Saaaaaame ole Redskins

Posted: March 15, 2012 by arayegee in NFL

Before I go ham on my team (as I did last year) about their terrible decision making, let me applaud them for their trade to get the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft. I cant wait to wear a  RGIII jersey to work. Unless, of course, the Colts are pulling of the coup of all time and pick Robert Griffin III and leave us with Matt Leina—- err, Andrew Luck.

But free agency, once again, turns out to be the undoing of a franchise that has been historically awful in this category.  The acquisition of three notable wide receivers is a direct result of RG3 hype, which at face value looks great. But lets take a step back and look at what the ‘Skins really got.

Pierre Garcon

If your prize free agent acquisition is a #2 receiver who has never gained 1000 yards in a season, known for his average route running and iffy ball catching abilities, there is a problem. Yes, he’s 27. But that’s the problem, Pierre is in his prime and is all he has to show for playing four years with Peyton Manning and understudy to Reggie Wayne is a very pedestrian body of work. I like the guy, but there is no way you pay a second rate receiver this much money. Is second rate a bit harsh? I tell you what, name the top 20 receivers in the NFL, and I dare you to put Pierre Garcon in that list.


Josh Morgan

Great player at Virginia Tech, decent player in the NFL. In his four years, he has 1764 receiving yards. Was he having a decent season before he got injured in San Francisco last year? Absolutely. Over 5 games, he caught 15 balls for 220 yards and 1 touchdown. Which rounds out to be about a 3 catch, 44 yard player. Ok. San Fran wanted him back, but thats only because Braylon Edwards was older, always injured, and wasn’t a good fit with their offense. If both of these players were at full strength, who do you think the Niners would really want to keep?

"I dont do this catching thing much, but Im sure its enough to get signed by your team."

Eddie Royal

Granted this guy hasn’t officially signed, but I will still give my two cents. Royal is probably the most complete receiver of the three, but giving him the eye test I experience deja vu.  5’10, 185 slot guy who can play, and would work well in Shanny’s offense. But he just adds to the crowded depth chart of #2 receivers again, and if he gets signed and becomes the best wideout, then the same WR issue in DC are just renewed: a #2 (Santana Moss) masquerading as a #1.

Much to the joy of then-Raider, now-Redskin CB DeAngelo Hall, Eddie Royal will be in DC.

‘Wide receiver by committee’ is a term often used to describe a marginal group of wideouts who are on a potent offense. I can guarantee that of these ‘committees’ there has been a clear cut #1 WR.

2011 – Giants – Victor Cruz

2006- present Saints – Marques Colston

Patriots 2007 – Randy Moss

Patriots 2008 – 2011 Wes Welker

Just to name a few. The other common denominator between teams that succeed with a so-called ‘WR by committee’ is that they have all-world quarterbacks to get them the ball.  So here’s to hoping that Mr. Griffin becomes the QB that Washington hopes he will be. If you ask me, all that money to get three marginal receivers couldve been spent on a straight up STUD in free agency. Couple that with the fact that this year’s WR class is loaded, I really wonder what the front office is thinking.

  1. LBC says:

    After readying this breakdown I am interested to see what fellow mancave RenzReport has to say about this deduction. Although I love the acquisitions. It increases the chances that RG3 goes to Stadium.

  2. dduren06 says:

    It’s all about spreading teams out and YAC. The pedestrian WR corps from last year hurt us. #1 WR isn’t always necessary. It’s about matchups this day and age – the more options the better. Skins probably will go to more spread looks to help RGIII’s transition. Be easy Richan – there’s a plan in place. Garcon, btw, had a career year with back ups throwing to him last year. Skins moving in the right direction and #1 WR’s don’t grow on trees.

    And since Tampa violated the salary floor in the “uncapped” year, they disrupted the comptetive balance in FA and nabbed the one and only #1 WR out there. And if you think the Skins overpaid – well yea, that happens, it’s FA. But they put the offer up that won Garcon’s services — and they had to because of the trade up and because SD made a similar offer.

    Frustrating when Skins make a decent move for some good players and it’s written off but when other teams do it it’s brilliant.

    San Diego just gave Robert Meachem a big deal and gave Eddie Royal a large contract than the skins offered.

    For a team who needed offensive playmakers the skins went and picked two good WR with strong run after the catch. Let’s see them play before we condemn the moves. On paper, IMO, they are solid.

  3. dduren06 says:

    Also – There was only 1 straight up stud in FA — VJ and he broke the bank with the colluding Bucs. #1 WR’s don’t grow on trees homie — plus, with other needs, they had no business in the VJ market
    after losing 18 mil in cap space.

  4. arayegee says:

    Going spread will help RG3 for sure, but he had a #1 stud wideout in Baylor that at least commanded a double team. My beef with getting FA wide receivers at this time is that a.) we have Leonard Hankerson (6’2, 209 deep threat, carbon copy of Pierre Garcon) on deck, and there are several stud WRs coming out this year who could grow and develop with RGIII….instead we got a couple of guys who are in their primes. What theyve shown, is what we’re going to get. We shouldve been patient and got a couple in the draft or ponied up and got that #1…B Marshall went for 2 thirds! lol

  5. LBC says:

    All valid points, but when it comes to #1’s they can pop from anywhere. Is Miles Austin really a number 1. He may not be, but he serves as the number 1 for us. When running the spread offense you don’t need a number one. You need specific skill sets. Whose the say Garcon won’t develop into a #1? I know this as I run the spread on madden. I pick up specific skill sets lol

    Although I hope Garcon fails and becomes the next Patrick Crayson, and Josh Morgan becomes the next Roy Williams.

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