didn’t 14 points came from the Buffalo defense, another 7 from Buffalo special teams, and another 12 from FG. Denver defense gave up one offensive touchdown and a total of 19 points. On a day when the running game wasn’t working the Broncos attempted to go to the air and you saw the result. Tim Tebow great guy, however he is an NFL scrub this week.

2. This may be favorite scrub right here. All the way from USC we have Mark Sanchez! Sanchez is the worse quarterback in the league. The Jets organization needs to quickly realize that they will not get to the SuperBowl with Sanchez as their quarterback. Sanchez threw two interceptions at very key moments in the game. His defense kept bailing him out time and time again. It was clear the problem was Sanchez just didn’t want Eli to lose. With an opportunity to cut the lead to one score, and on the one yard line Sanchez fumbles the snap. He finished with a QBR of 54.2. That is pathetic. Sanchez your coach keeps making checks you cannot cash with his SuperBowl predictions, and eventually it may cost you your job. Scrub!

3. Phillip Rivers has lost again. Phillip Rivers has had a decent career, but without a ring on his finger he will go down as the quarterback who has never gotten it done. He consistently lets you down. Phillip Rivers is a fraud, has been and always will be a fraud. Finishing with a total QBR of 60.2. Rivers has had the Chargers organization on this rollercoaster ride his entire career. He is simply pathetic for the first 6-7 weeks of the season, and then becomes incredible in the tail end of the season. Only to drop faster than a drop tower at your favorite amusement park. Rivers is an NFL scrub and this year when his team could have snuck into the playoffs he reached his peak only to fall yet again. I am not surprised by any of the events occurring recently Phillip your career has been very basic thus far, and you are an NFL Scrub!

5 most overrated stats in football

Posted: December 27, 2011 by arayegee in NFL

Yesterday night, the nation watched as Drew Brees threw for 307 yards to break the  single season passing yards record. It was a great moment for football and for Brees, who is widely respected around the league and on the short list of ‘good guys’ in the NFL. Breaking a record that stood for 27 years is incredible, especially against a division rival who you could very well see in the postseason, but I was left with a bad taste in my mouth nonetheless.

Marino broke this record in an era where receivers were legally mauled downfield. That is no overstatement. The game was not designed for the passing game to flourish as it is today, and defenders could actually tackle the offensive player without fear of a fine or suspension.  For the past three to five years, I’ve taken most huge quarterback performances with a particularly large grain of salt. If you throw 40-45 times in a game, I’d expect you to get 300+ yards. If your team is always playing from behind, you’ll obviously be passing more. Couple that with new rules that cripple the defense, and voila, you have yourself a recipe for (expected) QB success. In Brees’ defense, he can’t control the game he’s playing in, he can only make the best of it. His record-breaking performance did make me think of other NFL statistics that are highly regarded, but largely overrated.


1. Sacks – An NFL sack is like an NBA steal: just because you get a lot of them does not mean you’re playing well. The NFL single season sack record was broken on the most egregious of  garbage sacks, for one.  Peep the subtle smile Brett Favre cracked at the end of video as he slid his buddy into the record books.

Defenders who tally up sacks on sacks on sacks are seen as great, but dont let the numbers fool you.  Its more about when you get the sack than how many you really get. A guy who has 12 sacks through 15 games sounds like a stud until you realize he got 8 of those in two games. That’s not a Pro Bowler, thats a broken clock baller (definition: someone who’s not  good, but like a broken clock, is right at least twice a day.) With much of the league going to a pass first offense, there are more opportunities to get sacks. Being able to sack a QB is just a component of what makes a good OLB/DE. Also, a player deemed a ‘pass-rush specialist’ is usually NFL code for a one-trick pony, so beware of the sack number.

2. Defensive yards allowed – New England and Green Bay are at the bottom of the list in this category in 2011.  Yet they give up less points than over half the defenses in the NFL.  The NY Jets are ranked 7th in the league in yards allowed, yet give up more points than 21 other teams. That’s all that needs to be said.

