Football Friday: Cowboy Up

Posted: November 2, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL
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What Could Have Been…

Football is a game of millimeters, forget inches.  That’s how close the Cowboys were to pulling the massive upset over the Giants, again.  Dez Bryant’s fingertips were just a little too long, and the Cowboys came just short to pulling their record to .500.  That’s what the photo above represents the last 15 years of the Cowboys franchise.  Awesome, entertaining play from the team that falls just short of its goals, blames it on one or two incidents, but doesn’t seem to realize that the 6 turnovers in the first 59 minutes probably was the root cause for the loss.

Well one person in the Cowboys organization has stepped up to see the forest for the trees.  While the world crumbles around Tony Romo, Cowboys VP Stephen Jones came out and said that Romo isn’t the problem.  Finally, someone says it.  The problem has existed from Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde, and Drew Bledsoe.  It’s existed since Terrence Newman, Terrell Owens, and Pacman Jones.  It’s definitely been there for Dave Campo, Wade Phillips, and even Bill Parcells.  The problem is Stephen’s father, Jerry.  Now mind you Owner Jerry Jones is awesome, probably one of the best in NFL History.  But the GM Jerry Jones is officially horrible.  Tony Romo throws interceptions; but who picked the players that run the wrong way on an option route?  There’s a reason that Dez Bryant slipped so far in the draft.  How does a tight end have 18 receptions in a game?  When the receiver depth is awful, that’s what happens.  Who is responsible for not only the lack of depth on the receiving corp, but most of the team?

Where is the help for Romo on the offensive line?  It’s been neglected for years.  Where is the running game?  The Cowboys threw the ball 3 times, to gain one yard deep in Giants territory.  Not one run.  Where is Romo’s help on the sidelines?  Who picked a guy to coach that doesn’t have confidence in the plays and decisions that he makes?  GM Jerry Jones has been a bane for this team for years, ever since ousting his friend Jimmy Johnson.  Cowboys fans have disliked him since getting rid of the hat, Tom Landry.  So, for the franchise to turn around, GM Jerry Jones needs to be the first to Cowboy Up.

Owner Jerry Jones needs to fire himself as GM.  He can’t pick the groceries anymore, like Bill Parcells once said.  The mix of players that he selected has not worked yet.  Now I’m not saying that Jerry should be blamed for most of the problems on the field.  Romo isn’t some 2nd year QB.  He needs to play more consistent.  Coach Garrett can’t use his whole playbook because he doesn’t know if Dez will run the right route.  Injuries have massacred a very talented defense.  There’s a lot of people who need to cowboy up big time for the last 9 games of the season.  Offensive lineman need to block better and open up holes for runners.  Tony Romo has to limit turnovers so he doesn’t have to comeback from large deficits.  But this organization good enough to be relevant but bad enough to not be a factor in the NFC for a long time.  Through different quarterbacks and different coaches.  The only constant is the front office.  I think everyone knows where the problem is coming from.

A GM’s number one job is to analyze his team and see where to make the upgrades.  Hopefully (for icecoldsoloace), GM Jerry Jones can report to his boss and let him know that the change must start with him.  Song of the day and games of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, November 3

EARLY AFTERNOON: 16 Texas A&M vs 15 Mississippi State (12pm, ESPN)/12 Oklahoma vs Iowa State (12pm, ABC)/Missouri vs 7 Florida (12pm,  ESPN2)

LATE AFTERNOON: Pitt vs 3 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)/Ole Miss vs 6 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS)/23 Texas vs 18 Texas Tech (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)

NIGHT: 1 Alabama vs 5 LSU (8pm, CBS)/4 Oregon vs 17 USC (7pm, FOX)/24 Oklahoma State vs 2 Kansas State (8pm, ABC)/

Sunday, November 4

EARLY AFTERNOON: Denver vs Cincinnati/Baltimore vs Cleveland/Arizona vs Green Bay

LATE AFTERNOON: Pittsburgh vs New York Giants/Minnesota vs Seattle/Tampa Bay vs Oakland

  1. LBC says:

    We are 8 inches away from being 5-2

  2. LBC says:

    This post embodies all of my all of frustrations with the Cowboys. Ever since my boy JJ let the JJ go two things 3 things have been missing. 1) Defense 2) HOF QB 3) Head Coach. Those three are not in no particular order but let me break this down. I am a huge fan of spread offense and scoring 40+ points a game, but it means absolutely nothing when your defense gives up 50+. Jerry is a horrible GM, but one of the best owners to walk this planet. My Cowboys are a team that takes two giants steps forward followed by 6 backwards hence we stay relevant but never reach elite. Jerry made a great move by getting Rob Ryan and making him defensive coordinator! Bravo! He made another great move by getting LSU by man Mo Mo!. Steps forward.

    The defense is solid we are good here.

    Those two steps just got us back to mediocre because we took 6 steps backwards. He made one of the best offensive coordinators in the game our Head Coach!!!!! Excuse me if I am misunderstanding but offensive coordinator and head coach are two completely different positions correct? Thank you. Remember when he tried to make Wade Phillips head coach? How that work out for us pleigboi? Wade is a defensive guy, and look what he doing in houston. We need a head coach that motivates men and gives our team some intensity. If a player messed up in the game they knew what was about to go down when they hit the sideline with Jimmy. This resulted in 3 superbowls. Our head coach calls our plays so wtf do we have an offensive coordinator for?

    The quick fix is to tell Garrett to put the playbook down and let the offensive coordinator do his job, and call the plays. We have a good one. Garrett be a head coach and watch both sides of the ball.

    The QB situation. 2 steps forward and 6 steps back or in this case 437 yards passing and like 3 TD’s but 6 turnovers. Tony Romo is a good QB, and I will continue to support him until I see a real QB available. At this time there ain’t one. Romo has everything he needs he can make the reads, he can make the throws but he lacks leadership at times. All of these INT’s aren’t his fault but as a QB in practice you need to be showing this Dummy Dez how to run a real square in.

    Tony Romo take over the game. Take responsibility and lead this team like a man cuh!

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