Overreaction Monday: Week 6 Edition

Posted: October 15, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

In a blur, the Washington Redskins are .500 and now face a battle for the division next week when they travel to face the New York Football Giants.  Yes, the NFC East is looking like the NFC Least early this season.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The last place Cowboys could, and should, have beaten the Ravens, one of the best teams in the AFC, on the road.  The Redskins, who a couple of weeks ago looked like a Bottom 5 team in the NFL, beat one of the better teams in the NFC, and took the Falcons to the wire.  The Giants just made the 49ers look average and remember, they like to make the playoffs as a 9-7 team.  And the Eagles, well, they at least have a lot of talent.  Top to bottom, which is the mark of a division, we have squads that can go out and probably beat any team in the league.  If you sent any of those teams to Atlanta, would you think that’s a two touchdown point spread?  So the NFC East is not the Least; it’s just pacing itself for the long run, while you overreact each week.  But 9-7 will win this division again this year. Hey, that’s the way it goes around these parts.  Other observations from Week 6:

My New Favorite Cornerback, RIchard Sherman

2. When teams are not complete, I am not surprised by losses, despite other fans being shocked by the results.  Pittsburgh, New Orleans and New England struggling early this season is not surprising.  Pittsburgh’s average offense has always been carried by the defense.  This year, when the Steelers can’t block anybody and there is barely any running game to speak of,  they cannot lean on their defense to carry them through tough times.  Big Ben and the passing attack is doing his best (5th in passing offense) but now it’s not enough.  Same with New England, where Brady is just not as magical this year, especially without a good offensive line.  The secondary is a mess (the Russell Wilson bomb was thrown on two rookie safeties).  The Patriots are 3-3 and tied for first with the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins.  I don’t think the Patriots are going to run away with this one any time soon.  Anyway, quick story about the picture on the left.  Sherman picked off a Tom Brady pass in the 3rd; after a bit of jawing, Brady told Sherman and safety Earl Thomas to come see him if they win.  As you can see, Sherman is a man of his word and Brady put on his best whelp face.

3. Man, if this was Ray Lewis’s last game of his career, that’s a tough way to go out.  Here is to one of the last of true gladiators of the game.

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  2. LBC says:

    The Bears are who we thought they are. The squad they can ball for 12 weeks and then collapse whether it be injuries or Jay giving up. Bears remind of that 13-3 Cowboys team. Remember how that season ended?

    The NFC East is def NFC Beast I am upset, but at the same time my Boys played extremely well. Romo played well, Dez is a monster! We ran for over 200 yards. 9-7 we still in the running. Good post my friend I actually have no rebuttal right now lol

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