Weekly NFL Picks: Division Championships

Posted: January 18, 2012 by ccouncil127 in NFL

Welp another week down. And it is getting down to the wire. Not just for these remaining NFL teams but also for us doing these here ManCave football picks. Only 3 games left to decide who will be the champ for this year. Here is how things ended last week:

Marissa 3/ Yannick 3/ Carmen 2/ Renard 2/ Dara 1/ Lebron 1/ Richan- no picks

This brings our overall standings to:

Dara- 68

Carmen- 68

Renard- 67

Marissa- 64

Lebron- 63

Yannick- 63

Richan – 61

Here are this week’s games and picks:

Ravens vs. Patriots Giants vs. 49ers
Carmen  Patriots  Giants
Marissa  Patriots  49ers
Dara  Patriots  Giants
Renard  Patriots  49ers
Lebron  Patriots  Giants
Yannick  Ravens  Giants
Richan  Ravens  49ers

Happy Picking All!

  1. LBC says:

    Patriots, Giants

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