Cuffing Season DVD Collection Vol. 1: The Wire

Posted: December 7, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV

Well since the NBA realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to lose a season right after your greatest season in a long time, groupies and ManCavers across the land can breath a sigh of relief.  But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set up your cuffing season TV viewing sessions, with your girl or winter friend, whatever you call them these days.  Besides, if you continue to ignore your lady friend like you did during the football season, you may see her at a random NBA All-Star Game event with an All-Star winking at her.  Not even Dwyane Wade; Al Horford.

So for our first DVD Title review, let me present a more comprehensive review of The Wire, in my opinion the greatest drama of all time.  This is a police show, set in Baltimore in the early 2000s (you’ll see pagers and pay phones being used prominently at the beginning of the show), so it could feel dated.  But the show’s story is as fresh as ever.

This Ain't Law and Order

While the story is about cops and gangs, The Wire’s scope is more far reaching than that.  It is about crime, why it happens, what are the effects, and what can be done (or not done) about it.  The show has some of the greatest characters you will ever see in your life like Omar, the shotgun carrying, gay black man, Robin Hood of Baltimore.  The crime duo of Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell.  The cops like McNulty, Bunk, Kima Greggs, and Ervin Burrell.  There are supporting characters like Bodie, Herc, Bunny Colvin, and Ziggy that might be better than the main characters of the show.  But the best character of all in the show is the city of Baltimore itself; how different areas of the cities affect other areas of the cities, directly and indirectly, and how the various systems work together in  a vicious cycle to bring about the urban decay we see in too many of today’s inner cities.

So why should you watch this show with your girl?  Well the drama sucks you right in, especially if you grew up with some type of connection to the “hood.”  Even if you didn’t, you will appreciate how the show connects to itself so well, no scene is ever wasted in this show, no matter how insignificant you may think it is at the time.  If you do decide to take a look at this masterpiece of the show, wait until the 4th episode of the show named “Old Cases.”  When you see detectives, McNulty and Bunk go over the scene of a crime based on what you learned about it previously from another individual, all you can say is f**k (if you seen that scene before you know what I mean).  If your girl loves drama about the people in a community, about people she can identify with, she will love watching a show like this.  Besides, just say that Idris Elba is in it and she’ll be hooked.

This show is paced out, but it awards you for being patient.  If you break down the show into 5 parts of a city; the police and how they treat crime (Season 1), the working class and the cause of crime (Season 2), politics and the response to crime (Season 3), schools and how how crime is prevented or not prevented (Season 4), and the media portrayl of crime (Season 5), it makes it that much better when you view it.  It’s a show that you can easily watch over and over again, if only to catch something that you may have missed before.  It’s that good.

The Gang's All Here

And for those of you Uppity people that think it shows black people in a negative light, don’t talk about a show you haven’t watched.  Everything for police work, sentencing guidelines, union workers, local and national politics, and schools are discussed in this program.  And they don’t have to preach it to you. I guarantee you that Season 4 will give you a new opinion on why our youth are lost today.  The first 3 seasons set you up for Season 4 because you get to see where these guys come from.  Besides, the only thing that should be negative is the system.  Good guys are ostracized for trying to do good things; bad guys get away with murder.  Nobody wants to step outside of their duty because that’s how you get in trouble.  The show is a fascinating look at the breakdowns in our cities, which causes the breakdowns in our communities and then our families, down to our individual selves.

So instead of watching a random Timberwolves-Rockets game on your NBA Season Pass, snuggle up with your girl, watch some gangsta TV show, and thank me later for witnessing the best show ever.  If you’ve seen it before, watch it again and pay it forward.  Unless you want Omar to come after you.


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