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In the absence of all things great from the NFL. We here at still have you covered as we will begin our TheManCave06 game of the week series. A weekly covering the best game of the previous week. This past week we saw one of the great rivalries in college basketball Duke vs UNC. This week the ACC gets our game of the week, but the show was stolen by none other than Austin Rivers.

Rivers goes for 29 points against one of the best teams in college basketball. Austin is not your typical Coach K player. He is a scorer, but at Duke he is learning to play the game of basketball. Great choice by him to attend Duke to develop his game, rather than attending another school where he would average 50 shots a game and 30 points. Learning to play within the game plan of your team, and making your teammates better is what separates the Sports Center Top 10 players from the greats. His ability to get to the rim whenever he wants is the most dangerous weapon he has in his arsenal right now. Besides one of them Plumlee’s, Rivers is the only person on Duke who can create his own shot. UNC had no answer for Rivers all game, and when the game was on the line. What should teams do? Go to your scorer, and tell him to win the game for you. That is exactly what Austin did in UNC stunning all them baby blue fans lol. Watch the game winner. Clutch!


Like Mrs. Brady (see above), the results of the Super Bowl left me pondering what could have been for the other 31 teams that didn’t get the chance to hoist the Lombardi trophy.  So just like Gisele, I feel the need to get these final observations off my chest without any makeup on.

1 – Regular season record doesn’t matter, just get in the playoffs: For some reason, it’s turned into a big deal that the Giants were the first team to win the Super Bowl that didn’t have 10 wins or more.  In fact, I remember watching the G-Men on December 18, as my Skins ripped them in the Meadowlands, right after the Giants won their biggest game of the year the previous week in Dallas.  I said to myself then, “the Giants won’t make it to the playoffs.”  Not even the Super Bowl, the playoffs.  So what happened between December 18 and February 5?

I don’t want to say that the NFL regular season is useless, but in today’s league, the line between a win and a loss is thinner than the line between love and hate.  Don’t believe me?  Ask LBC about his Cowboys, or any Eagles fan out there.  Ask the Bears fans when Cutler went down right when they were playing their best ball.  Ask Denver, who may have had the worst playoff team in recent memory.  Ask the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Games are decided by a fumble either rolling out-of-bounds or into your team’s hands.  It’s a tipped pass here, a missed call there, a throw to the wrong shoulder.  It could come down to you thinking that God has destined you to win over your opponent.  Teams are so evenly matched, you can play two teams 10 times and the record would be 5-5.  It wasn’t like that in 1992, but in 2012 parity rules.  Was the Bengals and Giants the same team (they both finished 9-7)?  The

Who Saw JPP Coming?

Bengals played the AFC South and NFC West, two of the most terrible divisions in the league and only finished 9-7.  In fact, the best team they beat record-wise was Arizona at 8-8.  Meanwhile the Giants played a grueling 6-game stretch, which featured 4 teams from this year’s divisional round, and don’t forget the NFC East.  They did most of it with Brandon Jacobs as starting running back.  Whose 9-7 looks best?  That’s why you just want to get in the playoffs.  The cream rises to the top in this league; if you’re good enough to get in the playoffs, you’re good enough to have a chance to win the Super Bowl

2 – Defense Still Wins Championships: At least, have a defense that can make a stop or two when you need it.  Look at the Patriots; they were bailed out in the AFC Championship Game by a drop and a shanked kick, but everyone knew that if Joe Flacco didn’t screw up, the Ravens would march right down the field.  So when Eli Manning moseyed on the field, did you think the Patriots defense had a chance?  I’m sure Patriots fans were hoping for a field goal and enough time to for Brady to score again.  Bill Simmons said it best in his Super Bowl defense, a smoke and mirrors defense will be exposed at this level of competition.  Patriots will definitely sure that up in the offseason.  You don’t need the Ravens defense anymore to win (unless your QB is Trent Dilfer-like) but can you at least make a stop?

3 – The Future of the League Hangs in the Balance: While Eli Manning was stopping Tom Brady from becoming the greatest QB of all-time, another QB that’s in that discussion was cleared to play next year.  Ironically, this all happened in Indianapolis.  I don’t

He Says He’s Good to Go, But Can He Move His Neck?

want you to underestimate how critical this next month will be, not just to the Colts future, but the future of the NFL.  Imagine the possibilities of the Peyton sweepstakes?  Will the Colts pay him or cut him?  Will they trade him or trade the #1 pick?  If the Colts trade the pick, that means another franchise gets Andrew Luck.  Where does that leave RGIII?  Will the Colts have the picks necessary for a Super Bowl run?  Suppose of Peyton leaves (which seems the likely scenario); imagine him in a Jets uniform.  We could have an all New York Super Bowl in 2014.  Imagine him in a Dolphins uniform under the shadow of Dan Marino.  Imagine him in the NFC East; is he what Dallas and Philadelphia needs to put them over the top?  Could he survive in Washington, the city that loves stop-gap measure like this one?  Imagine him in the desert with Larry Fitzgerald for 3 years.  The NFC West could be the most formidable division in the league (imagine that).

