Football Friday: The Best Game of the Weekend (that no one cares about)

Posted: January 6, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football

Since my good friend ArAyeGee broke down wild-card weekend (though I must say the upset will be Falcons over Giants, not Broncos over Steelers), let me break down the best game of the weekend.  Unfortunately, you probably don’t care about it, as well you shouldn’t.  The National Championship Game between LSU and Alabama will occur 35 days after LSU played Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.  34 bowl games, 2 Cowboys meltdowns vs the Giants, a front flip in a NFL game, a Chris Paul trade, a Pujols signing, an NBA CBA, and a Winter Classic have all occurred since the time Alabama stepped on the gridiron.

Do You Remember the Defenses?

Do you think anyone outside of Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge is hyped about this game?  Do you guys even remember the Honey Badger or Trent Richardson?  Have you forgotten the last bastions of defensive football in the college game after watching the Rose, Fiesta, and Orange Bowls?  Are you still angry that you won’t be able to see Justin Blackmon go up against a real secondary in LSU and prove that he is a Top 5 draft pick once and for all?  Or are you like me, and have turned apathetic because to anticipation has worn off?

Here are some thoughts on this game, a game that I think will be a lot better than people expect.  First of all, going into this game I give the edge to Alabama, only because of the revenge factor.  Alabama probably looked at the film of their 9-6 loss in Tuscaloosa and said, “we could have won this game easily, even without our terrible kickers.”  The Tide outgained the Tigers by 60, outgained them in the air, and was better on 3rd downs.  Since the Tigers game, the Tide only scored 12 touchdowns compared to 2 turnovers (granted those games came against Mississippi State, Georgia Southern, and Auburn).  I watched the November 5th game and felt that the Tide had the edge on the Tigers, especially early on.  If they can avoid the turnovers that they had against the Tigers in the second half, I think the Tide could surprise a lot of people in this game.  And don’t you think Nick Saban may think about going on 4th down a little bit more after the debacle in November.

But that is easier said than done against this LSU defense.  Those guys rip heads off of people and it’s amazing.  Tyrann Mathieu just makes plays everywhere.  I’m sure he’s coming up with an extra strength Gatorade right now.  Speaking of Gatorade, expect to see Jarrett Lee right by the water cooler in this game, unlike the November tilt where he was throwing gifts to the Alabama defense.  I’m not saying Jordan Jefferson is RGIII but he won’t be like RGII (Rex Grossman), the way Lee was that night.  The game is in New Orleans, which means the Tigers will be extra juiced up.  I just think the Tigers can make more plays than the Tide, especially defensively.  Remember when Eric Reid snatched the ball away from the Tide receiver that turned the game around in November?  That is the havoc the LSU defense can and WILL cause.  Also remember, Les Miles is the coach for LSU which means anything is in play.

Do You Remember What a Honey Badger Is?

I can’t do this piece without taking a shot at the BCS.  Suppose if Alabama wins this game by 10 or 14.  Do we have a split National Champion with Oklahoma State in the mix?  Alabama didn’t even win its division in the regular season, so can we truly accept them as the National Champions?  Suppose if Alabama wins by fluke or by a field goal.  You will have a situation where LSU won on the road, but Alabama won on a neutral field.  Which win is better than the other?  Or is it all a wash and LSU remains at #1?  Wouldn’t it be much easier if we had a plus-1 format (with Oklahoma State this year for example) to decide the true champion?  But this paragraph is null and void because LSU will pull out a victory at the end; I say the score will be 13-10 on a late field goal and one of these touchdowns I’m calling for will be either a defensive or special teams TD.

35 days and 34 bowl games before the National Championship.  We saw the Idaho Potato Bowl and games before Christmas that involved schools I didn’t know existed.  We’ve seen terrible ACC play, and Crenshaw’s finest running a 3.9 in his hometown playing for the Martians from Oregon.  If you’re reading this on Friday, you still have to watch 3 more bowl games that are not BCS games before the big game.  Will you remember on Monday why you’re suppose to be hyped?  Will you remember that you are seeing the best defenses in the nation that will turn most college QBs (and John Beck) into a puddle on the field?  Will you remember to enjoy the greatness that is Morris Claiborne, Matheiu, Dre Kilpatrick, and Richardson?  Or have you already forgotten, because of a bowl system that has sucked the hype out of college football and the National Championship game.

  1. arayegee says:

    People have seen what theyve wanted to see: big scoring and flashy offenses. LSU Bama isnt for the common fan, so Ill agree with you. But I think its not the systems fault more than it is the scheduling. Theyre playing this game a day after the NFL playoffs conclude its first week, and I dont think many fans will really care who win or loses. Unless of course, youre a Cowboys fan because youre looking at which DB you need to take in the first round.

  2. LBC says:

    1. The fact that all those events happened in between the time the bowl game was decided and it actually occurring is ridiculous. OF COURSE! these stupid bowl games have taken out the hype of the national championship! I am livid about this because we could potentially be watching two defenses who I believe could legitimately both be top 10 defenses right now in the NFL. Bowl games should be for the best teams in college how do teams with a 6 game losing streak get in a bowl? Bowl games top 12 teams no more than that is necessary. Why are we rewarding bad football?

    2. If Bama wins of course we have split title with LSU no doubt about it. They should still get a piece of the rock. They beat everyone on their schedule. They won their bowl game. They already beat Alabama in Alabama. The real issue is that if we just had a playoff we have no need for a split title we just have an out right winner. Playoff can be Top 10 teams get it in with #1 and #2 having a first round bye.

    3. I continue to hate the BCS because it is the reason I cannot watch Justin Blackmon go against a top 5 defense overall in football (Yes I mean the entire sport of football including the NFL). Did you see Stanford have double coverage on Black? I mean he lined up wide and Stanford had TWO DB’s in press coverage as if he were a gunner on the punt team lol. The BCS should definitely have jumped Ok St. at number two after they won their bowl game. Don’t think this game would be more hype if we had Blackmon vs LSU defense?

    4. I said this via text, and I am here to repeat myself. I am scouting all DB’s in this game right now. Real talk if I was Dallas GM I am using 6 draft picks on defense and 1 on an LT. Please get Doug Free away from Romo. Only thing Doug “Free” does is allow “Free” defensive ends to pumble Romo. The other 6 picks are used on 3 DB’s, 2 safeties, and 1 inside line backer. The only reason the entire Dallas defense besides Ratliff, Ware, and Lee aren’t put on death row is because I haven’t figured out a way to release an entire defense and get another one. There are only 7 draft picks, and I don’t see Free Agency being big this year.

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