Overreaction Monday: Week 1 Edition

Posted: September 11, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Don’t Lose Your Head…It’s Only Week One

What a week 1 that turned out to be!  Lots of studs, equal amount of duds, and people losing a lot of money on bets (I wouldn’t know anything about that).  Of course I should learn not to take away too much from week 1.  Even though 69% of teams that win this week make the playoffs, I’m sure the Giants want to say something about stats.  Week 1 should serve more as film on all of the teams so we know which was is as good as we thought or better/worse.  Don’t be like the Cowboys and Redskins fans that are already planning Super Bowl parades.  So without further ado, let’s look at 3 things I noticed.

So You Might Need A Coach to Win Games:In order to not jinx the soon-to-be-overhyped-by-ESPN quarterback that plays for the Washington Professional Football team, I’m going to talk about their opponent the Saints.  That squad looked lifeless.  They were outclassed, outplayed, and overmatched by a team that should not have scored 40 in the dome on them.   On a punt in the 3rd quarter, the Saints had 12 men on the field because one player decided to jog off.  The offense was out of sync a majority of the game.  The defense played like it needed an extra

Tweedle-Dee and Dum

incentive to stop the Skins…wait.  This needs to be handled by the coach.  Unfortunately for the Saints, they are on their interim-interim coach right now.  Hopefully he can make so adjustments until the interim coach can take over.

Speaking of coaching abominations, that Eagles-Browns games could have been coached better on Madden Connected Careers.  Andy Reid had his usual diabolical playcalling (LeSean McCoy will NOT send Reid a Christmas card).  Pat Shurmur, who just went up 15-10 on a touchdown in the 4th, decided instead of a 17-10 lead by going for 2, his squad would go up by an insurmountable 16-10 lead.  Unfortunately, it was only insurmountable in his head.  These decisions should not happen in the age of Madden.

Back to the Future: It was good to see the grizzled vets, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady doing work.  Manning looked masterful against a Pittsburgh team that played very well.  But you knew when they went no-huddle that Manning was not going to lose that game.  The Broncos have not seen true quarterbacking in a couple of years.  Let’s see if they can get use to it.  Brady made an awesome performance in Tennessee so boring, I really have nothing to say about it.

Let’s turn our attention to the rookie QBs.  Some looked just like rookies, others looked decent, one was awesome, and Brandon Weeden looked like he belonged out of the league.  Ryan Tannehill was very rookie like versus the Texans.  But after watching Blaine Gabbertsling it around against the Vikings (the bomb to Cecil Shorts), I think the Dolphins can coach him up.  Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson played well but each struggled in their own ways.  Luck had some turnovers and bad throws but that’s easy to explain with

I…must…keep…calm…no getting…hyped

Julius Peppers on your back.  Wilson was not as dynamic as some would believe but he had a chance to win the game and his receivers let him down.  As for RG158.3?  I mean Bob Griffin the Third?  His best attribute from Week 1 is that he looks like he’s been there, done that.

San Francisco Treat: The 49ers are the best team in the NFC hands down.  Alex Smith is not a game manager anymore.  They run over defenses with their ground game.  The Niners defense is a glove and will smack you in the face at the same time.  David Akers makes 63-yard kicks!  They are the most complete team in all facets of the game.  And they went into Lambeau field and dominated the Packers from kickoff to the end of the game.  It’s going to be tough for anyone to take down this Niners squad, even in the juggernaut that is the NFC.

Other than the 49ers, I am buying the Ravens no-huddle, Falcons, Peyton’s Neck, Cutler-Marshall connection, Chargers, AP, and Cardinals.  I’m selling the Saints, Michael Vick, Bills, Browns talent acquisition, Bengals, Carson Palmer, and Giants Week 1 performances.  I’m going to hold out on the Redskins, Cowboys, Mark Sanchez, Packers, Bucs’ defense, Cam Newton, Jeff Fisher, and the replacement refs.

So until Thursday, stay thirsty for football my friends (It feels great to say Thursday by the way).


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