Im not even sure why this stat is even a gauge of defensive prowess. Teams with high-powered offenses are comfortable in giving up yards through the air, because they know that’s a battle their can offense can win. And the last time I checked, I’ve never seen a 412.1 -328.5 final score. Defenses are made to defend the end zone first.

YAC yards. The toughest yards to accrue in football. As you can see.

3. YAC – This one just irks my soul. This is the ManCave ‘Nobody Cares, B’ stat of all time. You mean to tell me we are measuring wide receivers on how many yards they gain after they catch the ball? Chris Rock said in a stand up that (ninjas) love to get credit for something that theyre supposed to do, and here is a blatant example of this happening in the sports world. You catch the ball, you turn and score. Thats rules one and two in the Receiver 101 handbook. You cant compare YAC to a running back’s yards after first contact, because its not met with the same level of opposition. The stat book doesnt show if this YAC was gained on a screen or not. Nor does it take into account that alot of this YAC yardage comes when a ball is fired with Legolas-like accuracy to an in-stride receiver. Why wouldnt you just keep running?

4. December W-L record -Its hard for me to make a case about the overrated nature of a stat that quantifies wins and losses, but too much goes into this month for no other reason but it’s the month before the playoffs. By the second week of December, most of the playoff teams are playing for seeding and not entry. Its the mediocre teams who are clawing for a wild card spot that lay so much importance on a spotless December.

How about looking at a team’s January record?

5.  Rushing yards – Football old timers would hang me for saying this, but yards per rush, not overall rushing yards, are the determining factor to an effective ground game. Any schmo can dial up a running play 35 times, but if you’re gaining 2.9 yards a carry, you just wasted 35 plays of our football watching experience.  The running game was designed for three reasons only. To control the clock, to feed a dominating runner, and to mask a pitiful quarterback. If you aren’t earning at least 4 yards a carry, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. I watched those seasons Jamal Lewis, Jamal Anderson, Eddie George, and most recently Larry Johnson as they were mercilessly fed the rock over 300+ times to have Pro Bowl seasons. You run the ball that much, you are guaranteed big numbers. Luckily, the modernized fan can see the difference between a good runner and a battering ram.

Congrats again to Drew Brees, but lets it into perspective. Marino’s record could be broken again next year. Hell, if Tom Brady goes ham in his final home game, it could be broken again next week.


3-Point Play: Basketball Is Back

Posted: December 23, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL
“After everything the nba did to harm itself, it’s gonna make it. and there’s one reason: these players are incredible.”

That was a tweet from Bomani Jones during the Heat-Magic preseason game.  And he’s right.  I remember the days when you could easily just watch the last month of the NBA season and the playoffs and feel that you got a good gist of what the season is about.  That’s when Isaiah Rider was going to be the next Jordan, and we talked like T.J. Ford would because Chris Paul before Chris Paul entered the league.  Those were dark days from 1998-2004. But if that’s your mentality now, then I feel sorry for ya partner because the NBA is probably at its highest level of competition since the Magic-Bird days.

It’s safe to say that every team has a star to gravitate to except Detroit, Charlotte, Utah, Toronto and New Orleans.  5 out of 30 teams.  The league is infused with talent from coast to coast.  This might be the best talent pool in NBA history, only the period from Larry Bird to Len Bias may be better.  We saw what happened last season, when the Western Conference had as many as 5 legit contenders when the playoffs came around.  Guys are more competitive than ever, and they should be more so now, with contract lengths shortened and price tags lessened.

But it’s also safe to say that 5 out of 30 teams have a chance to win the NBA Title (if it’s that much).  People complain about competitive balance in the NBA, but has there ever been competitive balance.  Since my Washington Professional Basketball Team won the title in 1978, 10 different teams have won the finals. 10 out of 30.  The Lakers have won the title 10 times in that stretch alone.  But the NBA is different from the NFL, which values parity.  The NBA values domination; no one wants to see a league where most of the teams hover around .500.  Upsets are fun once in a while (Memphis last season, Golden State in 2007) but would really watch the Charlotte Bobcats and the Detroit Pistons in a first round matchup…NO!  Give me the Knicks, Heat, Celtics in the playoffs, with a little sprinkling of the Wizards/Bullets in there as well.

