TheManCave06 Game of The Week

Posted: February 11, 2012 by LBC in NCAA
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In the absence of all things great from the NFL. We here at still have you covered as we will begin our TheManCave06 game of the week series. A weekly covering the best game of the previous week. This past week we saw one of the great rivalries in college basketball Duke vs UNC. This week the ACC gets our game of the week, but the show was stolen by none other than Austin Rivers.

Rivers goes for 29 points against one of the best teams in college basketball. Austin is not your typical Coach K player. He is a scorer, but at Duke he is learning to play the game of basketball. Great choice by him to attend Duke to develop his game, rather than attending another school where he would average 50 shots a game and 30 points. Learning to play within the game plan of your team, and making your teammates better is what separates the Sports Center Top 10 players from the greats. His ability to get to the rim whenever he wants is the most dangerous weapon he has in his arsenal right now. Besides one of them Plumlee’s, Rivers is the only person on Duke who can create his own shot. UNC had no answer for Rivers all game, and when the game was on the line. What should teams do? Go to your scorer, and tell him to win the game for you. That is exactly what Austin did in UNC stunning all them baby blue fans lol. Watch the game winner. Clutch!


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