#TheMaddenCurse vs. Cam Newton

Posted: April 20, 2012 by LBC in NFL
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As you know football season is near, and one of the most anticipated events will be the release of Madden 13. Who will be on the cover? Will the curse be broken? If you don’t know about the Madden Curse. To make it simple here are a few names who have appeared on the cover. Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Eddie George, Troy Polamalu, Brett Favre, Shaun Alexander, Peyton Hillis, Larry Fitzgerald, and others. All of these players suffered injuries the year they appeared on the cover, and Vick went to jail! lol. So why would anyone want to be on the Madden Cover and face the dreadful #MaddenCurse?

Sportsnation put this decision in the hands of us; the fans. In a tournament style of voting that had many players who had great seasons. I voted for Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Victor Cruz. I am a Dallas Cowboys fans so that will explain my vote. The final battle is here and it is between Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson. Can either of these two defeat the curse? Place Your Vote.

So your boy Cam Newton who has more nicknames than I have years on earth released a video giving his rant on why he should be on the cover. Check out the video to see his reasoning and all of his nicknames which I will not list, but I will tell you my favorite one; “Mr. SwagMan”. Sit back and enjoy some Friday laughter.

Gamers you can also challenge your boy *insert your favorite Newton nickhame* by sending your full name, phone number, and gamertag to playcam@cam1newton.com. He is on both Xbox and PS3. Cam xbox gamertag “CamdaGreatx2” and PS3 “theAceboo1e”. I will be sending my info especially since he stole my name lol.

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