Overreaction Monday: Unlucky Week 13 Edition

Posted: December 5, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Check you legs and make sure you’re not injured today after watching the battle of attrition that Week 13 turned into.  Did everybody get hurt on Sunday?  Matt Forte, Andre Johnson (again), hell Kyle Orton got injured on his first play as a Chief!  Remember when the owners had a foolish idea to extend the regular season by 2 games.  Maybe they should do it so I have a chance to try out as a safety or something.  Because guys are dropping like flies out there.  These injuries are also affecting playoff runs.  The Bears would have had a great shot at the first wild-card, but with their ENTIRE offense now on the sidelines, I don’t think this team could be Little Giants, much less a professional team.  This allows the fraudulent Lions, the scrub Falcons, and the inconsistent Giants back into the mix for playoff spots.  Nothing can be done about injuries; I just hope the league doesn’t give us more games for them to occur.  Other thoughts from this Football Weekend:

That Ivy League Education Ain't What It Used to Be

– You have noticed that we talk about the NFC East a lot here at the Mancave.  It’s the division we grew up with, I know I watched the division win 8 Super Bowls in my lifetime (well with a lot of them I was crawling around trying eating carpet lint).  So we have a sort of favoritism to the NFC Beast.  But this year, the NFC East is sorry.  On Sunday, all the teams lost.  Every single one.  The team that may have won the most is the Giants, because they actually looked good in defeat.  The other teams, terrible.  The Eagles and Cowboys lost to NFC West teams that are not the 49ers.  The Cowboys were in Cardinals territory for pretty much the entire game and only scored 13 points.  I’m sure LBC will explain why in the comments.

I don’t know why the NFC East sucks; well I can tell you about the Redskins and Eagles easily.  But know this about the NFC East, the Eagles are 3-1 in the division. 3-1!!!  They only have 4 wins on the season.  That’s your NFC Least this year.  Hopefully the Redskins get a QB in the draft to make the competition just a little bit better.  But it doesn’t get any easier next year when we play the AFC North (best division in football) and NFC South (best division in the NFC).  It’s a long way from the 80s and 90s gentlemen.

– There is nothing that needs to be said about Tim Tebow that SHOULD have been said about Michael Vick in 2002, Vince Young in 2007, Ben Roethlisberger in 2004, and Randall Cunningham/Steve McNair/Doug Flutie/Kordell Stewart in the past.  Tim Tebow is fun to watch.  If you say otherwise, you’re crazy.  His games are dramatic in the 4th, Sunday’s Vikings was great in the 2nd half.  I said the way to stop Tebow was to score 21+, now that’s shot out of the window.  But what leaves a bad taste in my mouth about Tebowmania, is that Tebow isn’t the first QB to have this skill set.

As Stephen A. Smith said on Twitter Sunday, the problem that some people see is that Tebow is getting an opportunity to succeed in the league (and he almost didn’t get that; and who knows how long this opportunity will last) while a lot of the QB’s I named on the list were not given such an opportunity.  Even worse, their skills were not enhanced by the game plan, they were forced to be something they were not.  The Broncos don’t try to make Tebow John Elway, they let him be the best Tim Tebow ever.  Imagine if Vince Young, Kordell Stewart and Doug Flutie had that opportunity.  Imagine Cunningham winning a Super Bowl in Philly if Buddy Ryan focused on a better offensive gameplan back in the day.  So maybe the problem is not the QBs, it’s the coaches that refused to make gameplans that enhance the players that they have, AKA good coaching.

– Can you name me a bowl game that you say “I gotta catch that game.”  Maybe the Sugar Bowl between Michigan-Virginia Tech.  The Ticket City Bowl?  The Idaho Potato Bowl?  The Toilet Bowl that UCLA should be in?  This madness must stop.

– Aaron Rodgers, that boy good.  It must be nice to be a fan of a team that when you wake up on Sunday’s you feel you have a great chance to win the game.  This is a message to a certain team I root for; you better get a QB if you want sentiments to change locally because 19 of 46, 19 OF 46, is not gonna cut it from your starting quarterback.

Rodgers has been Listening to that New Kirk Franklin

  1. LBC says:

    Well as you have stated here is my two cents on my squad. Great teams don’t commit penalties. The Saints were deep into the 3rd quarter and still have not committed a penalty. Meanwhile my Cowboys love to commit penalties at the worse times. For example, while we are in the redzone or having an excellent drive only to be stopped by holding, hands to the face, clipping, something. If you don’t know the rule book watch a Cowboys we will commit every penalty. All of those drives were halted by penalties. This is the lack of discipline that we need to fix asap!!!!!!! I’m sorry I have no tolerance for false start, holding, hands to the face etc… You are in the NFL we pay you way to much for that. We showed lack of discipline early in that game.

    Second reason we lost the game. I am a fan of Cowboys, and I am here to tell you if you run the ball on us you are the worse coach ever. We CANNOT STOP THE PASS!!!!!!! We can’t even give the illusion of stopping the pass. If you throw on Dallas two things will happen, either a Touchdown or pass interference. I guarantee it. In overtime it was 2 and 19. Kolb throws a bad pass which would have made it 3rd and 19!!!!!!!!!!! (Making of Demarcus Ware sack), but what happen that fool Newman gets a pass interference call. He didn’t he attempt to play defense watch the replay. I have been saying this for years we will not win until that secondary gets a makeover.

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