Sibling Rivalry

Posted: January 16, 2012 by LBC in NFL
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I am tired of Peyton getting all the credit!

While enjoying the Giants vs. Packers game this past weekend in my mancave. I  developed an astonishing theory. Considering that Eli Manning just beat reigning SuperBowl champion, and MVP Mr. Discount Double Check, if Eli(te) were to win another ring this year. Is he then better than his brother Peyton Manning?

QB Fourth Quarter Comebacks Game Winning Drives Regular Season QB Rating Playoff Record Playoff Win% Playoff QB Rating SuperBowl Titles
Eli 19 23 82.1 6-3 67% 88.7 1
Peyton 35 46 94.9 9-19 47% 88.4 1

A quarterback should be evaluated by his performance in the regular season, and more importantly the post season. The playoffs are ultimately what separates the average quarterbacks from the great ones. There are always exceptions such as Dan Marino, but sake of time let’s just stick to Eli vs Peyton in this debate. Eli Manning has been great this season beating Tom Brady on a game winning drive and leading the Giants to the playoffs. His recent victory over Aaron Rodgers is also very impressive. How far can he go this year? I believe Eli can make it to the SuperBowl and winning which would undeniably make him better than Peyton. Eli wins in the playoffs as he has a way better win percentage than older brother. Most of you will say Peyton has the better clutch gene. You are right he does have 35 fourth quarter comebacks and an astounding 46 game winning drives. However this stat is skewed compared to those of Eli Manning drafted in 2004. Peyton was drafted in 1998. Eli Manning is not to shabby with his 19 fourth quarter comebacks, and 23 game winning drives.

In the regular season Peyton’s numbers are simply great. Remember I am not saying Peyton shouldn’t be a Hall of Famer. I am presenting an argument that younger brother Eli is the better QB. He wins in the regular season, and he wins in the playoffs. If we wins another ring this year he will increase the gap between him and Peyton in playoff win percentage. Eli currently at 67% and Peyton at 47%.  Peyton has been known to be nothing but a choke artist in the playoffs until he was able to meet current Redskins legend Rex Grossman and the Chicago Bears in the SuperBowl.

If you ask me I would take Eli Manning over Peyton before this season, and definitely after this season. He not only wins in the regular season, but also when it counts the most. In the playoffs. I have given you my scattered opinions on this issue, but tell me your thoughts. Peyton or Eli?

  1. arayegee says:

    For all that Indy has done for Peyton, he owes them more than one SB ring….Eli has been questioned by his organization and his fanbase, yet as of recently he has become as clutch as the best qbs out right now.

  2. LBC says:

    Thank you ArAyeGee I was expecting to get slandered for this post lol.

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