To start this NBA season in the Mancave, I want to introduce our 3-point play: 3 topics from the week that was in basketball and what you can look forward to during the season.  It’s our gift to you from the Mancave.  So let’s start it off right:

1. Lob City vs Slowtime – If you watched the much-hyped preseason games between the Clippers and Lakers, you probably saw the same things I saw; the Clips are amazingly fun to watch, and the Lakers look sssslllllooooowwwwwww.   Now will that translate into a transfer of power in the Staples Center?  I’m buying Kobe stock this year.  After probably the worst 6 months of his life, Kobe is going full Black Mamba this year.  He also might get some sympathy love, though he shouldn’t hold out hope.  And the experience the Lakers have should help them out in the end.  As for the Clippers, they are young and exciting.  But will Blake take that leap to become an actual power forward rather than a dunker?  He looked good in the preseason finale.  Their frontcourt depth is lacking without Craig Smith, and they are going to miss Eric Gordon on the perimeter.  But I do know never to bet against Chris Paul who, when healthy, led a team with negligible talent in the New Orleans Hornets, and took the Lakers to the brink.  What can he do with the leapers in Lob City?  I will be staying up at 10:30pm to watch.

2. Young Guns – Teams like Memphis, Oklahoma City, and Indiana give small-market teams (which I will include the Wizards) a blue-print for success.  Do you need luck?  Most definitely.  But if you stick to a plan, stockpile picks, make shrewd trades, and BE PATIENT, you can build a solid squad.  Remember when the Grizzlies traded Pau Gasol to the Lakers for a pre-owned copy of Live ’99?  No one remembers that Marc Gasol was part of that trade.  Now, the Grizzlies are on the rise, and the Lakers were trying to trade Pau.  Would you be surprised if you saw a Grizzlies-Thunder Western Conference Finals?  Indiana has been in the NBA purgatory since Malice at the Palace.  Larry Bird ripped the Pacers apart then built it back up with names you would think would be on a fantasy trash heap.  But look at that squad now; Granger, Collison, Psycho T, David West, Lance Stephenson, Hibbert, Amundson, and now my favorite player, Paul George who grew 2 inches over the summer!  That is a scary team that could easily finish 4th in the East.  Gotta stick to your guns if you are going young.  Watch for my Wizards, the Hornets, and the T-Wolves in the near future.

3. Feeling the Heat – In all of the chaos, it is the Heat that has slipped under the radar.  It’s a shame to; cause the spotlight should be the only thing that can beat the heat.  They have the talent, experience, and motivation to take the trophy this year.  No one is talking about them (thanks Chris Paul and Vanessa Bryant) and yet only the Knicks and Bulls have made a move to really push them.  The Bulls need to get the home field advantage to even have a chance this year.  If not, and the Heat stay healthy, I really don’t see a team that could stop this squad.  And for Mr. LeBron James, it will finally be time, after 9 years of being declared the king, for him to finally ascend his throne.

The action begins on Christmas and I can’t wait.  From all of us at the Mancave, have a safe and blessed Christmas season.  Hopefully, we get to hear from you on the other side.  Thanks for letting us be a part of you weekly reading routine.  Thank your significant other for allowing you the opportunity to watch sports in the safety and security of your mancave.  And if you don’t have a cave yet, maybe you need to start treating you girl a little bit better in the New Year.  Use this song to help you out.  Peace.

Sign the CBA #SoIKnowItsReal

Posted: December 23, 2011 by LBC in Mancave Fundamentals
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Sign this and I know its real

In 2011 we have seen two great sports lockout because they were unable to agree on a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) in the allotted time frame. In short the CBA is simply the agreement between players, and the owners on the overall operations of the business side of the sport. We use CBA’s or some form of them everyday. We at TheManCave06 believe the CBA is one of the important contracts that you will sign during your life. This post will give you the importance of the CBA in relationships in the guidelines needed for you to host an event during a major sporting event. After ratification I guarantee all parties will be happy.

