3pt Play: Momma Knows Best, But Should She Say It

Posted: January 20, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NBA
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What’s up Cavers.  I know we have much more important things to worry about these days, like the NFL Championship Games, but I could not let this story rest.  If you haven’t read Mike Wise’s column on Javale McGee’s mom and her feelings about the Wizards, it is one of the all-time greats you will read in this new year.  Ms. McGee doesn’t say anything particularly wrong in the article; she says that the Wizards haven’t provided the instruction and nurturing that her young son needs to develop into the center that his freakish talent could produce.  She is also right when she says that Javale shouldn’t be institutionalized to a culture of losing that has settled on the organization.  You also have to love a mom sticking up for her son during a very difficult time for him.  So is this a BTTK moment or is Ms. McGee on to something here?

First, I must say that I am a Javale McGee convert.  I am all in on him and his talent.  Before the last two games for my Wizards, he easily was the only player that looked like he was getting better.  Defensively, he is a force, if not refined.  He is 2nd in the league in blocks with 3 per game.  Now there is the problem with goal-tending, but McGee has cut that down this year.  He is learning that just being a 7-footer in the lane could be better defense than just leaving your feet for every shot in the key.  McGee is also top 10 in rebounding besting a fellow young big men in Tyson Chandler, Roy Hibbert and DeAndre Jordan.  He could get better with boxing out (compounded with that he needs to get stronger) but he hustles, a lot more than Andray Blatche.

His offense is coming together.  While his shot is unorthodox to say the least, he has developed a hook shot, and his jumper looks better than John Wall.  Of course, nobody wants to see McGee shoot jumpers so he needs to play on the block.  But Javale has a back to the basket and face to basket game that I didn’t think I would ever see.  He could become more polished, but for a player that didn’t receive consistent playing time until last year, Javale has really improved his game.

Unfortunately, the reputation that has come with playing with clowns like Blatche and Nick Young (another player I like on a good day) has overshadowed the progress he has made.  When Javale threw the alley-oop to himself vs the Rockets, everyone overreacted and said that Javale will never get it and the Wizards should trade him.  Are you serious?  McGee just turned 24 so it’s not like when the Wizards get good enough to compete for a title he will be 35.  I’m tired of the Wizards/Bullets trading young guys because they acted like young guys (Rasheed Wallace, Chris Webber, Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace) only to see them blossom somewhere else.  I see the flowers of promise this year from Javale, so I want the Wizards to build their frontcourt around him.  Because when he matures, it’s going to be problems.

But that’s the thing, when will he mature?  It won’t happen with Momma McGee making these comments.  If you’re 24 and you’re momma is fighting for you, that’s a problem.  You don’t here other successful players having their momma being their spokesman.  Can you imagine the smacktalk that Javale will face without Momma to protect him?  I want Javale to become stronger physically and mentally; and while Ms. McGee didn’t say anything to terrible (I actually want her to be the GM of the Wizards over Ernie Grunfeld with those comments), the only way Javale will become stronger is if Ms. McGee takes a back seat to his progress.

Actually, she did say something crazy.  Momma McGee said that Javale is the future of the NBA.  No Ms. McGee, I don’t want Javale to be the future of the NBA.  Hell, if he turns into a more offensively potent Tyson Chandler, I’ll buy a Pam McGee Olympic jersey…for my mom of course.  Two more for the 3-point play:

2.  People say that the Oklahoma City Thunder paid to much to extend Russell Westbrook (5-yr, $80 million).  Here is what I say; look at the Wizards upset over the Thunder on Wednesday.  How many points came from the starting lineup outside Kevin Durant and Westbrook?  A grand total of 8 points, which equals LeBron James Game 4 poin…sorry I am watching First Take while writing this.  Anyway, look at the Thunder; where are they getting their offense from if it isn’t  from Durant and Westbrook.   That’s why you have to keep those two guys together.  Besides, do you think the Thunder extended Westbrook without Durant’s blessings?  So calm down, the Thunder will be alright.

3.  I know I just ragged on the King, but all I have to say is this: Right now LeBron > Kobe.  Fight me.

Enjoy Championship Weekend everybody.


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