Football Friday: The Gift That Can’t Make Its Mind Up

Posted: December 22, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, holiday shopping can be really time consuming.  But after a crazy week 15, the NFL race for the Super Bowl is now just a little more wide open.  And the Christmas Eve games could either make the situation more cloudy, or separate the great gifts from the sweaters your aunt used to give you.

1. Well the AFC playoffs is going to be a 3-team race.  We all knew that it would come down to the Ravens and Steelers, but the Patriots are right back into it.  They are on a 6-game winning streak after dismantling a pretty good Denver defense on the road, after they were down 9 early in the game.   We all knew their offense would be unstoppable but the defense is a sieve.  But does it matter if the Patriots are scoring 40 a game?  It hurts that Andre Carter is out for the season, but I’m sure New England will just throw some offensive player on a the defensive line.

Choke So Hard University

2. Sorry to ignore the other AFC playoff contenders; the Texans with T.J. Yates, the fighting Tebows, and the 2nd wild-card fodder team, but the Ravens and Steelers should probably battle through to the AFC Championship Game.  But suddenly these squads look vulnerable.  Ravens still have Wacko Flacco, who looked like Santa’s coal in San Diego.  The defense may have been worse than that, and that was with Ray Lewis coming back!  The Steelers looked terrible on offense because Big Ben was a big statue against the 49ers.  If that ankle keeps bothering him that will be a problem.  I’ve never seen a team with the weapons the Steelers have in Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown struggle to score.  Steelers defense needs to create turnovers which amazingly they don’t (14 turnovers created, worst in the AFC).

3. While I believe that the Packers will still be the class of the NFC when the playoffs start, at least this week, the Saints are the best team in the NFC.  Could the 49ers sneak in and make it to the Super Bowl?  The Packers have O-line woes, the Saints can’t win on the road.  And what do you know, the Saints would have to play the 49ers in San Francisco if the playoffs started today, and the 49ers defensive line could cause the same havoc the Chiefs did to the Packers.  Too bad that the 49ers don’t score touchdowns, only field goals.

These Jokers Are Still Alive Smh

4. If the Eagles, by a holiday miracle, make the playoffs, could you see 5 potential Super Bowl teams in the NFC?  Packers, Saints, 49ers, Eagles, and even the Falcons would not be far-fetched to make the big game.  Eagles would be the hottest team, and remember there is a reason they were called the Dream Team.  The Falcons were built to score points to compete with the Packers and Saints.  But I’m just wasting word count; the Packers are winning the NFC.  Remember when I said the Steelers don’t create turnovers; well the Saints are worse!  They’ve only created 13 turnovers on defense.  You can’t beat the Packers without turnovers.  I already explained the 49ers problems, the Eagles are to be trusted as far as you can throw Andy Reid, and I will repeat this until I have been proven otherwise, name me a big game that Matt Ryan has won.  I’m keeping my Super Bowl Pick, Ravens vs Packers.

But I do know that the playoffs will be amazing.  The divide between the best team and the worst is not that great.  The AFC is a complete mess.  It will take creative plays (Annexation of Puerto Rico anyone), intense defense, and a little luck to make it through the tournament.  And the games to decide who will make it into one of the most competitive playoffs in awhile will also be amazing.  The list of games to watch on Christmas Eve after the song of the week and our Mancave NBA preview tomorrow.  Hope you have your CBA approved for watching games all Saturday long.

Saturday, December 24

1-4pm: New York Giants vs New York Jets, Denver vs Buffalo, Arizona vs Cincinnati

4-7pm: Philadelphia vs Dallas, San Diego vs Detroit, San Francisco vs Seattle

  1. LBC says:

    Another great post by dontbeskerritt, but I don’t see the Ravens making it. I’ll stick with my pick the Patriots. The Ravens have already won their superbowl this year in sweeping the Steelers. I think the morale of them doing that is so high they won’t focus on the real task at hand, which is the SuperBowl. As you said they still have Wacko Flacco.

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