LinSanity – The Emergence of Jeremy Lin

Posted: February 11, 2012 by LBC in NBA
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One of the best things in sports is the story of the unlikely hero. It brings passion to the game, and has the ability to affect a large population to believe. This year in the sports world we have seen Victor Cruz and Tim Tebow with unlikely stories. After celebrating the SuperBowl New York can continue to celebrate as they now have Jeremy Lin. They are now believers in this kid with a 1500 SAT score and a degree from Harvard.

So just how good is Jeremy Lin? Well we knew he could dominate the Wizards. Shoot myself, RenzReport, ArAyeGee, and Dontbeskerrit, can all go for 25, 10, 12 against the Wizards. However, Friday night he shocked the world by going for 38 points against the LA Lakers. Lin is taking over SportsCenter with his improbable story, but watching him he is a good point guard and is highly skilled. I won’t call him great or mention him in the likes of the best PG’s in the game right now. For now, lets just sit back and enjoy Jeremy Lin revitalize this Knicks team who about a week and half ago we were ashamed to watch them.




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