Overreaction Monday: Week 14 Edition

Posted: December 12, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

I want to dedicate this edition of Overreaction to the Art of the Comeback.  Not Donald Trump’s book, but the passion, desire, and will to win that was exhibited by 4 teams in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s Game.  The Falcons, Texans, Broncos, and Giants were down going considerably in their games, with the Broncos and Giants pulling their games out in the 4th with just over 3 minutes left to go in the game (Broncos walk on the wild side, starting their comeback with 2 minutes to go).  It takes a certain intestinal fortitude to forget your past mistakes and your opponent’s own swagger during the game (I don’t think the Bears and Cowboys were trying to give the game away), in order to claim victory for your team and to take it.  It must be something of a spiritual experience.

It’s Week 14; it’s hard to say teams are this and that and not call it an overreaction because teams are who we thought they were.  We have had 13 weeks to see every team, so they are not fooling anybody.  So as we enter the last 3 weeks of the season, I’m going to go through the contenders for the playoffs, every single one (and yes the Eagles are still in it).  I’ll break down who to pay attention to and who Redzone should never switch their coverage to.  I’ll do AFC today, NFC on Friday.


Texans 10-3 (vs CAR, at IND, vs TEN): I’ve said all along this year that I wouldn’t believe in Houston unless they won a big game.  Well when you come back from 16-3 down at half, on the road against a good Bengals squad, with your 3rd string QB and Jacoby Jones as your primary WR, that’s a big win.  I believe. They are AFC South winners. They won’t get a bye because of tiebreakers, even if they win out, but when they play the Jets in the 1st round, I will believe in the Texans (and they will lose because of it smh)

Ravens 10-3 (at SD, vs CLE, at CIN): This team has all the makings of a Super Bowl contender right?  Until you look up and say “oh Joe Flacco is their QB.”  Anything short of the AFC Championship Game will be a problem for this team.

Patriots 10-3 (at DEN, vs MIA, vs BUF): They are going to win the AFC East.  But if you think these guys are winning a playoff game, you didn’t see what the Redskins were doing to them Sunday.  I would not beat on this team next week to beat the Broncos.  They better get the bye to make their 2nd round playoff exit look better.

Broncos 8-5 (vs NE, at BUF, vs KC): I watched that Bears game Sunday.  I think Tebow makes the other team think so much in the 4th because of his previous history.  So the Bears self destructed.  They played prevent defense (no problem with that).  They almost blew the onside kick.  Marion Barber RAN OUT OF BOUNDS (for reasons unknown).  Then he fumbled in OT.  The “Tebowmania” (which is really defense and running game) psyches out its opponents.  That’s why they will win the AFC West.  But the Steelers don’t get psyched out.

Steelers 10-3 (at SF, vs STL, at CLE): This might be the most explosive team of the bunch, if Ben Roethlisberger could actually throw well.  Did you know Roethlisberger has been Tebowing for like 7 years now?  You’ll remember in the first round of the playoffs.  You can interchange the Ravens with the Steelers, even though the Broncos will have a chance with Baltimore (read Ravens note above).

Jets 8-5 (at PHI, vs NYG, at MIA): I hate fraudulent teams, so the Jets draw my ire.  These guys are 6th in the AFC right now so they would get in the playoffs.  The loss of Jim Leonhard hurts their squad.  Mark Sanchez being their QB handicaps it more.  This team is nothing special and if they win a playoff game (yes even over Houston), I will be highly upset.


Titans 7-6 (at IND, vs JAX, at HOU): I picked this team to win the AFC South.  If I had known the Texans 3rd string QB and motley crew of receivers were that good, I would have reconsidered.  Chris Johnson waited to late for fantasy teams and his own teams to do something.  These guys are a year away anyway but their schedule is soft as melted butter.  They can sneak in.

The Best Palmer Play All Day

Bengals 7-6 (at STL, vs ARI, vs BAL): Another “they need one more year team.”  I want this team in the playoffs over the Jets but it won’t happen.  That Leon Hall injured killed their defense.  Watch out for this squad next year.  Or at least Week 17 when they play spoiler.

Raiders 7-6 (vs DET, at KC, vs SD): Remember when the Raiders were going to win the AFC West?  Well at least my man Jason Campbell will be able to win his job back from Carson Palmer next year (13 INT in 7 weeks of play LMBO!!!)

Chargers 6-7 (vs BAL, at DET, at OAK): Looking at the Chargers now, this makes the Jets, Chiefs, and Broncos losses hurt worse right?  Naw, this team is awful, especially on defense.  But at least they can make things interesting over the next 3 weeks.

Kansas City 5-8 (vs GB, vs OAK, at DEN): This team just fired Todd Haley, their head coach.  They are right back in the playoff hunt.  I am so sincere.

I’ll spare my man LBC from talking about the NFC this time around.  I think this guy put him in a bad mood until Friday.

  1. LBC says:

    LOL dontbeskerritt, yes I’m salty until Friday lol. I picked Pats to win AFC at the beginning of the season, although they are still winning I would change that to the SMH (hate to say this) Steelers. The Steelers offense has impressed, a good running game and an effective passing game. Couple that with probably the second fastest person on the planet, and Ben’s play well enough to win. The Steelers seem like the only complete football team in the AFC. No shots to Ravens.

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