3pt Play: Well, Nobody’s Perfect

Posted: January 3, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NBA

After the NBA’s remaining undefeated teams, Miami and Oklahoma City, went down in flames Monday night, I decided its time plop down some thoughts from Week 1 of an already entertaining NBA season (well it will be entertaining until the free trial of NBA League Pass expires):

1. The Old and the Slow – The lockout didn’t do any favors for a couple of the league’s older teams.  The Lakers, Mavericks, and Celtics got off to particularly slow starts.  All have seem to have gotten it together lately, but the issue remains that these teams look old and slow.  When you see athletic teams like the Heat, Thunder, Clippers, and Pacers, they seem to be able to jump out of the gym at anytime compare to these old stalwarts.  It seems that these teams have to work to hard to get a shot off.  The Lakers look better with Bynum but how long will that last?  Lamar Odom has done diddlypoo for the Mavericks thus far.  And the Celtics welcomed back Paul Pierce, but they cannot take any nagging injuries.  Those three squads have to play near perfect to win games against elite teams, which is going to make the grind that much harder.  But they can take solace in what the Spurs are doing, another old and slow team, that has performed well, until they lost Manu Ginobli to a broken hand.

Hamilton's New Look and Game Have Yet to Grow On Me

2. Gonna Need A Straight Shooter – The Bulls still look like they are going to need SG help.  Rip Hamilton has not brought what was expected so far, but it is early and he was a late free agent signing.  The Clippers can jump out of the gym, but their best outside shooter may be Caron Butler.  Big Shot Billups has been shooting blanks for a while now.  They are middle of the pack in 3-pt shooting (34%).  Teams are going to camp in the lane to take away Blake Griffin as best they can.  The Heat have the championship look, until teams go zone and the Heatles have to become a jump shooting team.  If you saw the Celtics game and the Hawks game Monday Night, that could be a recipe for the Heat to cool off.

3. No Magic in Washington – As a great man, Silky Johnson said (and I paraphrase), “what can I say about the Washington Wizards, that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan?” It’s been a comedy of errors for my squad in our quest for the #1 pick in a loaded 2012 Draft.  That is the only thing we’ve done right, and we still will probably get the 4th pick when all is said and done.  From blowing a 21 point lead to the Nets, to Andray Blatche’s eloquence on twitter, to play a man who wasn’t on our roster like it’s some Church League basketball game, it’s been a fantastic season for the Wizards.  However, there could be good news (just bare with me, anything can be good news to me).  DeMarcus Cousins allegedly said that he wants to be traded from the Kings (which he denies saying).  I don’t care if we have to give Sacramento Blatche, a 1st-rounder in 2013, one of our Busboys and Poets, anything, we have to get Cousins.  The Wizards are 26th in rebounding in the league despite our captain Blatche, and  7-ft Javale McGee.  Our captain Blatche had 4 points on 2-13 shooting in a WHOLE game despite his pleas for the ball in the post.  Cousins can rebound (11.3 reb a game when he is upset this year) and he can play with his back to the basket unlike some guys I know.  And John Wall can control him as he did in Kentucky.  I know the Wizards have a whole host of other problems, such as lack of talent, but Cousins will help greatly.  Let’s bring some juice back to Washington because I’m tired of seeing Blatche’s beer gut jogging from end-to-end.  By the way, love the new uniforms Bulle- I mean Wizards.

Cousins...You Have a Home in DC

  1. LBC says:

    Compare the Dallas championship roster and compare the current Dallas roster. They are missing Butler, Barea, Chandler, Stevenson just to name a few. All who produced big during their championship run. Dallas as an organization decided that we just need to win 1 chip and we done. Hence they did not retain any players that helped get them there, and they picked up Real Husband of the NBA Lamar Odom!!???? That cracks me up.

    The Wizards!! Please go get Cousins. I have never seen such a waste of height in my entire life. He is half the reason I cannot purchase tickets to see the Wizards play because some part of money goes to him. I cannot support that.

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