The purpose of the CBA in a relationship is it gives the opportunity of both parties to say what they are expecting to get out of this relationship. I think we should move away from the notion of you must have what you are asking for in order for it to be in the CBA. For example, I cannot cook to save my life so in my CBA I want my lady to hold me down in the kitchen. Here is when some of you foolish individuals will say how can you want someone to cook, but you can’t? My answer is if I could cook, and do all of those other things MYSELF, what is the purpose of having you around?

Furthermore, the CBA really comes into play during this time right here especially a weekend that has so much football and basketball. Football comes on the same day at the same time for 17 weeks. So during football season ladies; if your guy has said he wants football in his CBA and you signed it! You cannot schedule events on Sunday at 2:30 PM talking about we going on a date! Ummmmm no we will not, the date is me in my mancave with food and beverages being delivered. I understand football takes up a lot of time so hence the agreement can be ladies schedule events on Friday or Saturday for weekend activities but on Sunday….. You know what it is! The CBA of relationships prevents uneccessary arguments from happening. When the things are mutually agreed upon their is no need for discussion. Your job may require you to be at work at 8 AM. You signed an offer letter (CBA) to be there at that time so show up or you are in violation of your agreement. No discussion necessary. So I encourage you to embrace the CBA as it can save your relationship a lot of pain and heartache in the future.

The Schematics of Hosting an Event during a major sporting event

Recently TheManCave06 has attended holiday events on Sunday. Events that were composed of both men and women. Hence before every event a CBA must be ratified in order for the event to occur. Why you ask? Simply because if you invite me to an event on football Sunday, and you are not televising the games? Guess who can’t wait NOT to show up! lol. So ladies and gentleman following these simply guidelines will help you successfully host an event on a Sunday during football season.

1. A minimum of a 37 inch high definition 1080p is required. 42 is preferred, but we can make it with a 37 inch. This TV has the main game on.

2. A second TV or screen which is streaming NFL Redzone or another football game. Have appropriate channels for basketball and other sports.

3. Arrival times of 12:45 PM, or 3:50 PM. Cannot schedule the start time in the middle of one game. Times such as 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM are unacceptable. This is in reference to the NFL. Rule of thumb arrival times should be scheduled 15 minutes before the start time of the event.

4. Fourthly all mancave rules must be adhered to.

5. Food and beverages must be served.

So following this short and simply guideline will help you to successfully host an event during a major sporting event. Ladies these are always the specifications so do not be surprised when your man brings them up. Fellas it is your duty to make sure all rules and guidelines are followed especially if you are having your fellow men attending. I will be back later to discuss what to do when a ratified CBA has been violated, but for now work on those CBA’s folks. Happy Holidays from TheManCave06. Some holiday music for you follows.

Well I am back once again to give you my completely wrong and irrelevant opinions on this wonderful sport of football. Remember Studs & Scrubs will only involve the best and worse performances on playoff teams. Well week 15 is in the books let’s get to this.

All Hail Megatron!


1. They have done it again! The Lions that is. With their playoff hopes still uncertain the Lions stared defeat in its eyes only to overcome and win late. Led by none other than Megatron himself who finished with 9 catches for 214 yards and 2 TD. The game had the ambience that no matter what the Raiders did the Lions would win. After two unsuccessful throws to some random players on the Lions, Stafford decided let’s just win this and threw the game winning TD to Megatron. He is clearly top 5 receivers in the league right now, and for this moment he was able to save the Lions yet again. The Lions are playing the Chargers this weekend, and need this win to clinch their first playoff berth since Giga pets were relevant. This would be great after their pathetic 0-16 record in 2008. Talk about a good turn around. Anyway, Megatron simply cannot be stop when the game is on the line. However, Lions will need much more than NFL Stud Megatron to defeat the surging Chargers on Saturday.

