3pt Play: What We All Wanted Is Finally Here

Posted: June 12, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NBA
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We picked this Finals series and picked Miami to win earlier in the year so we’ll stick by our guns.  Heat in 7, LeBron James finally gets the monkey (namely Skip Bayless) off of his back.  But what we truly are rooting for is a great, hard-fought series.  What we fantasize for is the birth of a new decades-old rivalry between Kevin Durant and LeBron, similar to the 1980s rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  What we anticipate is basketball at its best; not worried about clutch genes, being a closer, and other made-up media storylines which take away from the fan’s enjoyment of the game.  What we predict is an electric two weeks of ball.  See you on twitter at 9pm.

  1. RDK says:

    Grew tired of all the nonsense in the offseason. Plus you have so many weak stories just to distract fans of the game during the season as well. Who care’s about what kind of bike LBJ has?! (which I find egregious) The XVI mouthpiece, The Clutch gene. Who cares?! Just get it done so all this talk…..CEASE!!! Dywane Wade deserves most of the blame but that’s irrelevant in this forum

    This should definitely be a great series to watch. You have two of the best players in the game today going to battle for the ultimate prize which is the Larry O’Brien trophy. Get your DVRs ready ladies and gents because you may need to rewind and set it to super slow just to see what happened during a fast break. Russy, please pass the rock when Durant is making shots from Stillwater, OK or even PG County. I have OKC in 6.


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