Football Friday: Rivals Collide

Posted: November 17, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Just some quick thoughts on this weekend’s big game between the Ravens and Steelers.  No matter who is starting at QB for the Steelers, this is still a game to watch.  I remember it was two years ago when the Steelers threw Dennis Dixon to the wolves in Ravens Stadium and the Steelers almost won the game.  Granted, the Black & Yellow defense was much more fierce than the one that will appear at Heinz Field on Sunday night.  But hey, the Ravens defense is a shell of its former self.  Injuries, combined with poor play, especially from their secondary, make this still one of the great rivalries right now.

It’s good that we still have this rivalry to fall back on because a whole lot of other ones are duds.  I remember when Dolphins-Bills use to mean something with Dan Marino and Jim Kelly slinging it in the arctic wind.  The Redskins-Eagles rivalry featured the Body Bag game, with the Redskins coming back to Philly in the playoffs and putting a toe tag on Buddy Ryan’s Iggles.  Now, these two squads are playing to delay their inevitable executions.  Colts-Patriots amazingly is still must see TV, with the QB formerly known as Peyton Manning being played by Andrew Luck.  So even though this is still a big game, the juice is gone because it’s not the same players.  But if Luck does win, and we can have a rematch in the playoffs, watch out.

Football is built for the rival game.  The game where it doesn’t matter who’s on the other side, anything goes because the passion the boils between the two teams.  The oblong shaped ball could bounce either way so it comes to heart and desire which should be matched by both teams.  Free agency has sort of dented rivalries, and players have been forced by the commish to be a little more PC to their opponents.  But it is great to see that two teams, in the Ravens and Steelers, can still bring up old-fashioned hatred of one another, if only for two days (if not more) out of the year.  And really, that’s all the fans need.  Song and games of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, November 17

EARLY AFTERNOON: Iowa vs 21 Michigan (12pm, ESPN)/10 Florida State vs Maryland (12pm, ESPNU)/22 Rutgers vs Cincinnati            (12pm, MASN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 18 USC vs 17 UCLA (3pm FOX)/Ohio State vs Wisconsin (3:30pm, ABC,ESPN2)/23 Texas Tech vs 24 Oklahoma State (3:30pm, My20)

NIGHT: 13 Stanford vs 2 Oregon (8pm, ABC)/1 Kansas State vs Baylor (8pm, ESPN)/12 Oklahoma vs West Virginia (7pm, FOX)

Sunday, November 18

EARLY AFTERNOON: Green Bay vs Detroit/Cleveland vs Dallas/Arizona vs Atlanta

LATE AFTERNOON: Indianapolis vs New England/New Orleans vs Oakland/San Diego vs Denver

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