Football Friday: One More Toast to the BCS

Posted: December 2, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL

The BCS Makes Me Feel Like This Too

For regular readers of our ManCave blog, you know that I have a love affair with the BCS; you know the system that is so crappy that it has given us a college football regular season finale that will have no affect on who will be in the BCS Title Game.  This week, with all of the conference title games was designed to give us drama for who will be in the title game.  But Alabama didn’t even make it into its respective Conference Title Game but they will have a berth in the National Championship.  Did I miss something?  How did Alabama get a “bye” into the BCS Title Game?  LSU should pretty much play this as a NFL Week 4 Preseason game, because they can’t play their way out of the Championship.  This is what happens when computers dictate titles.

Obama Needs to Cut the BCS; Change We Can Believe In

Now some of you may point to an earlier post I wrote saying that the November 2nd tilt between LSU and Alabama was the National Title Game because those were the best two teams.  I still agree with that sentiment, that those two schools are the best in the land.  So it does make me sound stupid whining about the BCS when it actually is doing its job by picking the best two teams for the title game. But I argue that I don’t want the a computer picking the best two teams for me, I want the grass on the field to do that.

What is wrong with a playoff, even a 4-team playoff?  Suppose if you had LSU, Bama, Oklahoma State, and lets say Boise State or Houston in the tournament.  You could very well get LSU/Bama like we will have this year.  But we could very well have Oklahoma State in the title game as well.  They have easily the best offense of the group, and while their defense has been super suspect, they make enough plays to get by.  And who knows what Boise State would have up their sleeve?  That’s all I want, let the teams decide who is the best.

It’s unconscionable that Alabama, who won’t play in the SEC Championship Game, is in the title game.  The BCS decided their home loss to LSU was not as bad as Oklahoma State losing in double OT on the road to Iowa State on the night of a plane crash that killed coaches on the women’s basketball team.  The BCS decided that Alabama’s wins at home vs Arkansas, at Florida without their starting QB, Penn State with no QB, and Auburn was better than Oklahoma State’s wins at Texas A&M and Texas, vs Kansas State, Baylor, and hopefully Oklahoma so I don’t have to eat crow.  Did I mention that the BCS has human voters?  Sorry, college football will always be second-fiddle to me until they get this straightened out.  Other college football rumblings for the final week of the regular season:

– How about that conference realignment?  Who really got the better end of the deal.  Now the moves by Nebraska, Utah, and Colorado were pretty good (or at least no one cared) and they fit their new conferences.  But Texas A&M and Missouri to the SEC?  Way to be more irrelevant.  Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC?  Aside from a better GPA, the ACC is just as sorry as it has been for a while.  WVU to the Big 12?  They are gonna be using up those frequent flyer miles quick.  Big East as an organization?  A non-factor.  As everybody figured out, these schools really don’t know what they were doing with the realignment, it was just the wild west out there.  Hope it works out.

Arrgh - The Pirate is Back

– The Best conference going ahead is the Pac-12 because they were the calmest.  They didn’t overreach for Texas, Oklahoma, and all the rest.  They took their time and got schools that made sense.  Now they have a better TV deal for money.  Their schools boast personalities like Mike Leach, Lane Kiffin, P. Diddy’s son and Oregon’s uniforms.  See what happens when you play chess and everyone else plays checkers?

– Mike Leach could have been at Maryland.  Instead Maryland got Randy Edsall.  And the Terps were doomed from there.  Their crazy uniforms couldn’t hide their atrocious play.  The worst came this past week when Maryland blew a 27 point lead in 19 minutes in the 2nd half against NC State.  People are calling for Edsall to go.  I don’t know the intricacies of the Terps program, but I do know that when you blow a 27 point lead to cap a 2-10 season, something has gotta give.

– Is there a good QB in the Big 10?  Maybe Russell Wilson and he came from the ACC.  I’d rather watch the 4th quarter of a Redskins-Browns preseason game than a Big 10 clash.  And I should know because I had to watch Penn State every week.  By the way, I’ve never liked Penn State, but I got to give them props for how the team played the last 3 games under the cloud of the scandal in Happy Valley.

Anyways, here is the setup for this weekend of sports.  Saturday might be a good day to go Christmas shopping, just make sure you leave after 2pm and get back in before 8pm.  Best games in the bold, then italics, then regular font.

Saturday, December 3

12-3pm: North Carolina vs Kentucky (CBB on CBS), Southern Miss vs Houston (ABC – Conf. USA Champ Game), Connecticut vs Cincinnati (ESPN)

3:30-7pm: LSU vs Georgia (4pm CBS – SEC Champ Game), Texas vs Baylor (ABC), Marquette vs Wisconsin (4:30pm CBB on Big 10 Network)

8pm: Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State (ABC), Wisconsin vs Michigan State (FOX – Big 10 Champ Game), Virginia Tech vs Clemson (ESPN – ACC Championship Game)

Sunday, December 4

1-4pm: Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh, Atlanta vs Houston, Oakland vs Miami

4-7pm: Green Bay vs New York Giants, Dallas vs Arizona, Baltimore vs Cleveland

  1. Randal says:

    I think Texas A&M move to the SEC is pretty good because UT will no longer be the Top Dog. All that talent will remain in state instead of going over to schools such as Florida, Bama, Auburn and LSU. Why go to a school in another state in a conference that happens to be known as the best? We all know that Texas talent is great.

  2. dontbeskerritt says:

    This is why I didn’t think the Texas A&M move was so good. The Aggies finished a disappointing 4-5 this year going up against Big 12 competition even though they were projected to have the 3rd best QB in the conference (in some cases 2nd best) with Tannehill. The only Big 12 ranked team they beat was Baylor. They lost their SEC matchup with Arkansas. How are they gonna do against teams that play real defense. I can see if this was a straight money grab for A&M that this is a good move. But I don’t think they’ll finish any higher than 3rd…in the SEC West. Besides, no more Texas-Texas A&M games. Now that is the real travesty.

  3. LBC says:

    Conference rivals are what makes college football. No more Texas vs Texas A&M no bueno

  4. Randal says:

    Do you think that a big time college coach would come to A&M now since they joined the SEC? If they make a splash, then look for improvements in recruiting and the record down the road. They have deep pockets just like any other big time program in the nation.

    I think they can find some way to keep UT on the schedule. Not all schools play a conference game at the end of the regular season. For example, FSU vs UF and UGA vs. GA Tech.

  5. LBC says:

    Anybody think Ok St. should get a shot? I really want to see Justin Blackmon against LSU secondary.

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