Football Friday: Giving No Thanks

Posted: November 22, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL

Bad Coaching Blunders…No Thanks

1.  Just want to touch on Maryland’s move to the Big 10.  I first met the move with anger, shock, and sadness.  In high school I had to pass through College Park everyday to get to school, so I developed a rooting interest in the teams, especially basketball.  So Duke and North Carolina, hell even Wake Forest rivalries mean a lot.  But it took AyeAreGee to help me realize I sound like a senile old fool.  You know, those people who say, “I remember you had to call somebody and talk to them on the phone.” If I said that to any female, they would think I was retarded, “why don’t you just respond to my text message.”  That’s what anyone who wants the old conferences sounds like.  It’s a new day, and the money is too good to pass up to not consolidate these conferences.  I just sound dumb to complain.  Things are probably going to be much better this way.  But for all of this change, and for not getting my Pitt/Maryland rivalry that no one would care about, I have to say, no thanks.

2. Let’s stay in college football and a huge no thanks to Oregon and Kansas State.  What happened?  Kansas State got blitzed and with them losing so big, you wonder if they belonged in the top 3 conversation at all.  For Oregon; now I know Stanford’s defense is one of the best in the country.  But how does Oregon let a freshman quarterback beat them, and the game wasn’t as close as the 3 point victory would tell you.  What happened to that vaunted offense?  It’s been a couple of years that Oregon just can’t seem to get over that hump.  Chip Kelly, who had been riding an NFL wind, is now deflated as his team may not even win the Pac-12 North!  Most importantly, the BCS is now in chaos, with Notre Dame and Alabama looking to matchup, and two SEC teams looking to jump into the fray with Georgia and Florida.  Oh yeah, can I say no thanks to the BCS Playoffs starting next season, instead of this one?

3. A huge no thank you, and actually a big turkey should be for half of these NFL coaches.  What happened to all of the good coaches man?  These guys are literally costing teams games.  Ron Rivera of the Panthers refuses to go for it on 4th down, trusting his pathetic defense over his QB that is built to convert 4th downs.  Pat Shurmur is calling 4th down fade routes to receivers I’ve never heard of instead of giving the ball to Trent Richardson, almost costing his Browns against the Cowboys.  I see bad clock management all of the time.  But the biggest turkey has Jim Schwartz, the overrated shmuck coach for the Lions.  On Thanksgiving of all platforms, the world got to see the fraud this guy is.  With his team up 24-14, the Texans got a bogus rushing TD.  The running back was clearly down, but the refs missed it.  Schwartz, thinking he’s the smartest guy on the field, immediately and smugly challenges the play.  Remember, scoring plays are automatically reviewed.  Because he threw the flag, according to the rules (which he should know) the right to challenge is taken away and they play on.  Sounds stupid, sounds terrible, but it’s the rules and Schwartz should have known that.  As he said, he cost his team a TD, and momentum as the Texans went on to tie and eventually win the game.

Bonus: Actually, let me show some thanks to the Rams, that thought 3 first rounders and a 2nd rounder would be greater or equal than RG158.3.  I know the NFC East is saying a big no thank you; through 3 NFC East games, he has 10 TD, 2 INT, and a 138.4 passer rating.  Unbelievable.  Song of the weekend will be a throw back since we are chilling for 4 days and games of the weekend coming up.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.

Saturday, November 24

EARLY AFTERNOON: 19 Michigan vs Ohio State (12pm, ABC)/Georgia Tech vs 3 Georgia (12pm, ESPN)/18 Rutgers vs Pitt (12pm, ESPN2)

LATE AFTERNOON: 4 Florida vs 10 Florida State (3:30pm, ABC)/5 Oregon vs 15 Oregon State (3pm, Pac-12 Network)/13 Oklahoma vs 21 Oklahoma State (3:30pm, ESPN)

NIGHT: 1 Notre Dame vs USC (8pm, ABC)/8 Stanford vs 17 UCLA (6:30pm, FOX)/12 South Carolina vs 11 Clemson (7pm, ESPN)

Sunday, November 25

EARLY AFTERNOON: Atlanta vs Tampa Bay/Buffalo vs Indianapolis/Minnesota vs Chicago

LATE AFTERNOON: San Francisco vs New Orleans/Baltimore vs San Diego/St. Louis vs Arizona

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