Tebowmania is over!

Posted: January 16, 2012 by LBC in NFL
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Look at this throwing motion. He look like he about to pop off Swag Surf

I had to take a break from discussing Tebow during his win streak. There were simply too many ideas clouded by Tebowmania to fully evaluate his season as a QB. Since he has lost, and the madness has ended. Let’s take a look inside the numbers for Tim Tebow. Two things that boiled my soul about this season. Discrediting the effort of the Broncos defense during the win streak, and ignoring Tebow’s quarterback stats.

Tim Tebow Total QBR By Quarter
1st 38
2nd 17
3rd 15.2
4th/OT 55.5
Tim Tebow 1st 8 Starts Last 5 Starts
W-L 7-1 1-4
Comp pct 48.9 40.8
Yards per att 6.4 7.4
Yards per rush 5.5 4.8
Turnovers 5 8

Out of the 7 games during the Broncos win streak, only two teams scored more than 15 points in those games. If your defense is only giving up two touchdowns over a given period of time you as the offense have a very great chance of winning that game. You may only need 13 points to win the game! Takes a lot of pressure off a quarterback is doesn’t necessarily throw the ball to well.

Everyone says Tebow plays better in the fourth. With a 55.5 QB rating your are right he does play better. The highest average he has in the previous 3 quarters is 38 with the low as 15.2. Not to difficult to eclipse those numbers. These numbers are pathetic lol including the so called clutch in the fourth. Back to the kitchen all you Tebowers! During the playoffs  Tebow went 19-47.  Tebow completes less than 50% of all his passes. If Tebow is to become a quarterback in this league he will need to complete more than 10 passes in a game, and the completion percentage needs to increase to at least 55%. This is shooting low, I would like to see something in the 60’s, but we are talking about an awful throwing motion. Congratulations on a successful 8-8 season with the Denver Broncos, but I sincerely hope your fans realize you are just not NFL ready.

  1. arayegee says:

    While Tebow certainly has alot to improve on in his game, it must be made clear that his defense did nothing more than suit up eleven players and put them against the opposing offense. The only time that defense showed any life was against life offenses (KC, Chicago, Oakland, a then-inept Miami team). Whenever they faced a REAL offense, they got scorched! This team switched to playing a spread offense with pro-style personnel and still 8 games, including a playoff win over last year’s AFC champs. Tebow was the catalyst behind every win, its just hard to see that because you cant quantify leadership skills like you can do with statistics. And his throwing motion is fine. Phillip Rivers throws sidearm and nobody complains about that. What kills me is how people are so hard on Tebow, but when VY10 and Big Ben stumbled in the playoffs early in their careers(behind much better defenses, mind you) they were lauded as “gamers”. Tebow has a full offseason to develop, and he’ll improve. Tweak the defensive personnel and add some explosive offensive weapons, and they can win the AFC crown next year. Yeah, he needs to get better, but his deficiencies are no worse than those on the other side of the ball.

  2. LBC says:

    True and I will not not negate your point because Tebow still needed to score to win those game. I am just saying only 2 out of 7 teams during the win streak score more than 14 point which means If Tebow can just score twice in 60 minutes he has an 81% chance of winning that football game. Those are favorable odds. The Broncos defense is in no way elite! If Tebow is a emotional motivator that is great and needed in the locker room. So much respect if he emotionally charged his offense and defense to play harder on the field.

    I see your point on the other QB’s and I agree. I will say this however Phillip Rivers is poop, what has he won? Nothing just choke! I despise everything that Big Ben does lol especially holding the record for the QB to win a SB with the worse QB rating in history, and for Vince he sits the bench! lol

  3. arayegee says:

    lol at the caption under your picture too!

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