No Leadership!?

Posted: February 23, 2012 by LBC in NFL
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The Leaders

The Only Leader I see in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys finished a disappointing 8-8 last season, and probably propelled the Giants to their second Super Bowl in four years by failing to win just one game. However, the off season is here and now we can evaluate all the things that went wrong for this team.

Recently Jason Hatcher a defensive scrub for the Cowboys speaks up, and says their is no leadership in the locker room. Demarcus Ware replies saying there are all different kinds of leaders such as silent leaders. Of course Jason Garrett steps in, and says there are all different kinds of leaders on the team. That we are compromised of players who lead in different ways. Basically saying there is leadership, but it is not the leadership you normally see.  That is complete *delete expletive*.

First of all, I have been saying for the past two years that this team has no leadership, and most of all no identity. This wouldn’t be a problem if Jason Garrett was an actual Head Coach and commanded respect from his players, and established a team identity. When you play the Steelers, Ravens, 49ers, Giants, Patriots, Packers, etc… you know what type of game you are in for. What do you expect when you are about to play the Dallas Cowboys? For a franchise with 5 Super Bowls and many HOF’s these current players have no pride in wearing the star on their helmet.

There is not one leader in the Dallas Cowboys locker room! This includes Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware etc… Every team needs that one person in the locker room that can pull the team together when a collapse is underway. It doesn’t matter whether they play on offense or defense, he just pulls the team together and holds everyone accountable. The Head Coach (*cough Jason Garrett*) needs to take on this role as only he can get players to buy into his philosophy and get them to play 100% 17 weeks for 60 minutes.

Seeing this make the news made me sick especially coming from the people who spoke. Someone in that locker room needs to step up, and call people out. Not everyone has the credibility to do this. In order to call people out you have got to have the respect of others. Jason Hatcher is respected by no one. Hence his statements mean nothing.

So to all you TheManCave06 readers thanks for the support, and be on the lookout for a NFL series coming this Spring/Summer. “Fixing your NFL team”.


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