Football Friday: Tomahawk Chopped

Posted: October 13, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

We’ve slandered a lot of college football teams this year in the Mancave.  We started with the entire Big Ten, then worked our way to South Bend to put down the still undefeated Irish (who will lose this week).  Now we are working South to the team that had very high expectations for a National Championship, and was probably one of the 3 teams outside the SEC that you could pick to make the National Championship Game.

Seriously, what the hell Florida State?

The worst part about that loss to NC State was that we have seen this type of performance by the Seminoles before.  The Seminoles have been 5-0 before.  4 times in the past 13 years they have held that record.  4 times in the past 13 years they finished their 6th game with a record of 5-1.  In this game the Seminoles rushed out to a 16-0 lead.  Then they did nothing else for the rest of the game.  I don’t know how that’s possible because Miami torched the Wolfpack through the air the week before.  EJ Manuel finished with only 218 yards passing.  Play calling was atrocious.  NC State played with more heart and fire.  In the end, they potentially extinguished the Seminoles championship hopes.

So now the ACC will once again be a mediocre conference, not making a lot of national noise.  Maryland is in 1st place in the division with Clemson and Florida State.  Virginia Tech might be the most disappointing team in the country.  Can you a imagine Duke being in the ACC Championship game?  It’s possible because they are undefeated in the ACC and sit in 2nd place in their division.  Pitt needs to hurry up and get in this conference; oh wait, Pitt is helter-skelter this year as well.  I hope the TV money is well worth it to this fledgling conference.  Song of the week and game of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, October 13

EARLY AFTERNOON: 13 Oklahoma vs 15 Texas (12pm, ABC)/6 Kansas State vs Iowa State (12pm, FX)/18 Louisville vs Pittsburgh (11am, ESPNU)

LATE AFTERNOON: 17 Stanford vs 7 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)/10 Oregon State vs BYU (3:30pm, ABC,ESPN, ESPN2)/1 Alabama vs Missouri (3:30pm, CBS)

NIGHT: 3 South Carolina vs 9 LSU (8pm, ESPN)/11 USC vs Washington (7pm, FOX)/22 Texas A&M vs 23 Louisana Tech (9:15 ESPNU)

Sunday, October 14

EARLY: Dallas vs Baltimore/Detroit vs Philadelphia/St. Louis vs Miami

LATE: New York Giants vs. San Francisco/New England vs Seattle/Minnesota vs Washington


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