Movie Night with the ManCave: Underworld: Awakening

Posted: January 16, 2012 by arayegee in Movies

For the past decade, the world has gone crazy over one vampire film series. You know, the one with the teenage male vampire and a high school girl falling in love. And the vampires’ reaction to direct sunlight isnt death, but a sparkling of the skin. And the werewolves arent humanoid, freakishly strong, blood-chilling killers, just enormous huskies. And the love interest of the protagonist vampire isnt another vampire, but a high school girl. Considering the fact that vampires live for hundreds of years, this is extremely creepy. Meanwhile, purists of both horror creatures have been given a respite from the Twilight bonanza with Underworld, a action series about the history and war between the vampires and werewolves, known as Lycans.

In Theatres 1/20/2012

If you havent seen the first three films, let me sum them up for you quickly. Girl vampire kills lycans. Lycans kill vampires. Girl vampire meets male. Male becomes lycan-vampire hybrid. Girl vampire and hybrid fall in love. Each side wants to kill them. They beat everybody to the punch. Its like Twilight, only realer, darker, sleeker, and sexier. Oh, and very generous with the blood spilling.

Im leaving out some key characters, substantial plot development, and a WICKED prequel film (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), but its there.

The fourth installment of this film series, Underworld:Awakening comes out on Friday, where the main character Selene (previously mentioned girl vampire, who’s basically Laura Croft with fangs) finds herself captured by government officials who find out about both vampires and lycans. They, in typical human form, want to study them, utilize them to the fullest extent, then kill off both species. Selene breaks free and tries to get to the bottom of this conspiracy, all while looking for her long lost lycan love, Michael (the male lycan-vampire hybrid).

For those who think this movie might be one of those series that gets worse with each sequel, dont worry. The first three movies have gotten better along the way, and even if it does suck, at least you get to see Kate Beckinsale in a bodysuit. If you have the time, watch the first three movies before you hit the movies Friday. It’ll get you caught up on the storyline and if youre in the DC area, you wont have to sit through a Wizards game.The one the

Fellas, if you take your girl to see this, just know you might have to sit through a rom-com in return. I can pretty much guarantee that the ladies will either love this movie or hate it with a passion. So, plan accordingly and get Just Wright next week.

Heres a preview of the upcoming movie, along with an intense fight scene showing Selene  fighting a hybrid vampire and Michael fighting a pretty savage werewolf. Enjoy, and Ill see you at Magic Johnson theater! Get your popcorn ready!

  1. LBC says:

    It is good to see I am not the only underworld fan!!!

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