#BTTK How to get sent #BTTK Part 1

Posted: January 19, 2012 by LBC in Mancave Fundamentals, NFL
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If you are doing what you are suppose to do and following @themancave06 you already know what #BTTK stands for, but if you don’t let me break it down for you. It means BACK TO THE KITCHEN!!!!!!! A phrase that is used when a certain group of women who do not know their place do the unthinkable, and make highly irrelevant comments in TheManCave.

With the playoffs coming to a close and SuperBowl parties right around the corner. Here are a view sayings that will you ladies sent #BTTK during SuperBowl parties. So watch and learn this is TheManCave06.com approved. I will soon release a video that will demonstrate appropriate comments for women if they are granted access into TheManCave.

  1. ccouncil127 says:

    So yeah this video just gave me a headache…..

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