Overreaction Monday: Week 7 Edition

Posted: October 23, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

The Face of NFL Mediocrity This Year…Grass Face

It’s amazing how the NFL can get away without having one dominant team in the league.  You would think the era of sucktitude that is permeating the league would drive people away.  For example, the Texans are the class of the AFC right now.  No one comes close.  But if the Redskins played the Texans right now, even in Houston, would the Texans be a lock to win?  We already saw the Cowboys outplay the Ravens on the road, and the Cowboys are SUPER average right now.  That’s what we wrote about last week.  Imagine if fringe NFC teams like the Skins, Vikings, Seahawks, and Rams played in the AFC.  Could you see the Patriots or the Steelers missing the playoffs if that happened?  Even the NFC has its problems at the top.  The Falcons are the most disrespected best team in the league of all time.  But I could see the Eagles winning by two touchdowns this week against them.  The Packers were written off but now they’re back.  The Giants went to the wire with the RG3 gang and that is probably a bottom half NFC team (I do want to say about the Skins, I can’t rank my team as high as I’ve seen them ranked because they have NO defense. I don’t care how awesome they are on offense).  There’s a lot of teams that don’t deserve playoff consideration but they are right in the mix right now.  The Chargers would make the playoffs right now.  Some people are saying the Broncos will be the team that comes out of the AFC.  The Cardinals are tied for the 2nd wild card, but for a team that looked dominate the first 3 weeks of the year, they look like the 2nd worst team in the NFC. So let’s forget about who’s the best in the league talk, it’ll give you a headache.  Let’s just talk about whose average play would beat another team’s average play.

2. Well, Cam got some changes he wanted after all.  The Panthers GM was fired.  It sucks when all of your team’s money goes to RBs that you don’t use in the running game, and a defensive end that is not a game changer (Charles Johnson, highest paid player in the league last year).  But honestly, Cam needs to change some things too.  He can’t sulk as much as he does right now.  He is putting too much pressure on himself, the way LeBron used to do in Cleveland.  That brings down the whole team.  He is trying too hard and in turn is forcing terrible throws, like the pick in the endzone against the Cowboys.  Cam has got to realize these things happen and he needs to learn from them instead of brood.  Matt Ryan had a slump in his sophomore year as well.  The Panthers are a seriously flawed team that’s going to need a while to fix.  Cam can’t compound the issue by making his own play suffer.

3. We promised some words if the greatest women’s basketball team ever, the Minnesota Lynx, lost in the WNBA Finals.  Well, the Indiana Fever surprised the Lynx and beat them down 3-1 to take the title.  This pretty much looked like the Maverick’s win over the Heat last year.  The Mavs clicked on all cylinders during that finals run and the Heat finally succumbed to the inevitable.  In this series, the Fever, led by venerable Tamika Catchings, outplayed and outworked the Lynx.  The Fever’s  beatdown of all beatdowns in game 3 still can’t be explained.  The Lynx shot terribly all series long, using a strong rebounding effort in game 2 for their only win in the series.  Shoutout to Pitt’s Shavonte Zellous for her 30 point game in game 3 and shoutout the Fever for their title.  It should be a short-lived title defense because Brittney Griner is coming to take the league by storm.  Yeah, that’s all we got about the WNBA.

  1. betroit says:

    While I agree that the league is filled with a bunch of average teams playing very average ball, I have to say that I like it. The parity of the league means that the outcome of the game can not be determined on paper and also gives local fans reason to watch games and root for their teams (your Redskins and my abysmal Lions included).

    The fact that no one has any idea who will make the playoffs from either conference is a good thing because it means games truly still matter to fans (unless your team is the Jags, and then I feel sorry for you…seriously).

    I much prefer this structure than the capitalistic principles of the MLB where you have the same traditional powers winning all the got damn time! If I was a fan of the Pirates (who just completed their 20th consecutive losing season), baseball would be worthless to watch after June becuase my team would have NO playoff contention. Just saying…things could be worst in the NFL.

    btw H2P to Tay Tay!

  2. Andee P says:

    With the Minnesota Lynx unable to be crowned WNBA champions in a consecutive season, I’ve come to the conclusion that “the greatest women’s basketball team ever” is mere satire. Aside from the Olympic Teams, the Greatest Women’s Basketball Team ever still belongs to the Houston Comets. *drops mic*

  3. LBC says:

    As of Week 7 the NFL playoffs should include 11 NFC teams and the Texans. You cannot argue this point. I am bias, but I truly think the NFC Beast is the toughest division in football. Steelers vs Skins who are you really expecting to win this game? The Steelers who lost to Matt Hassleback and CJNO2K? Anyway this season has been a good thus far.

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