2. Would you be shocked if Drew Brees won the MVP? The favorites are still Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but Brees has the Saints at 11-3 and probably the only team who can score point for point with Mr. Discount Double Check. Drew Brees will set many passing records this season, and has definitely put up MVP numbers. Brees threw for 412 yards and 5 TD last week against the Vikings. If he played the whole game he probably would have thrown for 7 or 8 TD. In opening day Brees was only a play away from beating the defending SuperBowl champions. He is top 3 QB’s in the league, and one of the greats of our time. The Saints believe that Brees will score whenever touches the ball. He won’t make that mistake that cost his team the game, so be aware GB the Saints are extremely hot right now. NFL Stud Drew Brees is on a mission.

3. It is very unlikely the Seahawks make the playoffs, but mathematically they are still in the hunt. Tavaris Jackson is playing ok football, and Marshawn Lynch is an ultimate coon, but when he is in “Beast Mode” he just cannot be tackled. The Seahawks manhandled a very injured Bears team, with good defense and an efficient offense. They are the team you overlook and they just end up beating you because they have nothing to lose since everyone underestimates them. An overlooked team with a good running game is very dangerous. Prime example is last year they upset the Saints first round in the playoffs as Mr. Taste The Rainbow ran the greatest 62 yard run ever. This may mean absolutely nothing in the next two weeks, but right now Marshawn Lynch has the entire Seahawks team in “Beast Mode”.


How come Peyton doesn't get sacked?

1. When the Ravens decide they are going to lose, they lose bad. Here is my problem with the Ravens it is similar to how the Miami Heat celebrated as if they won the NBA Championship after beating the Celtics, but went on to lose in an ugly fashion to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA finals. The Ravens vs Steelers rivalry is one of the if not the best rivalry in football, but that mentality is exactly what will keep the Ravens from the SuperBowl this year. They have focused so much on beating the Steelers. It seems that is the only time I have seen them play great football. Other than the season sweep of the Steelers the Ravens have been average at best. This season they have lost to the Titans, Jaguars, Seahawks, and Chargers. Unless the Ravens realize their are 32 teams in the NFL instead of just one they will NOT make a run this year in the playoffs.

2. The Little Giants have lost 5 of their last 6. Their only victory game against my Cowboys in a game where the Giants still didn’t look dominant. This past Sunday the Washington Redskins embarrassed the Little Giants on both sides of the ball. Eli went back to the Eli that I know and love. The Eli who throws zero touchdowns and 3 interceptions. LOL. I still believe the Giants are in a slump they won’t get out of tomorrow against the Jets. The Giants have receivers who can’t catch the football talking trash. Eli after being shutdown by the Redskins defense now faces the Jets defense led by Revis who will shutdown anyone who comes his way. The Giants are scrubs, and on Saturday we will see the complete collapse of Eli Manning and The New York Little Giants.

3. Just Lose Baby is the new theme in Oakland. The Raiders had a chance to close the gap between them and the Denver Broncos, but in the fourth no one could make that one play finish the game. I expected this because they are led by a USC quarterback. We all know nothing good can come from quarterbacks from USC. Since joining the Raiders Carson Palmer has thrown 10 TD, but 13 interceptions. How’s that for a TD to interception ratio. Good teams know how to finish their opponents, and the Raiders just cannot finish their opponents which will give the Denver Broncos a playoff berth. Thanks a lot you scrub from USC Carson Palmer.

Football Friday: The Gift That Can’t Make Its Mind Up

Posted: December 22, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, holiday shopping can be really time consuming.  But after a crazy week 15, the NFL race for the Super Bowl is now just a little more wide open.  And the Christmas Eve games could either make the situation more cloudy, or separate the great gifts from the sweaters your aunt used to give you.

1. Well the AFC playoffs is going to be a 3-team race.  We all knew that it would come down to the Ravens and Steelers, but the Patriots are right back into it.  They are on a 6-game winning streak after dismantling a pretty good Denver defense on the road, after they were down 9 early in the game.   We all knew their offense would be unstoppable but the defense is a sieve.  But does it matter if the Patriots are scoring 40 a game?  It hurts that Andre Carter is out for the season, but I’m sure New England will just throw some offensive player on a the defensive line.

