Luck-y #1? I think not.

Posted: January 3, 2012 by arayegee in College Football

"And with the first pick in the draft, the Colts select Stanford QB.....John Elway as their new General Manager."

Andrew Luck has had an amazing college career. As far as passers go, you wont find many who have been as good as this guy. The kid has the physical attributes (6’4, 235), the statistics scouts and fans drool over (37 TDs, 3517 yards, 71.3% completion rate), and for the Tebowers out there, he’s a winner (28-8 career record). Since the end of his sophomore year he has been heralded as the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. After going 27-31 for 347 yards and 2 TDs against Oklahoma State, he cemented the thoughts of all his supporters and left many to wonder if there really is a quarterback this year that’s more NFL ready than this kid. With all that being said, Im just still not sold on the guy.

Yesterday night was the third time I saw Luck play this year, and I saw a few things that have me worried about if he is really the quarterback we think he is. Firstly, Luck has benefited from playing with one of the best running games, or should I say offensive lines in college football. Do we remember 2009 Heisman finalist Toby Gerhart? He was a monster in college, and is Stefan Taylor, and both are products of an great front five. This may sound crazy, but Luck isnt the first thing you have to stop in order to keep the Cardinal offense. Its that running game that gave teams fits all year, accompanied by a devastating short passing game. If you ask me, a top NFL QB prospect should be THE person you need to worry about when game planning against them.  You dont believe me, then ask Oregon who they were primarily concerned about in last year’s BCS championship.  Or who Washington had to stop if they wanted an Alamo Bowl victory.It sure wasnt the running.


The fact these two are even being compared is just....

People see the next great signal-caller, I just see Matt Leinart 2.o, just another PAC-12 quarterback in a run oriented pro-style offense that has the luxury of shredding pitiful PAC 12 defenses week in and week out. Even their final two years in college are comparable, statistically. Matt leaned on a great running game, as does Luck. Matt faced pretty soft coverages as a result of his running game, as does Luck. Matt won a Heisman. Andrew didnt. Matt went in the league and tanked. Luck might follow suit. Andrew “lucked” up last night and got to face an Oklahoma State defense that is not exactly stout. Many of his passes were short dump offs followed by long runs after the catch, something a game manager can do if you ask me.

We also know who his former coach was, NFL coach of the year-to be Jim Harbaugh, who doubles as a CIA agent. Thats the only way I can explain Alex Smith’s transformation. He kidnapped the real Alex Smith, removed the ‘I really freaking suck at playing quarterback’ gene, and then cloned him. I guess the original Alex Smith escaped and found a way to clone himself and inhabit the bodies of Sam Brafford and Carson Palmer, but thats another story. The point is, the same magic Harbaugh used to improve Smith’s is the same thing he did with Andrew Luck. He took a simplified offense with a safe passing attack, and gave it to a quarterback that wouldnt start a fire in hell. What if the team that drafts him doesnt have such a quarterback friendly offense, or a strong O-line with a bull running back (ahem, 49ers)? I have a feeling that he wont be as effective working within the confines of an offense that requires him to be more daring in his throws (COLTS).  I really think he will be screwed. The expectations set for this guy are so high that he’s definitely going to be a bust. Cam Newton didnt have these pressures as a number #1 pick because many labeled him as a reach to even go first round. Whatever team that picks him should be patient enough to understand this guy will need at least 3-4 years to develop, if he ever does. The problem is, will any team wait that long?

He is no franchise savior, and he hasnt shown me that he has #1 NFL pick talent. There is no “it” factor with this guy, he just plays quarterback.

This may be sports blasphemy as of now, but Sucking For Luck just seems like Sucking…just to Suck some more.










  1. kendrick says:

    With the way the rules have to been changed to protect offensive players — more importantly the QB — I don’t know how a guy like Andrew Luck or RG3 can’t be successful in the NFL, save for the “it factor.”

  2. LBC says:

    They definitely have ways to not be successful QB’s in the league. Peyton Manning had Edgerrin James running the ball when he entered the league. Big Ben had the great Steelers defense and a good running game. Flacco had a great defense and running game. Matt Ryan had Michael Turner. Andrew Luck will have some guy with the last name Brown running the football and a horrible defense.

    I actually didn’t want to say it but I agree. I watched luck and he runs a very efficient pro style offense that hides his lack of talent on the outside by emphasizing their excellent running game. I want take away what he has done. Maybe that pro style offense knowledge will turn into more success in the NFL rather than a QB who throws the ball 60 times.

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