Cuffing Season DVD Collection Vol. 2: 24

Posted: December 9, 2011 by LBC in Must See TV

Contrary to popular belief us cavers do not only watch ESPN, and its counterparts. Occasionally there comes that one show that is welcome wholeheartedly into our caves. Ladies have no fear these shows actually allow your presence to be with us in our caves! Depending on the situation we may even put our arm around you briefly, and conversation (about the show) is recommended. Although, my fellow mancaver dontbeskerritt believes The Wire is the greatest show Americans have been privileged to. I will be giving my spill on the greatness that is 24.

First of all, it has the greatest concept I have ever seen. It is called 24 because all of the events of the season happen in one day giving each season 24 episodes with each episode lasting 1 hour. So, a season will begin at 7:00 AM and end at 7:00 AM. Hence Jacks famous intro, “These events occur in real time, and My name is Jack Bauer and this is the longest day of my life”. It is an action packed, political government conspiracy show filled with twist and turns. Jack who plays the rogue agent from CTU does whatever he needs to do to prevent terrorist attacks and expose traitors with the government.

Since all college football games are irrelevant now, and there are so many useless bowl games. Take the next few Saturdays to begin watching this action packed drama. 24 is a show even the most girly girly of ladies can find enjoyment.  The writers will make you fall in love with characters, and force you to never want to stop watching. Sort of like the old pringles saying “Once you pop you can’t stop” (I think that’s it). What separates this show apart from others is the writers have no sympathy for any characters regardless of their role. For example, Season five you see 4 main characters dead in the first 10 minutes. In the world of 24 no one is safe.

The 24 games always made the show better. First, take a shot every time Jack says “Damn It”. Jack told the media he knew of this game, and would purposely add extra “Damn Its” during episodes lol. Game number two guess the time. The show is set in real time so on commercial breaks time may read 4:27:12 and return at 4:34:27. Which ever guesser is farther away from start time takes a shot.

The 8 seasons of 24 are not 8 consecutive days, but spread over many years. However all seasons are intertwined. All seasons do connect. 24 is also the only show that I can think of that incorporated a movie, and a video game. 24 Redemption was a movie explaining Jack’s life when he was exiled out of America. 24 the game shows you what happened between Seasons 2 and 3 introducing character, Chase Edmonds. To wrap up watch this video of some of the highlights of 24.

*All 8 seasons are available on Netflix to stream instantly*


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