Or how about the most morbid of images, Peyton on any team laying on the turf, unable to move his extremities after what looked like the most routine of plays.  That’s a future none of us want, but could very well come true if his neck is not as whole as doctors say it is.  Whatever the path that Peyton takes, just know that he will go down as one of the greatest of his generation.  In fact, he’s so great, we look down on him for not accomplishing more (1 SB trophy, 9-10 in playoffs).   But don’t get me wrong, I think Peyton is still better than his brother and will be an all-time great when it’s all said and done.

It’s gonna be a crazy offseason, but we’ll sort it all out for you right here on the Mancave as 32 teams and Peyton Manning get ready to book a trip to New Orleans next year.  Hope your team makes all the right moves because it’s a thin line between victory and wait til next year.

Eli Manning


The 2011-2012 NFL season has come to a close, and it ended in very dramatic fashion. I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl parties. Good times with friends and family to laugh, joke, send people #BTTK, and fight over who won that Super Bowl bet lol. Now that the game has been decided, and the MVP has been named we can do what all us football fans love the most. Spend the next 6 months debating the “What Ifs” and the famous shoulda coulda wouldas.

No better way for a SuperBowl to end than being decided on the final play of the game where an unhealthy Gronk “could have” saved the day “if” he wasn’t hurt. Give some credit to the Giants defense making Brady uncomfortable throughout the game. Brady was not the legend we are used to seeing. Starting the game with an intentional grounding in the end zone which gives up 2 points was the most unlikely Tom Brady start to a game in his career. Throughout the game he was erratic; missing open receivers. Not to mention missing a wide open Wes Welker for a first down that could have solidified a fourth Super Bowl for Tom Brady.  His performance was well below his capability. I know you are thinking he needed help etc. You are right, however; this is Tom Brady he is held to a higher standard, and when his team needed him most he didn’t show up. Much respect to the Giants defense only giving up 17 points and forcing 1 turnover.

On the other hand, the Patriots defense was unable to stop Eli as he went 30/40 for 296 yards 1 TD with no turnovers. Eli and his Giants did what they do best in the playoffs. Win. Unlike Tom Brady who missed Wes Welker with the game on the line Eli responded by doing this. I was impressed with the poise he displayed for 4 quarters. Hitting all of his targets especially when it mattered the most. On the biggest stage ever I expect Eli to show up if he wants to go down in history as an NFL great. This time Eli did. He lead the Giants to another Super Bowl title. What separated the Giants from all the other playoff teams this season is they perform under pressure. As the pressure increased they only got better. Great players and teams thrive under pressure while others just fold. Congratulations to the New York Giants, best NFL team for the 2011-2012 season.

Winning his second Super Bowl MVP award. The question arises where do you rank Eli Manning among some of the CURRENT NFL greats? Top 3? Top 5? Where does he rank on your list? Check out the stats of some current NFL QB’s. Which QB would start your franchise?

QB Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating
QB A 94.9 68% 64.9 88.4 47 63.1
QB B 104.1 66% 65.4 105.5 71 65.5
QB C 94 60% 65.9 103.9 55 66.8
QB D 82.1 57% 58.4 89.3 72 61.5
QB E 96.4 77% 63.8 87.8 72 62.9
QB F 92.1 70% 63.1 83.7 71 60.6


I will reveal who these individuals are on Thursday in the comment section, but first comment subscribe, and let the debate begin.


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Welp it’s that time. Time for the big show. I have been on a bit of a hiatus but let me quickly show everyone how the division championship round ended up:

Carmen 2/ Dara 2/ Lebron 2/ Yannick 1/ Renard 1/ Marissa 1/ Richan 0

This leaves the overall standings going into the Superbowl at:

Dara- 70

Carmen- 70

Renard- 68

Marissa- 65

Lebron- 65

Yannick- 64

Richan – 61

So it has ultimately come down to a SHOWDOWN between Dara and I. Here are everyone’s picks for the week:

 Superbowl Time! Patriots vs. Giants
Carmen  Giants
Dara  Patriots
Marissa  Giants
Renard  Patriots
Lebron  Giants
Yannick  Patriots
Richan  Patriots

For the final time this season…. Happy Picking All!

Final Football Friday: The Big Game

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We’ve done 19 (give-or-take) Football Friday’s this year leading up to the game of games.  While the game itself kind of gets overshadowed by everything else going on this week involved, it still boils down to that kickoff at 6:30ish (no one ever knows what time it really begins).  Whether you watch for the game itself, the commercials, the pregame festivities, or the chance for a wardrobe malfunction, the entire Super Bowl experience has turned into a must-see event.  From our ManCave to yours, I hope your mancave is well stocked for what promises to be a great rematch between Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.

Even though this is the last Football Friday until September, the Mancave is not done with football.  All offseason long, we will fix some of your favorite teams, as the NFL’s second season starts on Monday.  But until then, we’ll have great content throughout the basketball, hockey, and upcoming baseball season.  We’ll help you improve your mancave for next season, and as always, we’ll send those who are unworthy to enter the cave back to their proper place…BTTK.  Peace ya’ll