3-Pt Play: The Death of the Original Masked Man

Posted: March 7, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NBA
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I watched Kobe go Darkwing Duck on us on Tuesday with his black mask that he wears to protect his broken nose.  That’s when I thought about the original masked man (well maybe not original but the most famous one right now), Rip Hamilton.  Remember him?  Remember the guy who torched Kobe and the Lakers in the 2004 Finals.  Remember the shooting guard with the best mid-range game in the league for almost a decade?  Well I hope you do, cause that guys dead and the Heat are saying Amen (word to Kendrick Lamar).

Let's Get Dangerous

I remember when the Bulls signed Hamilton over the brief offseason in December.  Just to show you how much I don’t know about basketball, I thought that Hamilton could be enough to swing the inevitable Eastern Conference Finals between the Bulls and the Heat.  He would take the pressure off of Rose because he would kill the Heat in the mid-range, freeing up Rose to do what he does best; drive into the hole.  Well, for Hamilton’s first game, he scored a whopping 6 points vs the Lakers.  He’s only played 15 games after that…including the minute that he played Monday vs Pacers before leaving with a shoulder injury.  He’s scored 11.3 PPG this season, not even double of Ronnie Brewer’s output last season (6.2).  But the fact that Hamilton has played only 16 of 40 games is scaring Bulls fans.

Imagine if the Bulls got Nick Young over the summer instead of Rip?  While Young is definitely one of the simpler basketball minds in the game today, he can fill it up if he is focused.  Imagine him coming off the bench for this Bulls team to just shoot.  Imagine Tom Thibodeau digging into his but to play some defense and to actually pass the ball?  The Bulls could have a real life ex-factor for the playoffs, rather than the corpse of the masked man taking up space on the roster.  Two more points to score:

Blake Griffin – Overrated?: It’s going to be hard to articulate this because words like overrated are very dangerous to just throw around heedlessly.  So I’ll say this; I think I would take 4 other WESTERN Conference power forwards over Blake Griffin (Love, Nowitzki, Aldridge, Gasol, and I think a healthy Randolph is tied with Griffin).

If you look at Griffin’s numbers, he’s having a solid season.  He’s averaging 21 and 11 and shoots the ball over 50% from the field.  But you wonder about Griffin in the half-court.  He has a jumper but its inconsistent right now.  He is a terrible free-throw shooter; let’s just say that he barely shoots better from the free-throw line than he does from the field.  Because of those factors, sometimes he barely shows up in the 4th, especially during big games (4 points vs Minnesota on Monday, 4 in the 2nd half and OT of the Miami game on 1/11).  Granted he’s a 2nd year player refining his game.  So maybe I’m asking for the media to treat him as such, instead of some all-world power forward that he probably falls short of right now.  So maybe overhyped is the word, instead of overrated.

We Watch So You Don’t Have To – Wizards Update: This was going to be another Andray Blatche diss post, but after the Wizards great win on Wednesday over the Lakers, I had to give them some props.  On a night where John Wall only scored 4 points and Kobe Bryant scores 30, not only do the Wizards win, they score 106 points on the league’s 5th best defense.  The Wizards were down 20+ in the 3rd when they went on a 17-0 run, with Roger Mason, Nick Young, and Trevor Booker showing flashes of brilliance.  The Wizards bench outscored the Lakers bench, 55-21.  Nick Young had a career-high 6 assists (ha!).  Kevin Seraphin outscored Kobe 8-5 in the 4th.  Yup, the world is coming to an end.

As for the Lakers, on Sunday they looked like Western Conference contenders stifling the Heat.  Then they went on to lose to the Pistons and my Wizards on back-to-back nights.  What’s the problem?  Well, for one the Lakers have less road wins (6) than the Wizards have total wins (9).  On Wednesday, Kobe missed more shots (22) than the combined shots Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum took (19).  The Black Mamba turned into a Black hole.  But, it’s only March so the Lakers can figure out their 4th quarter offense (6-21 in the 4th vs Wizards).  But for one night in March, madness came in the form of a great Wizards win.

  1. RenzReport says:

    I highly endorse this post…couldn’t disagree with anything you stated here including Blake Griffin! The question about Blake is, when his jumping abilities go, will he be able to adjust his game and develop a post game and medium range jump shot from the post or top of the key!

  2. LBC says:

    Skerv you are brilliant my friend. I have been waiting for someone to speak up on Blake Griffin. Congratulations on his 21 points a game, but when you 8 dunks (all alley oops) from the great CP3. It is 21 points but as Renz what happens when he can’t jump?

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