Choke So Hard University

2. Sorry to ignore the other AFC playoff contenders; the Texans with T.J. Yates, the fighting Tebows, and the 2nd wild-card fodder team, but the Ravens and Steelers should probably battle through to the AFC Championship Game.  But suddenly these squads look vulnerable.  Ravens still have Wacko Flacco, who looked like Santa’s coal in San Diego.  The defense may have been worse than that, and that was with Ray Lewis coming back!  The Steelers looked terrible on offense because Big Ben was a big statue against the 49ers.  If that ankle keeps bothering him that will be a problem.  I’ve never seen a team with the weapons the Steelers have in Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown struggle to score.  Steelers defense needs to create turnovers which amazingly they don’t (14 turnovers created, worst in the AFC).

3. While I believe that the Packers will still be the class of the NFC when the playoffs start, at least this week, the Saints are the best team in the NFC.  Could the 49ers sneak in and make it to the Super Bowl?  The Packers have O-line woes, the Saints can’t win on the road.  And what do you know, the Saints would have to play the 49ers in San Francisco if the playoffs started today, and the 49ers defensive line could cause the same havoc the Chiefs did to the Packers.  Too bad that the 49ers don’t score touchdowns, only field goals.

These Jokers Are Still Alive Smh

4. If the Eagles, by a holiday miracle, make the playoffs, could you see 5 potential Super Bowl teams in the NFC?  Packers, Saints, 49ers, Eagles, and even the Falcons would not be far-fetched to make the big game.  Eagles would be the hottest team, and remember there is a reason they were called the Dream Team.  The Falcons were built to score points to compete with the Packers and Saints.  But I’m just wasting word count; the Packers are winning the NFC.  Remember when I said the Steelers don’t create turnovers; well the Saints are worse!  They’ve only created 13 turnovers on defense.  You can’t beat the Packers without turnovers.  I already explained the 49ers problems, the Eagles are to be trusted as far as you can throw Andy Reid, and I will repeat this until I have been proven otherwise, name me a big game that Matt Ryan has won.  I’m keeping my Super Bowl Pick, Ravens vs Packers.

But I do know that the playoffs will be amazing.  The divide between the best team and the worst is not that great.  The AFC is a complete mess.  It will take creative plays (Annexation of Puerto Rico anyone), intense defense, and a little luck to make it through the tournament.  And the games to decide who will make it into one of the most competitive playoffs in awhile will also be amazing.  The list of games to watch on Christmas Eve after the song of the week and our Mancave NBA preview tomorrow.  Hope you have your CBA approved for watching games all Saturday long.

Saturday, December 24

1-4pm: New York Giants vs New York Jets, Denver vs Buffalo, Arizona vs Cincinnati

4-7pm: Philadelphia vs Dallas, San Diego vs Detroit, San Francisco vs Seattle

Weekly NFL Picks: Week 16

Posted: December 21, 2011 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

Hey ManCave Readers! Week 15 ended with a tiebreaker between Yannick and Lebron in which Lebron came out victorious. Here is how week 15 concluded:

Lebron 5/ Yannick 5/ Renard 4/ Carmen 3/ Dara 3/ Richan 3/ Marissa 2

Here are the overall standings as of now:

Carmen- 58

Dara- 57

Renard- 55

Lebron- 54

Marissa- 53

Yannick- 52


Next week will be the last week that the winner will pick games. After next week we will pick all of the playoff games and at the end of the postseason whoever has picked the most overall games will have bragging rights for the off season. Here are Lebron’s matchups for this week:

Yannick  BUF  NYJ  SD  PHI  ARI NO

Happy Picking All!

