Football Friday: The Mancave’s New Year’s Resolutions

Posted: December 30, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

It’s been a sizzling season for the NFL this year.  From the hype created by the lockout, the Packers near-undefeated season, the emergence of Touchdown Jesus – Tim Tebow, and the playoffs that promises to be intense, the NFL is better than ever.  Hopefully, the league can sustain it and I think they can if they follow these measures to preserve the game we love:

1. No 18-game season…EVER!!!

The battle of the NFL triage has been every bit as enticing as the battle on the field.  After Adrian Peterson’s devastating injury last Saturday, I begun to realize that whoever had the silly idea to make a 18-game regular season, just wanted to find a way to have their cousin get on a NFL roster because team’s will have to scrap the bottom of intramural leagues across the country just to get guys to finish a season.  In reality, the NFL may need to have fewer games and more bye weeks.  The game of football has gotten that violent.  Of course, not one lock of Tom Brady’s hair has even moved or seen a bead of sweat this year, but that’s another story.

2. Let defense play…Defense

In the Atlanta-New Orleans Monday Night game, Jon Gruden lamented the fact that you can’t play defense anymore, especially the safety position, because you can’t hit a defenseless receiver.  Nobody knows what counts as a defenseless receiver.  A receiver goes up for a catch and safeties have to let them make the catch.  The new defense is to let receivers catch the ball over the middle and hope you make the tackle.  That’s not defense in my opinion.  The NFL says that they are just trying to protect their players.  But as Maurice Jones-Drew said, injuries, along with concussions, are “occupational hazards” that players sign up for when they sign that contract to play football.  I am all for the safety of players, but let’s not turn the game into a shell of its former self.  I just hope the NFL doesn’t turn into the 2011 Alamo Bowl in the near future.  But we are heading there.

3. Let’s Reward True Quarterbacks

Cam Newton has had one of the greatest rookie seasons for any quarterback, scratch that, any player in the history of the game.  He passed for the most yards as a rookie and is up at the top of the list for rushing touchdowns.  He will definitely be a top-5 if not the first round pick in fantasy next year.  He rejuvenated a career (Steve Smith), a whole fanbase (Charlotte), and has created the greatest celebration since the Dirty Bird (the Superman pose).  When Dwyane Wade imitates your move, and you’re a rookie, you are doing something my friend.  Andy Dalton is right there with Newton and could lead the Bengals to the playoffs, a team many people said would be the worst in the AFC.  Did you know that Brees was going to break Dan Marino’s 27-year record until the Falcons game?  Probably not, and you know why…Tebowmania.

There is no reason dislike Tebow personally, IMO.  There may be no reason to hate him on the field because he does win.  He tries to take all the credit and place it on the teammates who truly do deserve it.  But because America has been obsessed with Tebow since college (when he had guys like Percy Harvin, Riley Cooper, etc), and it hasn’t stopped in the media.  Tebow may be the worst passer of a winning team of all-time.  I tip my hat off to him because he manages to keep his team in games (except for the last two weeks).  But can we start paying more attention to the real quarterback play in the league.  The young guns like Newton, Dalton, and Ryan.  The elite like Aaron Rodgers, Brees, and Brady.  Even Eli has been elite at times this season.  What angers me most about Tebow is that there are guys that have been doing what he does for so long (Roethlisberger anyone) but yet you would think Tebow is the first QB to lead a game winning drive.  And for God’s sake (literally) it’s called PRAYING, not TEBOWING!!!  But I’m not worried about it; cream always rises to the top, and its the time of year where the real quarterbacks will put the team on his back and carry them to the promised land.

Here are the bowl games and NFL games this weekend.  Bold for best, and the rest fall into place.  From the Mancave to all of you, thanks for sticking with us through our beginnings in 2001 and we hope to see you on the otherside of 2012.

Saturday, December 31

12-3pm: Meineke Car Care Bowl – Texas A&M vs Northwestern (ESPN)

3-7pm: Sun Bowl – GA Tech vs Utah (2pm CBS), Liberty Bowl – Cincinnati vs Vanderbilt (3:30pm ABC), Fight Hunger Bowl – Illinois vs UCLA (3:30pm UCLA)

8pm: Chick Fil-A Bowl – Virginia vs Auburn (7:30pm ESPN)

4-7pm: Baltimore vs Cincinnati, Kansas City vs Denver, San Diego vs Oakland

Sunday, January 1

1-4pm: Carolina vs New Orleans, Buffalo vs New England, Indianapolis vs Jacksonville

4-7pm: Baltimore vs Cincinnati, Kansas City vs Denver, San Diego vs Oakland

Monday, January 2

12-3pm: Outback Bowl – Michigan State vs Georgia (ABC), Gator Bowl – Ohio State vs Florida (1pm ESPN2), Ticket City Bowl – Houston vs Penn State (ESPNU)

3-7pm: Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs Oregon (5pm ESPN)

8pm: Fiesta Bowl – Stanford vs Oklahoma State (8:30pm ESPN)

  1. LBC says:

    Great post skerv. probably my favorite you got my boy Fab on this joint!

  2. LBC says:

    Thank you very much for that Tebow spill son. I definitely agree especially with the let the defense play as my number one! This year I have seen safeties literally stop running to make a hit, let the receiver catch and then attempt to make a tackle. The problem is when you have such athletic receivers that one second the safety hesitates to let the receiver catch the football is exactly all the receiver needs to turn a 10 yard gain into a 30 yard gain.

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