Studs & Scrubs Week 16

Posted: December 30, 2011 by LBC in NFL, Studs & Scrubs

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday. You have a very football filled weekend ahead of you. Make sure you enjoy every single moment watching the final football games of 2011.


1. Everyone give a round of applause to the Detroit Lions making the 2012 playoffs. The last time the Lions were in the playoffs Atari was the number one video game system. That all stops this year has they clinched a playoff berth with a 38-10 victory over the San Diego Chargers. I will be honest and say for the regular season Matthew Stafford has proved me wrong. He remained healthy throughout the season leading the Lions to key victories late in the season. I won’t give him the clutch gene yet, but he definitely did not choke. On Sunday against the Chargers with his running game absent as always, all pressure was on Stafford. He responded with a 3 touchdown performance. Now he just needs to prove he can win in the playoffs. Despite popular belief winning in the playoffs is a lot harder task than most people are willing to admit. Equipped with a good arm, respectable accuracy, and the best WR weapon in Megatron seeing Stafford in the playoffs is must see TV. I will say Stafford has been an NFL stud thus far.

2. Last week we were able to witness the battle for the crown in NY. Both teams with their backs against the wall needed a win continue their quest for playoff glory. The New York Giants defeated the Jets to decide their fate on Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants seem to always just barely make it to the playoffs, but that is exactly how they won their last SuperBowl. The Giants are a good team that can run the football, and bring pressure on the quarterback. Two elements that are always handy in the NFL. The Giants WR talked trash against the Jets secondary all week. Victor Cruz backed it up. Good teams know how to win when all odds are against you and the Giants proved they can do it against the Giants. Let’s see what they do this week on Sunday Night Football.

3. Finally the Oakland Raiders realized that winning is what they need to do in the playoffs. An overall excellent team effort propelled them into a tie with the Denver Broncos. Oakland blocked a FG late and then responded with a big catch from Heyward-Bey to get Oakland in FG range. For once this Oakland team showed some poise preventing another late collapse to keep hope alive. The Raiders need everyone to show up this Sunday against the Chargers who would love nothing more than to spoil the Raiders opportunity for a playoff berth. So Oakland this is it; the Broncos have a tough game against the Chiefs so the playoffs are within your grasp. “Just win baby!”.


1. The Denver Broncos got blown out by the Buffalo Bills who were on a 7 game losing streak. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that thrashing lol. It warmed my heart. Call me a hater if you like, I will accept that. The fact of the matter is that Denver is not a great team. The same way the Bills caught fire early in the season, the Broncos caught fire late. However, the scrub of this team is Tim Tebow. Tebow had four turnovers which led to most of Buffalo points.  Tebow was inaccurate with his lob alley oops he was throwing to the Denver receivers. Some may say don’t call Tebow a scrub! Denver defense gave up 44 points. They actually didn’t 14 points came from the Buffalo defense, another 7 from Buffalo special teams, and another 12 from FG. Denver defense gave up one offensive touchdown and a total of 19 points. On a day when the running game wasn’t working the Broncos attempted to go to the air and you saw the result. Tim Tebow great guy, however he is an NFL scrub this week.

2. This may be favorite scrub right here. All the way from USC we have Mark Sanchez! Sanchez is the worse quarterback in the league. The Jets organization needs to quickly realize that they will not get to the SuperBowl with Sanchez as their quarterback. Sanchez threw two interceptions at very key moments in the game. His defense kept bailing him out time and time again. It was clear the problem was Sanchez just didn’t want Eli to lose. With an opportunity to cut the lead to one score, and on the one yard line Sanchez fumbles the snap. He finished with a QBR of 54.2. That is pathetic. Sanchez your coach keeps making checks you cannot cash with his SuperBowl predictions, and eventually it may cost you your job. Scrub!

3. Phillip Rivers has lost again. Phillip Rivers has had a decent career, but without a ring on his finger he will go down as the quarterback who has never gotten it done. He consistently lets you down. Phillip Rivers is a fraud, has been and always will be a fraud. Finishing with a total QBR of 60.2. Rivers has had the Chargers organization on this rollercoaster ride his entire career. He is simply pathetic for the first 6-7 weeks of the season, and then becomes incredible in the tail end of the season. Only to drop faster than a drop tower at your favorite amusement park. Rivers is an NFL scrub and this year when his team could have snuck into the playoffs he reached his peak only to fall yet again. I am not surprised by any of the events occurring recently Phillip your career has been very basic thus far, and you are an NFL Scrub!


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