Football Friday: Twelve Teams in Playoffs, the NFL Gave to Me

Posted: December 16, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

For the look at the AFC Playoff Picture, see this post:

I’ll just get right to it, here is what the NFC playoff picture looks like as of Friday, December 16, and what I think the playoffs will look like 3 weeks out (just call me Negrodamous):

Green Bay Packers 13-0 (at KC, vs CHI, vs DET): What has been said about this team that hasn’t been said about the flowing streams, nectar from the gods, the other side of the pillow, and Paula Patton’s bath water.  Simply perfect.

San Francisco 49ers 10-3 (vs PIT, at SEA, at STL): Great defense, can’t score in the red zone.  They are like a very good Washington Redskins.  Won’t go far in the playoffs, though.

New Orleans Saints 10-3 (at MIN, vs ATL, vs CAR): Probably the biggest threat to the Packers right now, expect they are half as good on grass as they are in the dome.  Unless Green Bay makes changes to their stadium…

New York Giants 7-6 (vs WSH, at NYJ, vs DAL): You can’t spell eli without E-L-I.  Excuse we while I throw up after typing that.  They don’t have to leave New Jersey for the rest of the year so they can celebrate the NFC East and New Year’s in New York.  Unless of course, Eli proves he’s not so elite (which he will).

Atlanta Falcons 9-5 (at NO, vs TB): The dark horse of the NFC playoffs.  Except for the fact that Matt Ryan has yet to win one big game.

Detroit Lions 8-5 (at OAK, vs SD, at GB): Remember when everyone liked the Lions?  Now, they are the villans of the league.  Oh yeah, they might not be that good either.


Chicago Bears 7-6 (vs SEA, at GB, at MIN): Their players are too reenacting various scenes from the Little Giants and from the Wire to make the playoffs.  Too bad, I thought they could beat the Packers at one point.

Dallas Cowboys 7-6 (at TB, vs PHI, at NYG): Their coaches are too busy trying to get fired by his boss and looking like he’s about to deliver triplets on the sideline for them to make the playoffs.  That’s what I get for saying they were the 2nd best team in the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks 6-7 (at CHI, vs SF, at ARI): Beast Mode!  Marshawn Lynch is telling everyone to “Hold their d***” as the Hawks make a late push for the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals 6-7 (vs CLE, at CIN, vs SEA): Can my man John Skelton get some Tebow love?  All he does is win!  And he actually plays well for 4 quarters instead of just the 4th quarter.

Philadelphia Eagles 5-8 (vs NYJ, at DAL, vs WSH): Can some just drown or electrocute, or shoot these guys playoff chances?  Was that too much?

Since it’s the Christmas season I have a nice little verse to celebrate the season and to predict the 12 playoff teams that I think will make the playoffs.  Just one verse, I don’t want to show off my impressive singing skills:

For the 12 Teams in Playoffs, the NFL gave to me…Cardinals party crashing…Jets must be joking….Falcons shot down flying…Texans keep get hurting…Broncos won’t be Tebowing…Patriots won’t be stopping…49ers just can’t be scoring…Cowboys still have 5 rings!!!…Saints have hodophobia…Steelers still play dirty…Ravens still have Flacco..AND THE PACKERS HOLD UP VINCE LOMBARDI!!!

Thank you, holiday CDs will be on datpiff coming no time soon. Games for the weekend, I know you guys are hyped for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Saturday, December 17

12-3pm: New Mexico Bowl – Temple vs Wyoming (2pm ESPN), Ohio St vs South Carolina (CBB ESPN), Alabama A&M vs Michigan (CBB ESPN)

3:30-7pm: Idaho Potato Bowl – Ohio vs Utah State (5:30 ESPN), Temple vs Texas (CBB, 2:30 ESPN2), Memphis vs Louisville (CBB, 4pm CBS)

8pm: New Orleans Bowl – San Diego St vs LA-Lafayette (9pm ESPN), Kansas St vs Alabama (10pm ESPNU)

Sunday, December 18

1-4pm: Washington vs New York Giants, Seattle vs Chicago, Green Bay vs Kansas City

4-7pm: New England vs Denver, New York Jets vs Philadelphia, Detroit vs Oakland